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Why should I???

Why should I live silently,
When I can be echoed around?
Why should I remain still,
When I can fly even from ground?
Ability to sacrifice,
Ability to grow,
Ability to innervate,
It’s only me born with ability to create.
Hiding behide the rituals,
Till when will I be?
Killing all my dreams,
Till when will I do?
Patience prevails,
Ideas to concur,
Ability to withstand,
Ability to smile with tears,
It’s only me born with simplicity to create.


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Flouting in the air,
Here is the small flora,
Dancing with the wind,
In the grasses adora.

Tiny petels pinkishly,
Tied with a bud in cones,
Here comes a cold breeze,
And sudden closure it shows.

With the shades of white,
Its capturing my sight,
In the presence of light,
Its feeling shy looking at the kite.

With little eyes,
It’s sencing its head high,
Rooted in the mud,
She knows a moment she will die.

Leaving the fear behind,
Hoping to live today,
She sings the songs of smiles,
Standing there she is crossing miles.