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Should I love again???


What should be done when love keeps on knocking at the door of your heart?
What should be done when you start feeling happy again with new hopes?
What should be done when someone makes you believe that love do exist for forever?
What should be done when you start feeling good when you around someone new?
What should be done when you fight between your mind and heart?
What should be done when you start believing, love happens twice?
He makes you happy,
He keeps you smiling,
He tries making efforts for you,
He makes you dream again,
He loves you with your past and present,
He makes your heart believe with his act,
What should be done in these cases???

Should I move on and let go the past,
Should I stop expecting my past to return someday,
Should I redo the promises I once did,
Should I make new moments and be happy,
Should I stop thinking about him and let my heart free,
Should I love again????
Or should I wait for him to return???

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Believe in Yourself.


1.I am responsible for creating my own happiness in life.

2.I know and follow my values and principles on a daily basis.

3.I am learning and improving with every new experience.

4.I am capable to overcome the obstacles in my life.

5.My positive attitude can permeate all external conditions.

6.I am willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gratifications.

7.Others see me as a light for motivation and insight.

  so, for achieving an internal mind and soul calmness.To concur great dreams and live life happily, one must try to cultivate this within himself.

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Each day and night,
Is passing alone without you,
I am understanding,
Understanding you.

Your occupied around,
Busy with your schedule,
Never mind it happens,
Everything will end up soon.

Tensions and frustrations,
I know your going bad,
Hard working and trying best,
I’m understanding,  don’t be sad.

My presence is along with you,
Guilding your each walk,
Even if am far enough to see,
You can always cal and talk.

Keep hope and rise up,
Always their to help you,
I am loving understanding you,
Understanding is also loving you.♥


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It’s never too late…

Again my hair blown,
Waving in the air,
His eyes making efforts,
To fill the distance despair.
Realization of the past done,
Trying truly to patch up,
Enormously struggling,
To set my heart again in love.
Gaps being fill again from trust,
Distance is decreasing,
Care is taken for each emotions,
Understanding is captivating.
It’s never too late,
To compensate the mistake,
If realisation is true to heart,
Love again will date.
Time heals the wound’s pain,
Now its being replaced with care,
True love will always find a way to come back,
May there be thousands of difficult lane.


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Morning spring.

Osmosing the clouds,
Falling rays on the wetlands,
Awakening the green lives,
Painting them real…,
From the darkened bands.
Dew evaporating,
Dispersing in the atmospheric air,
Divine soul gaining attenuation,
With the heavenly unfair.
Chirping birds,
Onset for their daily basis,
Inspiring from their morning act,
Letting me free and living with present phases.


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Last Evening Walk.

Headphones “ON”,
Standing at the door,
Engrossed in its lyrics,
Feeling till the core.
Moving engine to the destiny,
Pupil’s acrossing with the serene,
Blowing hair making me live,
Living the moments from the distance mile.
Stepping out as the platform arrived,
Walking on the lane,
On my way to home,
Each harder emotions is getting drain.
Clouds get heavier,
Making thunder and lightning,
Instantly my legs stopped,
At the crossing due to frightening.
Cold winds blowing away all my senses,
Vehicles moving all around,
I was lost for an instance,
As if I was frowned.
Splash of the rain,
Making me all wet,
A hand holding my hand,
Again making my walk in set.
His touch made me alive,
I looking into his eyes,
Smiling on his smile,
It seems he will take away all my cries.
He crossed the road,
Asking to go safely,
He returning to his bike,
Turned enquiring about me draftly.
I walked away,
Rippling all in rain,
Just cant forget his image,
At the last evening walk in that lane.



1/4th of my professional learning.

It’s around 2 pm, no lectures still decided. Still there prevails a huge suspense of where and who’s taking our next lecture. Each and everyone busy with the leisure time in anticipating plenty of important works like few group of girls discussing the latest gossips they might have came across, few girls playing Antakshari and singing all aloud together, few of them posing for their best ever click on the white dust wall as their background. From the sight of the door in the corridor, outside the class room, the only group of boys playing football and their dashes and kicks can be felt in the class within.

The weather was damp as it raining outside and spreading a chilled atmosphere inside. The breeze flying from one rusted wide window across the others gushing the rain water in. I stood near the window silently observing each one of them. Smiling and capturing each and every moment in my eyes so that it stays forever. I knew it’s not permanent, as nothing stays permanent. “Change is the law of nature”, as we all know. Still we all were busy collecting all the memories we can, so that it can be remembered off, laugh out and can be cherished later.

