Mumbai Local

Pc:-Swapnil Trimbake

Just few hours ago,
I was pushed inside,
Crumbled all around,
Suffocating my lungs.
When you can’t turn, step,
A step of your choice…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Smashing eachother,
Walking insanely to get in,
Where climbing in is as struggling as getting out of the door…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Hanging at the gate feels as amazing as and as deadly to invite to death,
Fighting and winning the arguments is as important as to prove your good at living,
If you feel, you can’t interrupt in any fight,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Making friends is as easy as adding list of enemies,
Sharing daily issues and verbally abusive words is everyday act,
If your everyday starts with such abusive words daily,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Try building many more spacious,
Try adding few more blocks,
The population increase is double directly proportional to the number of blocks,
If you still can get into these blocks without any voluntary efforts,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Even with all difficulties and issues,
It is the lifeline of Mumbai,
If you are a mumbaikar,
You’ll have to Mumbai Local.
Or if some day you fall in love with it,
It will our Mumbai Locals, my dear.

We stop if it stops,
We will end up doing nothing, if it hault even a single day.
So, we need to love Mumbai Local…:-)


Do you exist???


Searching you all around,
Can’t find you any where love.
Are you still alive???
Do you exist any more???

Shrugged with the lies,
Hidden under the false promises,
Are you dead in the world,
Where only hatred is the existence.

Nor can I find you,
In the eyes of the lovers,
Neither I can get you,
In the arms of the dreamers.

Is your evidence buried away,
Into the mud of the cheaters,
Or Are you killed with untrue stab,
And burnt away by the creator???

Do you really exist?
Or it was just a dream?
Do you really alive?
Or it was just a nightmare???

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I am a Dreamer…!

I am a dreamer and I love to dream,
With the illusions in my head, sometimes I want to scream.
Dreaming is a dare with all the tough reality for me,
But happiness in dreaming is all I can see.
Dreams scares me at occasions,
But that’s what makes it big and challenging.
May be life is just a dream,
And I am sleeping deep,
One day I may wake up,
And then the reality will never go to sleep…!


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He loves me.. HE loves me not..???


Sitting with the confusion,

He loves me or he loves me not???

Will I get a conclusion,

With my emotions I get caught.

You didn’t come back to me,

What was my fault???

Is it that I love you so much,

You don’t even give it a thought.

Missing you has become my hobby,

A part of my present life,

Each day I cry till sleep,

Living a life with a  strive…





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Dreaming with a Broken Heart…

When dreaming with a broken heart,
Waking up is the toughest part.
The day filled with love and red,
Am feeling all empty and all dead.

Missing You (1)

Dreams digging the pages of past,
Plans for the dreams which will never be cast.
All the images turned unreal,
As if I was hallucinating till then.
The list of desires,
Freezed in a moment,
All d fake life,
And in reality am living…


Burning the Past…

A Bag full of memories,

Several pages stating the past,

When everything ended up in a flash,

Without even any undue cast.










With the flame, let it burned,

So it get ruined forever,

Once it is burned,

Made moments will torture me never.









Each pages of thoughts,

Let it turn into ashes,

They have lost the rights to stay in me,

Just a matter of my inner clashes.








Let it be burned,

New me will be born,

With new courage and learned lessons,

New me will be shown.


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Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!

Ro ro sadiyon se,
Ankhe meri nam hai,
Ret ki chadar mein,
Khoye mere gam hai.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Khush rehna mera haq hai.

Asmaano mein kahi,
Udd gaye hai sapne,
Badalo ke piche jaake,
Chup gaye hai apne.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Sapne sach kar mera haq hai.

Tinka tinka jod ke,
Saanse le rahe hu,
Gum ke motiyon mein,
Khushiyan dhud rahe hu.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe…!!
Jeena mera bhi haq hai.

Bandhano mein baandhke,
Jhuta wada kar kar ke,
Risto ka wasata,
Saari umar tadpaya.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Apne liye rishte khud chunne do..Mujhe..!!


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Unforgettable night.

Walking on the sand,
Crossing the lane,
Making footprints of “you and me”,
Taking me to the shore.
Arms around,
Glancing the sitting sun,
Stars twinkling up there,
Fill the soul with peace and quietness.

On the way back; riding along,
Dinner with perfection,
Was served on the night,
Adding with contentment,
With a small candle light,
Burning till the end,
Spreading love and pride.

Dressed up in black,
Making my eyes love him,
The decor he had done,
Making my heart once again,
Believe in him.
All the effforts were seen to convince,
To make in trust again,
To make me fall in love again.

Holding him in arm,
I washed my soul in and out,
All the pain drained away,
And complaints were spelled from mouth.
Each day and night he left away,
Each moment I died alone,
Everything was cried out,
And the heart was again real and crowned.

His tears showed his realisation,
His efforts proved his love,
All the hatred he had given me,
Once again turned into love.


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Bringing back the past…!

Eyes closed as demanded,
Hands held in him for support,
He walked along making way,
Afraid to see the efforts he had made.

Chilled atmosphere created,
Fragrances spread around,
I holded him tightly with a fear,
Past crossing my eyes in mere.

Candles, balloons and rose petals,
Covering each corner of the room,
All flashing in the blank out eye,
Tears filled with a smile bloomed.

Clutching the eyelids,
Holding the heartbeat for a while,
A glimpse of all the moment,
It all turned true and live.

The moment which made me cry,
Took away my each night’s sleep,
Bringing back the past again,
He took away the pain
And through tears it got drained.

Making each cry turn into jewel,
Past sad memories now filled with smiles,
Love, care and regrets of his done,
Now he is back into my life,
Filling in all emptiness in me.


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”Studies are the best sleeping pills”

Questions in my hand,

Answers all in boos,

Plenty of them to read,

From where to start, “I am just taking a look”.














As I begin the first sentence,

My head tilts a bit more often,

As I finish the first paragraph

My head wonder about for, “What was the first?”














Slowly I get into it and start to recollect,

As few hours passed,

My back started to bend,

Than unconsciously I lay on bed.










Books as my pillow,

Eyes feels dull,

Blinking in each second,

Struggling to widen.

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Than the laziness came over,

Books closed and bed-sheet as my cover,

With a second I fall asleep,

Why does studies feels like, “The Sleeping Pills”?