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These random Goosebumps.

Sitting in lectures,
Concentrated and focused,
Your travel in my nerves like a stimulus,
Even with a slightest sparks.
Glancing at the serene,
Watching the birds sing,
You smile on my face so wide,
Even when the lightest breezy winds.
Travelling across the miles,
Heading towards my dreams,
Your hope shines in my eyes,
Even with the smallest praise.
You running in my blood still plagued in my veins,
You trickle down in my soul,
You make me alive,
Your goosebumps make me smile.
Crossing each part,
Making me shiver,
Pumping my heart aloud,
Your goosebumps still makes me crazy and reminds your stay in me forever….!!!

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When life seems difficult and dead,
Just one smooth touch from someone at peace can make you feel alive.
When life goes all wrong and dark,
Just one tender touch can make you feel enlightened.
When life stresses each day and struggling nights,
Just one pure touch from a kiddo can make you feel enthusiastic.
When life turns still and statue,
Just one slight touch can make you go moving.
Life is difficult,
But one touch at your forehead can make you live once again…

“When touch used in proper sence, with the intentions to cure a broken heart, body or may be our inner soul, it can be done just with some strokes, it is that effective…!!!”
So *HUG* when you see people in stress,
*KISS* your mom when she is tensed,
*PAT* your siblings back when they go down in life…


“Treat when you know you can cure with your one touch….!!!!”


That one friend..!

Do you have that one friend,
You can trust,
You can yell and shout at?
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can share,
You can call and talk at mid of the night??
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can cry,
You can drain your heart out,
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can rely,
You can be free and real,
Like I have the one in you.

Your words make me go stronger again,
Your presence shows me your care,
Your friendship is the most affluent thing,
I wanna always preserve and don’t wanna share.

My that one friend...!!!
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Let me be stronger than,
The offender in me.
The soaked impression of cruelty,
Cages me not fly free.

There is no apologies,
No obligation from the evil done.
It’s me deciding to forgive all,
Who made my life’s fun.

The jailed prisoners in my thoughts,
It’s time to let them out.
I just want to wave them off,
So my wisdom can gain it’s cout.

Forgiving all the prisoners,
And then realising thr prisoner was no-one else but me itself.
Breathing with a peaceful hearth,
As am growing eternity in self…


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Happy Independence Day.

DON’T be dependent,
Let yourself take a decision,
Listen to only what your heart say.

DON’T allow yourself,
To be ruled by someone else.
Make an effort to stay firm,
Fading your desire and get tensed.

DON’T compromise,
Nor in your heart or for your soul.
Keep your head high,
For whatever you choose in all.

DON’T worry and think,
For and what makes you smile,
For independence will be only,
When your heart breaths in free.

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The Hidden Tears…

Popping up with laughter,
With everyday rising sun,
Probably the peaceful sight,
When I see my lips curled.
Its not easy on going routine,
There comes many turns,
Coping with my own self occupancy,
This is how am trying to learn.
I ignore the love scenarios,
Which still makes my nerves lame,
Pretending to be real me,
Which has turned firm and calm.
I have blocked the holes,
Eyes halted to shed those tears,
I change strong and smile,
But inside my soul sometimes cry.
The present day seems happening,
As everything is as I plan,
With a hope hidden deep in my heart,
That some fine day;
He turn out to be my man…


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Asking for peace.

Everything has gone still,

From the moment love left me away.

No words no thoughts run in me,

My heartbeats have died within.

Asking for peace,

Praying for the hatred to cease

Forgive him,

Let him free,

Let him go where ever he seems.

Please god let me the faith,

The strength to walk alone,

The light to grow alone,

The path to crawl alone,

The right to stand alone.

I was born alone,

No one will accompany me when i’ll die,

Grace me with the soul that is hard to defect,

My body will be turn into ashes one day.

I pray to the lord,

Please grant me peace,

To enlighten my soul and capturing with.



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I will have to end it.

I will have to end it,
The demolding pain in me.
The trembling fear in me.
The darkness encoded in me.
The spirit dead in me.

I will have to end it,
Past thoughts,
Tears drops,
Betrayal emotions,
Fake devotions.

I will have to end it,
The silence,
The stillness,
The quietness,
The dullness,
The shattering thoughts within.

I will have to end it,
To grow,
To strengthen my soul,
To live fearlessly,
To achieve,
To live life more.


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It was “ME AND YOU”,

I hoped it went true.

When the car drive in,

My hear-beat flew.

images (10)












Long drive was the plan,

Your friend came along.

I hugged you there and,

You drove till the shore.

images (8)









Sitting in front beside you dear,

The nature added cuddling effects in my within.

Wanted to hug you tight and feel the ways sights,

But the presence of that person stopped me at that instant.













I looked at you each miles crossed on way,

I held your hand with care,

I wanted to cuddle on the back seat along,

But the friend of your denied to drive.












You made it all done when we stopped near the dam,

Your hold made me smile,

Your smell made me carve,

I kissed you all that I wanted to along the long drive miles.








Your hears were on the words I spoke,

Your presence on my sight,

The speed you accelerated there,

Made my emotions drive.

images (11)









Hours passed along,

Many milestones passed,

Many distance we covered while drive,

But you stayed all by my side.

images (9)








Peaceful and concurring it was,

Silence and the freshness all around,

The heart gained surrender-enc in you,

“Long drive is really a spender-in ride,it takes you back to where you begin,

but makes you peace when you return.”

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And It rained again….

The clouds covering all the shine,

Making the creatures aware of the dine.

The droplets rushed themselves to the ground,

And it rained again, washing away all my pain.

Heavy Downpour











Body’s wounds got cleared by the water’s touch,

Heart’s fire got extinguished by the rain’s gush,

Peace surrounded me from all the core,

Oceans of love guided me to reach the shore.















And it rained again….

Healing away all my pain.

Curing my heart-break and the hat-red,

Making me alive and living once again!!!!












“Everybody wants happiness,

Nobody want’s pain,

But you can’t have a rainbow,

Without a little rain!!!” 🙂