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Crystal White tears.

From the moment,
We opened our eyes,
Instantly got slaps,
We were made to cry.

The child’s first tears,
Which makes mum smile,
It’s the only time,
That makes us alive.

Then the journey starts,
Tears and cry,
In the walks of life,
Eyes never gets dry.

In Happiness tears roll,
In sadness we weep,
From the eyes it flows,
Passes the cheeky steep.

Will with emotions,
In frowned state or gay,
Or its the salts present,
Making it all false say.

Its presence creats,
Emotions strong.
It speaks alot with lips sealed,
If I am not wrong.

Crystal White tears,
Sometimes makes people fear,
Due to it’s absences,
We sometime lose someone dear.


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So sweet on birth,

So calm when newly born.

Serene in its expression,

Adaptable in living life along.

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Its angry with the wrinkles,

It smiles with the stretch,

It shed tears while drooping,

It laughs aloud wit joy.

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Adjustable, changeable,

Defensible and detectable.

Its acts as you act to it,

You may never know what actually it is…

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Smiles when wanna cry aloud.

Cries when happiness spread around.

Soft it seems when really tough within.

Rude it behaves when loves is all it has.

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God’s still creating my love story!!!!

On the shore  last night,

I was wondering all alone.

With twinkling stars and lightening moon,

The sparkling water spread all around.










The coolness of the wind-blown,

The darken of the night grew along.

Just a thought, why am still all alone?

No hands to hold  mine,

No tears to flow along with mine,

No foot to walk with mine,

No lips to touch mine,

No arms to embrace me.









Still waiting with heart open,

With patient and dedication.

Friend’s  talk seems interesting,

No rush and hurry,

Some where, someone is also waiting for me,

Some where some time, I will meet  him,

He is too waiting to love me,

The love in my heart is also fill in him….













I m waiting…dreaming…searching….

But my heart still dreams of the unreal love coming….






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With the hope that one day you will feel for me back.

It is hard to get you back…
The last night I really missed you..
The online chat and with all the love I showed,
It all went waste when you still didn’t turn to me.
The second’s appearance I got on video calling,
It gave a hope you will be back, 
When I caught you with tears.









Things turned out again what it was…. hurting and sad,
When words you texted meant all was just a crap.
I slept without a drop of tears in my eyes,
As I got low with this usual talks.
Next day began with false smile on my face, 
But with the hope that one day you will feel for me back.









Friend consoled me and told me the same,
“He will be back one day, you just don’t give up.”
With smiles shedding I lived each sec now, 
Suddenly I got a MSG with an unknown number and life got puzzled again.
I felt it was he, texted me being the third person all in all new to me.









But then he acted so well that even my heart got confused..
He told, ” He was your past, I m your future and what to say about present it’s all in front of you”.
I got furious and busted to the secret guy.

Who seems to know me well?

But the difference is that he is unknown to me. 

I thought it was the one, I am already in love.








I didn’t replied him then, as I can only love you,

Even if you doesn’t it will never bother me.

I hope it is you, the secret guy I think..

As I really miss you a lot and the love which is lost.


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You are far but you put a smile on my face…

There was a time or a phase,

We used to be together with are words,

Or you say by only thoughts whole day.

We used to chat and talk for each seconds,

From morning till the day end.









I miss those days,

Our talks, our shares.

I miss the way you treated me

And fought to be with me each second.

Days have change so much the situation,

That today even few words of love is hardly expressed.










Your misunderstanding and care free nature,

Has dined me to a great extend.

I cry without a single tear in my eyes,

As i know you will not be there to wipe them.

I just patiently wait for the time to change again.








Even thought with so much of distance,

You are far but you put a smile on my face..


Not you now,but  your past days thoughts,

put a smile on my face and with it tears in my eyes..

But i wont cry as i know you will not be there to wipe them off my face.











I miss your presences and your touch so pure.

I miss the way to expressed your adorable love.

I miss you, the way you were.










With all the problems you were there with me,

To share it all with me.

I miss your daily work share,

I miss your face, your eyes with so much of love for me in it.

You are far but you put a smile on my face.


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“You and me in rain”

You and me stood beside each other,

Speaking, understanding.

I looked at the sea and their waves rather,

The flow so wild and still they manage to touch the shore,

The cold breeze till than continued blowing my hair.










Few last days issues, you tried to explain,

But i was hurt which stopped me to agree.

You told, shouted or blamed at my ignorance,

My tears which was hidden, started to spill out.









The fear of staying far from you and the pain with it,

The fear of long distance relationship,

Which made me miss you more these days.

I cried and cried hard enough for him to hear,

And feel my love and pain with the fear.








With my tears the black clouds accompanied,

The winds blew high and water poured from up the sky.

