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Magic of God

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I don’t know how to live.

“Do you really feel your living in this world??? I mean fake world????”
I mean seriously think about it,
When ppl say “good morning”, do they really mean that your morning should be good. “How are you???”, do they reallly wanna know how you are today.
And many more such things.
I wanna shout out loud when I get frustrated with things but I am taught to be cool, breath in and out and try to relax.
I wanna cry screaming from the core of my heart when I feel sad but I am taught to forget about it and fix a smiling mask.
Why are we doing all these fake things, fake emotions and fake self???
Whom are we showing that we have the best of life, when we have no idea where our life is heading to???

Many times we are made realize that we should care for each once feeling and emotions when making any decision for self, where say our parents will be ready for it, our sibling will be affected by it and the BIGGEST things, what will people think about it????

Why the hell we SHOULD worry about all these things when I wanna live my life on my words and vision?
I know we should consider about our family and that’s right, we should. But we can make them understand or convince or manipulate so even they are happy and even I get what I want from my life???
Am I wrong in this???
Life is a game…!!!, we have heard this alot so lets play it on our consequences and rules.

I seriously don’t know how to live in this fake world,
Where peope dress up a big fake self every morning and smile, behave odd and as if they are monotonously habituated with it, it become like a ritual.
If one follows, everyone will follow.
With whom are we racing with???
Smiling to the ones whom you wanna slap,
Ignoring the ones whom you love,
Laughing when actually you wanna cry your heart out,
Struggling with everything when you wanna fuck up all and live with peace,
And many more…
I am dying in this fake world,
I don’t know to live here….!!

I am not been rude or putting my thoughts on anybody but we have to come out of this fake dress and show our real skin to the world,
The way we actually are,
The way we are born….
The way we want to live…!!
That will be true living.

Wish you all the courage to follow our heart and live the real life you’re convincing not to, to come out and live it’s way…


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“Carved with the serene,
Coated with the fur,
Incubated with the strengths,
Emotionally fool from within.
Sprinkled with the tolerance,
Sparked with the flame,
Designated to be a little,
Ideally we are greatly featured within.
I am THE MOTHER of pearls,
I am THE DAUGHTER of peace,
I am THE SISTER of love,
And THE WOMAN of substance…!!!”


Finally this women’s day,
I can proudly say… I feel, I am a woman.
As just few months later I turn 20, and now I don’t see a crime in people calling me, “THE WOMAN”.

Happy women’s day to all,
This women’s day my oath is,

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“Panic love attacks…” Are you suffering from it???

A latenight text to my girlfriend.,
“You know what… I got d reason for my depressive love attacks…
Its my period weak,
As my dates approaches,  all these thoughts about my past, which I never wanna remember as I want to… always comes with a flashback… I offen think what it would be if there goes a month without thinking about him… he is gone n I very well know that…
But why this happens…
I wanna make my heart totally empty to make space for others a chance to get in… but as of now.. I don’t know what to do.
There still arises a question in my heart,  do I still love him or can I still love only him in future… but I know I can give a chance right…
I know am strong and all those stuff…
Like I have moved on… and all those bullshits words…
Bt am I really,
It’s like I curse him bt instantly,  pray that d curse should not come true,
I howl on him at certain days for what he did, but I forgived him long time ago…
I know things are like, he is the chapter of my life which is shut close, but there is still a hope and carve to get him back some day… I know I should not say this… but right now just feeling all this.. so just speaking up..
His status say, ” Go behind what you want in your life to get it..” or something similar to it… I don’t remember.
Hey, don’t think I am following him, just a side glance on the whatsapp status on my roommates cell. Ya she still has his number.
Oky so what does it reallly means???
What he wants in life??? What he wanted??? Wasn’t I the only thing he wished to have in his life in past?? It might be something else now I know…

My head say me “stop…!! Stop thinking about him right now…” but my heart still beats fast as soon as I think of him… he has that power you know…
Okay fine I know m boring you…
But thats what friends are for….

