She is a tale…

She’s wrapping her life in her heart,Not ready to showcase to the world.

She’s tired of being the lost kind,

Yet not ready to be found again.

Stretching her arms under the moonlight each day,

Afraid to be known and disclosed.

She loves to be hidden with no hope to shine.

Tiny; she believes in the sunshines now

She wishes for wings but accustomed to the traps lead on the earth now.

Still she takes a flight to the world of dreams each night,

Returns back disappointed into the reality each time.

Lost hope, trust and faith to the so called love,

When hate is the only thing she had ever encountered.

Wanting to be freed with her soul trapped inside his memories

She is a myth.

A myth wanting to be believed.

She is a mystery.

A mystery carving to be understood.

She is a drama, a tornado to escape.

She is an echo, Uncleared and Undefinable.

She is a tale to be retold and relived.

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All I need is you.


All I need is you.
I wanna be in your arms,
Hugging and cuddling you.
I just wanna say,
I will love you forever and ever…
Just show me your in love with me too,
And I will love you like I am the last one for you…
Where are you???
All I need is you.


The snowy moments for us,
The exotic time we will spent,
I will love you all over again,
Just show me your in love with me too,
And I will love you like I am the last one for you..
Where are you???
All I need is you.


We will ride the bike again,
We will stare at the shores,
We will kiss in the rainy showers,
And love again to the cores…
We will hold hands tight forever,
So we can always be the same.
Just show me your in love with me too,
And I will love you like I am the last one for you..
Where are you???
All I need is you.


New story will begin,
Ohh my king, you’ll be riding me away,
In the land full dreams and hopes,
The island where we will be we….
You and me will love each other and be happily ever after till the end…
Just show me your in love with me too,
And I will love you like I am the last one for you..
Where are you???
All I need is you.


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Tu kya hai mere liye

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Hokar bhi hai tu ya na hokar bhi hai.
Sapno ko tere mere jeena bhi chahu,
Lekin fir sapno mein khona na chahu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Har khaab ko pura hote dekha hai Maine.
Fir unhi khaabo ko toda bhi Maine,
Darr gayi hu main,
Har ghadi ab maanu ya na maanu,
Hokar bhi tu hai ya na hokar bhi hai tu.


Bharosa karne ka Mann bhi karta hai,
Fir uss bharose pe aitbaar bhi karna main chahu,
Lekin fir dil mera yeh kehta bhi jaye,
Tu hai bhi ya nai woh bhi na janu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.


Chahat yahi hai ki tu mil aise jaye,
Jaise fir hum alaga ho bhi na paye.
Lekin kismat meri itni khudgarz hai kya kahu,
Agar tujhe apna kahu to kya pata tujhe bhi kho na du….

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.

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Beautifully bloomed…

Morning sunshine
As I glanced,
It made me go fine.
Tiny in size
It felt as if,
They had cried last night.
Pink with yellow rise
They bloom,
With the sun strike
They beautify
As the day pass by.
They grow
As the heat spades.
Beautiful blossoms
Uplifted me again.
Nature is indeed
An inspiration frame.
They swirling and smiling,
Giggling said to me,
“You are not alone,
Even we rise each morning for the evening fall.
With each night shell,
More We rise, grow and dwell”       


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“Carved with the serene,
Coated with the fur,
Incubated with the strengths,
Emotionally fool from within.
Sprinkled with the tolerance,
Sparked with the flame,
Designated to be a little,
Ideally we are greatly featured within.
I am THE MOTHER of pearls,
I am THE DAUGHTER of peace,
I am THE SISTER of love,
And THE WOMAN of substance…!!!”


Finally this women’s day,
I can proudly say… I feel, I am a woman.
As just few months later I turn 20, and now I don’t see a crime in people calling me, “THE WOMAN”.

Happy women’s day to all,
This women’s day my oath is,


Do u feel me??


In the morning sunshine,
You are like the shine,
Which makes me glow,
You are like the light,
Which makes me grow.
But do u feel me like this???

When the afternoon seizes,
You make me go lazy,
Do no efforts to do anything,
You make me go sleepy,
With the comfort and getting cozy.
But do u also feel me like this???

In the evening sunset,
Your like the sharp in sky,
Which keeps me inspire,
Your like the shades around,
Which keeps my heads high,
But do u feel me like this???

In the nights light,
You are like my twinkling star,
Which make me shine bright,
You are the hope for new day,
Which makes me believe that things will turn out to be right,
But do u feel about me like this???

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I am in Love…

Feeling alive,
Appealing in all the aspect,
A new me is born within me,
I am loving to be better what expected.
Feeling amazing,
Smiling in all ways I can plead,
The spark is identified in me,
My smile concur the world I wanna lead.
Feeling a new attitude,
The new attitude is running in me,
An attitude towards life is changed,
Along with the attire of self towards me,
Feeling a cute sence of living,
Cuteness pleases all the hearts away,
Let the undeserved one’s be shallow,
Feeling proud for what I became with their rudeness and ignorant ways…

I am in love,
In love again…
But this time it’s forever,
As forever il be with my own self…
In love with myself,
So peaceful feeling it is,
Smilings have no reasons now,
Its just a carve on lips for daily living… :))))



I need a hug… :)


Right now, I need a hug,

I want someone to hold,

I need to let out myself,

By the mean of touch it will be told.

It’s okay, I smile,

I say it very often,

I need someone to understand,

To assure me that things will be fine  soon.

The embrace of care,

The feel of loved,

I need someone to prove me,

That yes, love can still happen…

I will surrender,

My strive will be lost,

I will live my life at peace,

I just need a simple caring hug to grease.

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Chatting with you…

Chatting chatting,
Texting texting,
From the rise till the noon.
Talking talking,
Teasing teasing,
It all started very soon.

Fingers hitting the screen,
Eyes fixed till the reply.
With each smile you spread around,
And the slightest typing then,
Makes me little sad when the typing is delay.

It makes me blush,
You make me smile,
I know u hardly now,
But it seems as in from when.