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Magic of God



​”She likes glancing at the moon,
She loves to hums the retro songs,
Her heart believes in the magic of true love,
Her eyes reflects somethings untold.
They say she is born in different era,
Her thoughts are ancient and gold,
She is trying to fit in this present time
But her heart and soul resides in old.
She knew few things will change her life forever,
She knew that it would be difficult to handle,
Yet she choose to be her,
In world full of copy and pastes,
She is trying to be real again
She is the wild fire, free and uncontrollable…”

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Note to self.

Will people understand me? My words? Will they read me? What will they feel? Relatable or unrealistic? These questions cross my mind every now and then.

I don’t want to live the kind of life, everyone around me are living. Scheduled, timed and monotonic to be glued to specific boundaries and limits. I don’t want to be those kind, maybe I can’t be. I wasn’t born to be like them. I feel like the wind, the air, omnipresent but not still. I wanna be around everything, learn everything and anything new. I wanna explore. I wanna know. I want to learn, be inspired. I also want to give, to teach, to guide, to inspire.

I can’t be stuck between the real me and the survival me, who is just being another human who is competing with everyone in this crazy world and society. I don’t want to prove or show anyone, anything. It never bothered me. Yeah, to my parents? Yes. always did and does…

But until when??? 

If I wanna live real, I need to speak. If I want an extraordinarily life, I should be ready to face the end number of difficulty and downs. If I want to fly, I should not fear of falling from high. I need to gear up my everything, my every cell together and energize.

One of the prove of my courageous decision was to get ink on my skin for lifetime. That was my decision without fearing for the consequences from my parents. I was brave enough that time, I guess. When I was younger, I feel I was more liberal and stronger than now. I fell in love without fearing of heartbreaks and disappointments. Whereas nowadays, a pinch of fear shadows around me all the time.

My voice needs to be clear again. My thoughts needs to nenefree free. My words need to be beautiful and real. So again, my heart could understand what it wants. I need to fall in love again… I need to live. I need to be free…even from myself, I feel.

Finding the real me

Never did our story ended

​Never did our story ended,

Never did we really depart.

It’s not the weather nor our history,

Which made me again think of us.

Courageous enough to tale our storyline,

In need for a better start,

Made me meticulously craft this act,

Ambiguous about the response.

Stereotype of our past was broken,

When we expressed with total transparency,

You and Me and the apology,

Filled my heart with a bliss.

No overpowering,

No conditions or controlled,

Love is not the long cheesy conversations,

But sometimes, it’s the short and real confabulations.

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My heart hates…

The spark of your love

The thirst for your curves,

The smell of your sweat,

Makes me go all wet.

    But something will never change,

   That my heart hates to love you again.

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Pathways I crossed,
Gave clues of your presence,
You were with me
Or it was just my instance.
But I don’t care anymore,
Because they make me smile though.
All I can understand now is,
Mere your name has the power to make me smile again…

Smiling again

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Letter that was never send!


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Night is a mysterious World.

It’s clear but yet so many secrets hidden.
Each night is not only dark and black but also engulfs many untold stories, unshedded tears, unshared words and many more beautiful and wonderful things.


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Post 1


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It’s You, its always been you.


It took 8 years to bring this dream, to make it come alive.
“It’s You,
It’s always been you.”

Finally releasing in few days…
Do grab a copy and give ur suggestions,
Would love ur reviews and forewords,
So I can climb higher in been a famous novelist… 🙂

With love,
Jyoti Vishwakarma.

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