You walked towards me and held my hand,

As if you will never stay apart and far.









Your touch made me relax and pour my emotions freely,

With all the tears in eyes,

Your arms around helped me heel.

As you took me in your arms,

The drizzling started along with it the heavy rain.

No time and it all made us wet,

You shivered with cold,

I tried to keep you warm by my presence.









Suddenly, everything felt heaven and nature calmed my fear,

I got lost in your care and love once again,

With it once again a hope raised to live love strong and bold.

I never realized your wet lips on mine,

The sensational feel made me loosen up from that while.

So passionately we got into it and didn’t realized.










Within few seconds, the heavy rain made us come in real,

We looked into each other’s eyes and smile made everything cleared.

We drove back from the sea-shore than,

The ride in the rain,

Is more than just fun.







The drops making us more wet,

But there was no one than,

Who could stop us from being in LOVE…

Indeed “YOU and ME in RAIN”

Such a wonderful experience!!!!






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My love for him gets lost forever…

Within a second my life changed,

All my dreams washed away in rain.

As the season of water arrived,

The tears in my eyes flooded every night.

Each dark day went having a thought,

How will I live the rest of my life?

I cannot be with you nor without,

As the season will go, you will slowly be cleared out.











Every drop of rain makes me think of you,

That’s the reason why, I get daily wet in dew.

Please lord… let the season go… in the watery day,

I don’t want it to happen more.

Your thoughts, your love, I don’t want it anymore.

Let me forget you, your presence now a day hurt me more.

It’s not your fault, its mine I know,

That the reasons I don’t want to punish you anymore.










I don’t deserve you nor your love,

It is my deadly lives don’t make it more tough.

The situation I am in, no one will understand,

Words will say nothing just emotion is making all the plan….

Getting wet in rain why I love so much,

It only because in rain, nobody knows I am crying in pain…

With drop of tear, I want to clear you away, so as rain goes…

I will realize that you were never there.









I left you alone today, on the drizzling street,

One day, your feelings for me will be all deplete.

Water arises each day with the heavy fall,

Still my heart is waiting for god’s indicating call.

Let it get more flooded with every heavy shower,

So that with it, my love for him gets lost forever….



They and he unchanged to me….










Each day when my sleeps depart,

I search myself in the morning dark.

Mirror images are fading now days,

Finding the lost girl in the hidden phase.

Dressed up, covered with a smile on my face,

So, that mom would not recognize the change in my ways.

As I step out of the gate,

I make false smiles and happiness as my dearest mate.










Living in the world of new friends,

Its hard not to miss the past friendships ends.

Meeting him everyday has become a routine,

Still heart misses the old days dating.

Some things are changing or the change is in me?

The emotions, which I have, is slowly depleting…

Fighting with each relation, my heart is in a fix,

Don’t know what to do; my mind is completely in a mix












The time I am with him, he makes me feel his love,

As I think of my parents, there loves comes all above.

Understanding them, understanding him,

Where is the time to understand myself?

The dreams, which once my eyes felt are all depleting and coming to an end.

Evening approaches again with many queries,

Mind is prepared but heart is still overflowing with many worries.

Night is the toughest episode of my days,

All my love for both of them, start pouring down my face.








Heart cries deep inside,

But the tears come each night.

Mom and dad gave me life,

It’s with him I knew, how to live my life.

They gave me the destiny but the root is he,

Will they some day stop asking, who is important?

 Because they and he are the unchanged for me.       

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Please, hold my hand baby…















Months passed and you seem gone far,

Each night i search for you in my dreams,

All lightening and glamour around,

But live still searches the real shine.

Come back to me, so near as you can,

Let me get real from your heeling heat,

Hold my hand baby,

Don’t wanna get lost in the crowd.








Each success seems nothing,

When my heart is not around yours,

Hold me tight in your thoughts,

So that i can’t move away and far.

They pulling me towards them,

So i could get lost in them,

My legs not willing to step,

When my hands not in your arms.











Just pull me so hard,

Embrace me in your soul,

Let me feel the beats of your heart,

So my heart could set to beat again.

Love me, hold me,

Make me so complete in you,

No space could be found between us,

No force could repel us.


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My journey of a few hours…



I was born in the morning,

In a form of a dew.

As small I was, I wanted to grow,

In the company with few.

I opened my eyes,

When it was still dark.

But a hope of sunshine,

Lead my path.

From the sky i dropped

To the lowest and smallest leaf,

As i reached on it

I got a little grip.

I started to glow,

As the light hit on my face.

As the day walked ahead,

The heat set to increase.

It started burning me,

I vaporized in sky.

As i moved upward again,

I learnt the meaning of LIFE.