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The Divine Couple.

On the forehead- peacock’s feature,

Carrying flute in his hand,

Heart’s fill with enormous care for all,

But KRISHNA’S love is devoted to only goddess Radha.

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Since the childhood,

They were one soul.

If he suffered even a bit,

She used to make herself feel his pain.

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Naughty in his nature, he made every Gopi fall in love with him,

His heart was occupied with only loving her till the end.

When he played the flute…he mesmerized the universe around,

Losing all the senses, they felt the heaven on the ground.

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Sitting on the swing, they planned for all,

They knew… they couldn’t be together for life long.

He got married and even she was done,

But love for each-other in their hearts … never came to an end.

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Their love got divined…along with their deeds,

He sacrificed his love for we humans care.

She smiled and lived… loving him each moment,

That’s why they are praised and termed as ” THE DIVINE COUPLE”


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It was “ME AND YOU”,

I hoped it went true.

When the car drive in,

My hear-beat flew.

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Long drive was the plan,

Your friend came along.

I hugged you there and,

You drove till the shore.

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Sitting in front beside you dear,

The nature added cuddling effects in my within.

Wanted to hug you tight and feel the ways sights,

But the presence of that person stopped me at that instant.













I looked at you each miles crossed on way,

I held your hand with care,

I wanted to cuddle on the back seat along,

But the friend of your denied to drive.












You made it all done when we stopped near the dam,

Your hold made me smile,

Your smell made me carve,

I kissed you all that I wanted to along the long drive miles.








Your hears were on the words I spoke,

Your presence on my sight,

The speed you accelerated there,

Made my emotions drive.

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Hours passed along,

Many milestones passed,

Many distance we covered while drive,

But you stayed all by my side.

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Peaceful and concurring it was,

Silence and the freshness all around,

The heart gained surrender-enc in you,

“Long drive is really a spender-in ride,it takes you back to where you begin,

but makes you peace when you return.”

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Learn to keep quite.

We blabber,

We shout,

We cry,

We call out loud.

The time we get mixed up to the world outside,

Nothing can stop us from speaking all day out.

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Words flow,

Thoughts are pushed away,

Noise all around,

Even we can’t hear our voice sometimes,

But we ignore are instance while speaking all day out.















People ignore,

People gossip,

People say all rubbish,

Ears wanna listen all without any tiredness,

We diminish our thinking but will keep speaking all day out.

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Silence is the key to all doors of success,

Stay calm and listen all words,

Ask your heart and than decide,

Then analyse and determine,

Whats important and whats not,

And than if necessary, speak out less.
















Learn to keep quite,

Gain the knowledge around,

Make a change within,

Peace is in the silence, that’s all what we actually need..



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So sweet on birth,

So calm when newly born.

Serene in its expression,

Adaptable in living life along.

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Its angry with the wrinkles,

It smiles with the stretch,

It shed tears while drooping,

It laughs aloud wit joy.

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Adjustable, changeable,

Defensible and detectable.

Its acts as you act to it,

You may never know what actually it is…

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Smiles when wanna cry aloud.

Cries when happiness spread around.

Soft it seems when really tough within.

Rude it behaves when loves is all it has.

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The Horizon!!!

Wide space in my eyes within,

Filled with hopes and light.

Deep down the water lies,

Packed with nature’s love tight.











Over the ocean, my world lies.

Over the space, my dreams are alive.

Each bright spot is counted in my fate,

Reaching hands wanna touch them lives.











Wrapping them close in my arms,

Walking firm on the divine.

Holding the faith within my heart,

Somewhere on the HORIZON, my wisdom comprise.

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Oceans, Lands or the infinite Space,

My dreams will make them move aside.


The believe of my life… will be someday in my sight!!!

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Way to heaven!!!









“I am tired Lord,

From your created world.”

Oops!!!, from the world transformed by me.

Just take me to you and

Let my soul rest in the beds of roses.

The sandals,

The blaming,

The carelessness,

The betrayals,

The hatred,

Each things are replaced now,

From the love that you showered,

The raises and the flowers,

The care and the brotherhood,

All are getting lost somewhere.









Please take away my soul and let it be punished,

Punished for neglecting you,

For blaming you,

For scolding you,

For everything I cursed you to happen in my life.

I realize,

I encountered,

I sensationalized,

That I was made to pay for all what I did.

As the path seemed relaxed and pampering….

I got detached from the world

And walked on WAY TO HEAVEN.





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When your lips touched mine!!!

An essence of vibration shattered all around,

When you first time came near,

I wanted to get drowned.

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The waves of love floated on each para of moments,

When you came much closer,

I slowly closed my eyes, which had to happen.

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The slightest distance apart you stopped,

When the vibes became strong,

I grabbed you tightly near.










The heart beat exceeded the level ,

When the sound became audible,

I desired to get lost in the shiver.

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The touch i felt when your lips locked mine,

When your lips touched mine,

I vanished other thoughts rather that what was happening.









The soft and the wide bites commenced,

When you made me feel your love,

I felt- the feel was out of this world.










The lips amongst  fought bravely,

When the craze was fighting to win,

I got a new life which was built from you.













The madness of your love- you showed me baby,

When you made me fell in love with you again,

I decided to grow each day with you,

So that you can love me more!!!!



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Want to be in your arms again…




Your close, so near to me,

Your hands pulled me and grabbed completely.

No space left between us to separate us,

Even the heartbeat coincide within.

Your hands pressed me hard,

Your skin touched mine and became one.



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Your fingers tingled my back,

Giving me spake to free myself completely.

Your touch, your cuddling,

Made me lose my senses and hold you tight back.

Pulling your hairs while holding at your neck level,

You made me go crazy, with the hug you gave for few seconds.












I carved for more but you stopped me instantly,

And walked away like an unknown.

As i saw you walking away, i ran from be-hide,

Grabbing you again and holding till you realized that,

Even as you go, you can’t make my feeling go away with you.










You turned and we became one.

Now it has been so long and the feel is still the same.

Want to be in your touch again,

Want to feel the senses again,

Want to be in your arms again….

Wanna hug you baby!!!!







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My heart never falls asleep!!!!

From morning till the day ends,

Heart keeps on working, as a life long friend.

It saves each and every moments  in it,

Each and every detail is preserved in it.









May it be the cold wind blown,

Or let it be the summer’s fall.

Heart pumps the sences to be alive

And face the challenges of our life!!!









Deep hurts or the most joyful times,

It is continuous throughout our life.

It stitches its torn parts

And binds to beat even with the broken heart!!!










Never delays nor feels tired,

It keeps on supplying strength to live our life!!!

May it be the heart break ups,

Or let it get sudden depressed.

With all the worries and enjoyment of life,

My heart never falls asleep throughout its lifetime!!!