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Somewhere on earth.

Your blurred face,
Your smile in haze,
The way you stare,
Baby walk to me in real one day,
Now it’s really not fair to always see you in dreams.

I don’t know where are you,
Awake like me in midnight,
Cuddling in bed,
Thinking like me about us,
Visualizing us together,
Making my soul feel free.

Making me blush,
Making me live with hope,
Daring me to love again,
Making me live with faith once again.
Just ome out of my thoughts,
Where ever you are, my love?

Even you are somewhere in the world smiling,
Wondering what will it be,
When we will be in sight.
The moment when your eyes will meet mine,
The touch of your skin over mine,
Our heartbeat will confess that yes, I was made for you and you were meant to be mine.


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Let Hope Rise & Darkness Tremble.

Morning lazy sun,
Each day arrives on time,
Let the night moon be stubborn though,
Spreading the rays around is no crime.

Slimly laser beam,
Crosses the darkness with a flee,
Even with the narrowest way,
The spark of light shines bright away.

Betrayed shredder love,
Captivates plenty of souls,
Let the hatred be cruel sharp as knife,
The passion of love fades the heartless away.

Crushed hopeless thoughts,
Still struggling to rise ahead,
Let the trust and faith be more stronger,
So the hopes rises and the darness trembles down again…



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The Hidden Tears…

Popping up with laughter,
With everyday rising sun,
Probably the peaceful sight,
When I see my lips curled.
Its not easy on going routine,
There comes many turns,
Coping with my own self occupancy,
This is how am trying to learn.
I ignore the love scenarios,
Which still makes my nerves lame,
Pretending to be real me,
Which has turned firm and calm.
I have blocked the holes,
Eyes halted to shed those tears,
I change strong and smile,
But inside my soul sometimes cry.
The present day seems happening,
As everything is as I plan,
With a hope hidden deep in my heart,
That some fine day;
He turn out to be my man…


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Sky is a limit…

Sky is a limit,
When you dream to fly high,
It will just be a matter,
Untill to step up to climb up the sky.

Sky is a limit,
When you set heart free,
It will just take a moment,
To reach the desired destiny.

Sky is a limit,
When your hopes don’t relie,
It will just need few efforts,
To live where your happiness lie.

Sky is a limit,
When soul is peacefully,
It will just take few words,
To live life in contentment and happily…


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The Un-Revealed love.

You smiled and giggled,

With the fact you said were,

Instead you uncovered the truth,

That it’s isn’t easy to live without my love.

You dismissed the reality,

With the shine in your eyes,

It came into noticed that,

Those were the blocked emotional cries.

The love died in you,

You explained it very well,

The increased heartbeat murmured me,

When my hands touched yours.

You walked away in no time,

The reason made it very clear,

The presence of mine in your life,

Still bothers you, as to your love hidden dear.

No promises to return back,

To see me again in life,

The warnings of concerned gave me hopes,

To believe in the words left unsaid…


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In the name of God….

In the name of god and holy sprite,
I offend myself to deeds I did till now.
Devote to the world of peace,
And concure my strives and pain somehow.

It’s annoying to see,
People fooling in your names,
When you reside in my heart,
Why should I praise you in frames.

I trust you, Ohh Lord;
Please grant me petition,
So I can live a life without fear,
And rise each day to live without frustration.

Grateful for your blessings,
I love you my almighty,
When you have written my story of life,
I have to just walk on your path accordingly.


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“Life is like a cup of tea…
It’s all in how you make it…”
Let the heat of love burning,
Place a container of trust,
Boil the faith of life in it…
Fill it with understanding,
To get the exact colours of life.
With proper care and support,
Life will become more tasty to share.
Let it be cherished in days and years,
With adequate amount of respect,
Will make it all complete.


Wishing all of you a beautiful long life ahead.. 🙂

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Bringing back the past…!

Eyes closed as demanded,
Hands held in him for support,
He walked along making way,
Afraid to see the efforts he had made.

Chilled atmosphere created,
Fragrances spread around,
I holded him tightly with a fear,
Past crossing my eyes in mere.

Candles, balloons and rose petals,
Covering each corner of the room,
All flashing in the blank out eye,
Tears filled with a smile bloomed.

Clutching the eyelids,
Holding the heartbeat for a while,
A glimpse of all the moment,
It all turned true and live.

The moment which made me cry,
Took away my each night’s sleep,
Bringing back the past again,
He took away the pain
And through tears it got drained.

Making each cry turn into jewel,
Past sad memories now filled with smiles,
Love, care and regrets of his done,
Now he is back into my life,
Filling in all emptiness in me.