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Na Sikha Kabhi jeena

“……Na sikha Kabhi jeena
Jeena kaise jeena…
Tere bina humdum…
Ha sikha kaise jeena
Jeena kaise jeena…
Tere bina hum dum…..”


Shuffling the playlist and this song brought back some forgotten memories of past… Atif aslam’s voice added fuel to my resuming emotions…

It feels like yesterday
You touched my heart
The scene of lovingly moments
We were so one,
But was not ment to be one forever.
Your love,
Your smiles,
You made my days alive.
Moments passed,
Memories will always reside in my heart…
I don’t know if I love you still,
But one thing is sure,
I loved you and the love was pure…!!!

I never wanted to live without u,
You left me alone,
Teaching me each day to live wit ur memories…
I never learned nor I am learning….
Happy to be forever with your loving memories….

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I don’t want you…

I don’t what you,
But I want you to be happy,
I don’t think of you,
But I wish your happiness…
It’s you, who make me smile at the end.
It’s you, who make me feel alive.
It’s you, who know me better,
But you know what,
I don’t want you again.

It was like forever,
It was a dream come true,
I was with you and you with me,
At the end of the day…
But I don’t want you…
I don’t really want you…
I don’t need you..
Just need you to be happy…!!!

I don’t what you,
But I want you to be happy,
I don’t think of you,
But I wish your happiness…
It’s you, who make me smile at the end.
It’s you, who make me feel alive.
It’s you, who know me better,
But you know what,
I don’t want you again.

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Glances of nature,
Searching through the blurs.
Descripting the images,
Making it real.
Cutting through the negatives,
Rolling out of reels,
Holding on the moments,
To cherish in the frills.
The art of captivating,
To remember in the future,
Smiling and turning to pasts,
It is the best way to relive the casts.

A box of plastic and few glasses within,
A camera soo talented,
It makes the memories of past;
                       in future all real…

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Bringing back the past…!

Eyes closed as demanded,
Hands held in him for support,
He walked along making way,
Afraid to see the efforts he had made.

Chilled atmosphere created,
Fragrances spread around,
I holded him tightly with a fear,
Past crossing my eyes in mere.

Candles, balloons and rose petals,
Covering each corner of the room,
All flashing in the blank out eye,
Tears filled with a smile bloomed.

Clutching the eyelids,
Holding the heartbeat for a while,
A glimpse of all the moment,
It all turned true and live.

The moment which made me cry,
Took away my each night’s sleep,
Bringing back the past again,
He took away the pain
And through tears it got drained.

Making each cry turn into jewel,
Past sad memories now filled with smiles,
Love, care and regrets of his done,
Now he is back into my life,
Filling in all emptiness in me.


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It’s never too late…

Again my hair blown,
Waving in the air,
His eyes making efforts,
To fill the distance despair.
Realization of the past done,
Trying truly to patch up,
Enormously struggling,
To set my heart again in love.
Gaps being fill again from trust,
Distance is decreasing,
Care is taken for each emotions,
Understanding is captivating.
It’s never too late,
To compensate the mistake,
If realisation is true to heart,
Love again will date.
Time heals the wound’s pain,
Now its being replaced with care,
True love will always find a way to come back,
May there be thousands of difficult lane.


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Randomly we met,
Date, Time undefined.
Unsuddenly we united,
When, Where unrecognised.
Days commenced along with them,
Nights ended chatting with them.
Each moment we shared,
Everything about this relation we cared.
Fun and enjoyments,
Was the only motto of our life.
Didn’t knew at that time,
Thesw memories will ever strive.
Each day passed with uniqueness,
Happiness, cries and lots of fun.
Even today, we are remembered as one?
Passing each phase, that time is done.
Only the remains of the memories lies,
Growing in the busy world,
The friendship we shared in past,
Never and still never dies.



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My daily thought – (2)

From evening walk I was returing back to hostel, with few packages of daily goods of utility. The serene has turned cloudy as its a weather of rain. I stepped in my room and emptied the packets in the in the container of snacks. And then my eyes went on the box of chocolates my roommate had purchased for gifting her dear mate. The way she asked me to help her in wrapping the sweets, I instantly took the red gelatine paper from the drawer. Which I had once brought for myself to get used later.
Within that moment, my thought lost its control and wandering in past it walked away soon. There was no time to stop my self feom remembering him at once. And the memoriea sailed the oceans of time.
Heart became num and I wanted him here. As it was not possible I tried to get normal and ran from my emotions that has reach the edge of my eyes.
I saw her deliberately decorating.
I remembered my days when it was done so heartedly. I was over filled from my emotions within. And realised it’s not easy move ahead in life. Unless you except it and smile at it and give yourself sometime to be in it.

Today’s thoughts.,
“However hard you try to not remember your past moments, it will arise the very instant you resemble anything related.”


Essence of life…

Slipped between the fingers,
Trying to collect the past,
In the journey to make a name,
When did something made me smile the last???

Emotions were frequently ignored,
Friends were made to stand aback,
Family’s concerns made no sence,
When did all this took place seems like long time back???

Outings were also postponed,
Pincins were cancelled then,
No enjoyments, no attachments,
When did I unknowingly threw all these things in bin???

As a free soul…,
I am wandering all alone.
Thoughts crossing…,
Memories missed are shown.
Tears of achievements,
Or is it for what I missed???

“In the walks of this competitive world,
These are the essences of life which I failed to kiss…”

“Life is not a matter of milestones,  but of moments…”


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A sand art or is it related to my life???

The fine refine sand spilled over the glass,

Hands moving around it painting an life out of .

The curls on hair were similar to mine,

The face that is carved, resembles mine shot of .

Within an instant, the image changed,

The hands moved and a face was drawn.

It looked similar to my love,

And you and me were shown.









I got mesmerized along and lost all my pain,

When i opened my eyes, he was all gone.

As of my life, he came and he went unsaid,

The sands got pictured so similar that my past was born.



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Why do memories have flashbacks?

A memory is suddenly and unexpectedly revisited,

A memory is unburied from the coffin of past.

A memory is opened from the door which was locked,

A memory is cleared from the fog that had been cast-ed.













A small region of our brain is responsible for this,

when we want to forget somethings,

it makes us imagine it.

A small section of our life is blamed for this,

when we want to ignore somethings,

it makes us remember it.

A small clue we are given or the hints about our past,

the subconscious mind stores everything,

that we never want to bothered about it.









It hunts us in the night time,

It hurts us in the day.

It makes the tears flow along,

It makes the smile remain for what so ever,

Cheerful, happy and gay!!!!