Many things have been changed. Friends changed. Friendships changed. Groups got separated and new group was formed. New friends were made. New liking and new thoughts rose. Many words changed its meaning with time. I was totally engulfed by the changing environment and nature of the peoples. From home to hostel, from family to hostel mates, from the home town to the place still unknown to me. And you know what; “I was totally unaware of the impact of these changes on me…like they were also changing me. Changes were for good or bad, still not known by me. Only one thing I recognized, these changes made me grow independent.”

That day passed and along with it many moments too. Happy moments, sad instants, there were moments when I learnt, there were moments which made me go still, few moments just got transferred in my long term memory and few were just ignored off.


The senior’s fear,                                                                                                  

It all made our friendship dear,

Laughter’s were shared,

Then we turned one… we were no more scared.

Fresher’s day or let it be the friendship day,

The enjoyment we gained, will never fray.

Trips anxiety and the fest weekdays funs,

All those days gone and will never come.

Memories that we made,

I know each one will never let it fade.



Encouraging… each other when needed,

May their be issues many or their be grouping,

 The bond shared amongst us will never be drooping.


The year of enjoyment and fun ended with upcoming modules and exams. All started preparing with a swift gesture and here the competition began. The competition was not for good grades but indeed it was for the survival in the first year. One by one each module ended and with it the preliminary exam. Before the finals could set in, few friends just got left out in the race to succeed the first step. This time all were tensed, anxious and worried. They were tensed about themselves, they were anxious about their marks and they were worried about their friends too. These were the same classmate, few months ago, were happy, tension free and had no fear to be left out. But these exams are a part of our life’s exam. We had to step ahead leaving few behind. If you are pushed back than it’s only because your place is giving to someone else who is more capable for it. Here, each term is a competition, if you are the best and you survive. You struggle, you achieve. And if along with it, luck is in your fate… than no one can beat you to be ahead.


After few months of struggle, finally results were out. It was around 11pm, I was at home lying down chatting on What’s app and a ring. I opened the group, there is an image. As it got downloaded, it stated, “Candidate having seat number mentioned course wise who appeared in the BPTH(part 1) examination under this university held in july,2013 are hereby passed.”

“Ohh God…!!!! Please Please save me.”, was the only thing my lips said and my eyes moved below searching my seat number. First row…not found. Second row…not found. Heartbeat increased to its peak level. Eyes scrolled over other rows and then finally on the seventh row, third number it said, “71049”. I couldn’t believe and checked it twice and then called my friend to confirm and “Thank god” my heart said at once. As even with lot of preparations made for exam, I had committed lot of mistakes in paper. I surely felt that my luck factor has somehow helped me out to get into the list. As thanksgiving was done, I jumped off the bed and called dad and mum with happiness. Finally I did it. I am cleared. I am passed.


1/4th of my journey to be a professional was cleared. Along with me, indeed my entire friends got cleared and many of my mates. All once again were happy and celebrated their victory by sharing it with others. We stayed supporting with the ones who had just missed to appear in the list and encouraged them to get it done in the next.


This way a level ended and we were moved on to the next level in the game of life. Again the same sequence was ready to welcome us. But this time we knew the game and the level of difficulty, so we were prepared mentally to face off each situation coming along the way. This time it’s just a faceoff with life and its challenges.


Let it be darkened around,

I will burn to lit up,

Rocks to block the path I walk,

I will learn to fly up.

Now no fear can engulf me,

Since all got lost with time,

Now no stress can bother me,

Facing life with smile is no crime.

 justz 059

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The scarf rolled around my neck.

Turned twice,
Around my neck.
Landed so perfectly,
Inorder to be fixed.
Hanging front and back,
Velvety asking to fly.
Protective and gliding,
In all my appearance.
Making an impressive,
On each people on my way.
It’s so cool and trendy,
With lots of dignity in it.
Feeling of care,
And inspiring to fly without fear.
Even if tied around,
It states to head high with cheer.

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Take me far away…


Take me far away,
From this cruel world.
Take me far away,
Along with your consider.
Take me far away,
Here there ia no heel to my suffer.
Take me far away,
To the world full of dreams.
Take me far away,
Am carving for your love.
Take me far away,
Where there is hope to live.
Take me far away,
Where there is no tear drops nor few.
Take me far away,
Where divine will dwell in me.
Take me far away,
To stay in soul’s sanitary.

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In my hands.

In my hands,

A shelter lies,

Twinge of dry strings,

Waking a firm ties.

Happiness within,

Security inside,

A family stays here,

With all their pride.


In my hands,

The whole land lies,

Built up with nature,

Fixed up all tight.

Changing conditions,

People’s emotions changed,

But the humanity somewhere,

Still lies deep within us.


In my hands,

A magic lies,

Where with little firm efforts,

I can be what i want.

Difficulties arise,

Influences  around,

If soulful heart is connected,

Than every desire will come true.