So now as I am done with telling all that was in my head,  I have a smile back on my face with the thought what will b ur reation reading such a huge msg.
Don’t panic, it was just a hormonal panic attacks of love, emotions…. so not only him, bit these days I feel attached with everyone around more dan before…. I think about you, manali of course, my family n friends in here…. but this one thing is so occupied that you know what now m used to this…

Just needed you to listen…  so my heart could feel ease… that,
“Ya.., baby. There is someone who knows the truth behind your stronger approach towards life… !”
That someone is you…
Love you
Gud nyt sd tc…”
Send to my girlfriend….@ 2:23 am.


So what is this attack????
Love panic attack is the name I have termed it.
It is just like any panic or psychological attacks.
But these are due to the hormonal secretions which increases during the pre days of period, ie., menses., which a women since adulthood till menopausal phase under go thorough.
Just these thoughts get actually realted with all these hormonal increments,  leading to lose of control over the conscious spectrum of emotions in brain, which in relation leads to more carving for love, attention,  caring from loved ones and all those cosy stuffs attacts you.

So, there is nothing to worry if you feel nostalgic and irritating when these lost love thoughts trigger your mind and heart these days… just talk to someone close in your life, this some one in my case is my friend n yours can be your husband,  friends, family, any relatives or colleague with whom you feel comfortable.
Once you let out your thoughts from mind, as you speak…..
You will feel relaxed… and cooldown eventually….
For atleast next 2-3 months and the torelance period will increase gradually, one moment where you’ll be adapted to deal with it.
This is based as per personal experience,  just a thought that could be proved helpful….


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kuch dil ki baate…

Kabhi hua ye…Aisa laga ki..
Kuch to naya sa…Hone laga hai…

Dhudli se dhup meethi lage,
Hai tere saaye ka asar,
Chalte kadam ruk se gaye,
Milla hai jab se tera basar…

Koshish yahi hai…
Ke tere dil mein.
Choti se koi jagah mil jaye…
Koi shararat… karde tu mujhse,
Aur iss tarah hi…
Tujhko pyaar hojaye…

Aisa hua ye… lagne laga ki.
Kuch to naya sa.. hone laga…

Mere hasi tujhse judi,
Tujhse hi ab hai mera naam,
Milke har pal koshish karu,
Ab dil ko hai sirf tujse kaam…

Khawayish yahi hai,
Tere hi sapno mein,
Jee kar maru jaun…
Phir se juda jo,
Tuta hua dil,
Tere hi naam main,
Khudko kar jaun…

Aisa hua ye… lagne laga ki
Kuch to naya sa.. hone laga…


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Believe in Yourself.


1.I am responsible for creating my own happiness in life.

2.I know and follow my values and principles on a daily basis.

3.I am learning and improving with every new experience.

4.I am capable to overcome the obstacles in my life.

5.My positive attitude can permeate all external conditions.

6.I am willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gratifications.

7.Others see me as a light for motivation and insight.

  so, for achieving an internal mind and soul calmness.To concur great dreams and live life happily, one must try to cultivate this within himself.

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Red mast cells,
Coupling together,
Torned out tisses,
Fixing eachother rather.
Uniting the seperators,
Moulding it in one,
Smoothing the cuts,
Which was left visible.
Slowing but steadily,
Am gaining each part of me,
Holding the broken soul,
Again ready to get free.
Bodily injury repaired,
Forgiveness for the evil,
Healing the soul,
Now nothing is left to be killed.
His reappearance in life,
Caring for the past deeds,
Filling all the gaps made,
To be with me in all future needs.


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Dreams coming true.

Flash of the past,
Splash of the tears,
It will end up in thoughts,
With all your love losing fears.
Each day I feel like living more,
Looking in your eyes,
I wanna again shout from my core,
Washing away all my cries.
Hands gripped so firmly,
Your efforts making me smile,
Believing in you again blindly,
This time you’ll walk along miles.
Feeling each day without you,
The understanding now you show,
Making all my dreams come true,
It’s all going with an unplanned flow.


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Hope never dies.


Dreams tied in the glass jar,
Filled with your love so far,
Enlightened with hopes inside,
Tightened with care and pride.
Transparency is the key of life,
The light inside bures with strive,
Hanging on the branches to cope,
Theirs hope even in that tied rope.
Air inside devoted to the light,
Hope lies even in the burning sight,
The red decor around denotes my care,
It states that hopes stay even there.
With even darkness of the night,
The brightness is continuously with a fight,
Hope never dies in all walks of life,
In every thing around us.. Hope always lies.