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Few words:2


” FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE are not just words but few motivations to keep living life in this darkened world…”
Keep faith, hope and dare to fall in love… again and again…

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Sky is a limit


Up high is the hightest hope,
Which lies deep in your heart.
If you can dream about it,
You can achieve it definitely.
Because sky is the limit…
Sky is the broad spectrum of dream, which has no boundaries around, if you desire, go make efforts and fly away…

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Tales of such Millions…is The Rise of the Fallen!!!

******Gone by the wind, Brought by the Air,

Damaged by an incident, Repaired by a situation….******

******Melted by the fire,  Molded by the cold,

Crushed by the rock, Built by the stone….******

Tales of such millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!

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******Deep like an ocean, Shallow like the shore,

Silent as the night, but Loud as an explore….******

******Tied by the rope, Free-ed by the wings,

Doors shut ahead, with Windows to see springs….******

Tales of such Millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!










****** Gone by the dreams, Reality stepped in,

Cope to rise again, Hopes to rise again….******

******Walked on the petals, Thorns brought the pain,

Hands to cure the wound, Made the heart lane….******

Tales of millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!







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You and ME!!!

I always need you…
I always want you…
I will always love you…
I need your touch and care…
Hold me like this and never let me go….

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Amazing thoughts!!!

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You are far but you put a smile on my face…

There was a time or a phase,

We used to be together with are words,

Or you say by only thoughts whole day.

We used to chat and talk for each seconds,

From morning till the day end.









I miss those days,

Our talks, our shares.

I miss the way you treated me

And fought to be with me each second.

Days have change so much the situation,

That today even few words of love is hardly expressed.










Your misunderstanding and care free nature,

Has dined me to a great extend.

I cry without a single tear in my eyes,

As i know you will not be there to wipe them.

I just patiently wait for the time to change again.








Even thought with so much of distance,

You are far but you put a smile on my face..


Not you now,but  your past days thoughts,

put a smile on my face and with it tears in my eyes..

But i wont cry as i know you will not be there to wipe them off my face.











I miss your presences and your touch so pure.

I miss the way to expressed your adorable love.

I miss you, the way you were.










With all the problems you were there with me,

To share it all with me.

I miss your daily work share,

I miss your face, your eyes with so much of love for me in it.

You are far but you put a smile on my face.


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Few new thoughts!!!!

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its gives strengths to live,

ability to think clear,

hopes to rise,

and will to capture…”