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Pathways I crossed,
Gave clues of your presence,
You were with me
Or it was just my instance.
But I don’t care anymore,
Because they make me smile though.
All I can understand now is,
Mere your name has the power to make me smile again…

Smiling again

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Nothing is more beautiful than your memories.


Nothings is more beautiful than you,
Nothing is more real than your memories.
Sometimes I do make a try to not remember our days,
But nothings is more worth than living in our past old days…
Hiding from the world,
When self conscious confronts me,
I can’t disagree that
I wasn’t totally right!
I thought we were not meant to be together and
We will never miss each other ever,
Realizing now that I am still missing you.
Only I am… I guess.

No matter where you are,
You might be having hiccups,
I am smiling thinking about us,
And how stupid was our breakups.
I understand and wanna love you again,
I wanna treat you like a princess,
I wanna build up a castle for us this time,
That’s all I wanna confess.
Nothing was more valuable than your kisses,
Nothing was more precious than you.
Flying away from reality and am dreaming again,
But in real I know your loving your new life without me and
This time it’s Only me!!!

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Broken divine.

Post visarjan,Mumbai

Found him at the shore,
Edges into the sand,
Broken and disrupted,
Shedded sparkle of his painted skin.
I was terrified to receive him there,
In such a abolished condition,
Along with many other screams.
Tears rolled to see what we do in the name of rituals.
We praise,
And put all are faith in him.
Waving him away in the water trumped aloud,
Nature pushes him back to us with the same drouse.
This is not him, just the carved body in with sand… That’s fair enough to give them back to us.
This end up Polluting the environment and demolishing the serene of blue stretches.
Lord Ganpati symbolic of prosperity and new hope to live anything new.
Than why,
The same old thoughts,
The same old methods,
Lets think all different,
And make a persistent change to this.

“Think different, think the eco-friendly way, the way he will be happy to see us care about the nature he created. Celebrate and bring him home every year but think something innovative, so he can go back completely blessing us, without been broken and sad.”

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You cannot Blend!!!


Are you alone like the way I am,
The way I struggle to be what I am,
Nothing can make me attached,
Nothing makes me feel to be one,
The ones made to shine, weren’t made to blend.
Like the moon lights the sky at night,
Like the sun rules the day,
Even you are born to shine alone,
Not like the stars in dark and glimpse of the sun.
Be the light,
Be the sparks,
Be the one you wanna be,
Theres nothing you alone can’tn k do,
Just need to believe in self…!!!


Do u feel me??


In the morning sunshine,
You are like the shine,
Which makes me glow,
You are like the light,
Which makes me grow.
But do u feel me like this???

When the afternoon seizes,
You make me go lazy,
Do no efforts to do anything,
You make me go sleepy,
With the comfort and getting cozy.
But do u also feel me like this???

In the evening sunset,
Your like the sharp in sky,
Which keeps me inspire,
Your like the shades around,
Which keeps my heads high,
But do u feel me like this???

In the nights light,
You are like my twinkling star,
Which make me shine bright,
You are the hope for new day,
Which makes me believe that things will turn out to be right,
But do u feel about me like this???

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Born to fly…

Waving the arms around,
Likely to fly like birds.
Wanna just lets my wings out,
And dust all the rested muds.

Sky is the route,
And the wisdom is the way.
The more I will aim for height,
The more il fly higher, people say.

Lighting the burdens,
De-stressing the mind and soul.
As lighter my thoughts will grow,
My dreams will be reality in all.

You are born to fly,
Fly with your hope,
Make wings of trust,
And ride on the plane of visions.
Let the wind be you guide,
Let the heart be the speaker,
Go with the flow of nature,
Let the lord be your maker…


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Live or Die…

Live or Die,
Either way you don’t survive.
Smile or Cry,
Nothing gonna change in a short while.

Sustained strength,
To keep your hope alive,
Will one day force the nature,
To achieve what you waited all time…

Replenishing your desires,
Each time it gets shrunken aside.
Be forced with determinations,
Everything one day, will be set all right.

If you don’t live for something,
You will die for nothing.
Atleast make a choice to live,
To divine, you have something to give…


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Rain on Me…

Even when it’s raining and pouring,
Why the sun is brightly shining on me???
Even when I want be drizzling,
Why rain stops raining on me???


It’s showering outside in street,
I gaze to the plenty of drops fall,
Stepping out in the rain to meet,
Just to drain out my painful soul…


I let my hand reach to feel first,
It sensed me smiling and free,
And it reducing it’s intensity level,
Leaving me slightly wet in thee…


The nature playing tricks with me,
As I reach out for rains,
It stops drizzling and
End up with few dew drains…


Rain on me thee,
Let my soul be clear,
I wanna get washed away with your blessings,
Let me decor within your shear.

Rain on me thee,
I please you this time,
Plenty of patience invaded in me,
Now let the emotions get lightened and free from all done crime…


Persistent is greater than power…

Learned from the childhood story,
Of a hare and a turtle,
The turtle won the race,
Not because of abilities but continuity…

We offen make a target,
Than skip it after few tries,
Forgetting the fact that in life,
“We achieve only at the moment, we are crashed but still keep on trying…

We admire the tiny little creature,
Struggling to hunt it’s meal,
Falling several times on its path,
But they never change their route.

We see the birds flying high,
Inspire to fly even for at least a day,
But it’s not their strength which floats them high,
But the continuity of thier wings leads them up the sky.

Even the universe favors the man,
Who is persistent to his goal,
The one may have power to built up the castle,
But the persistent hard work will fill it’s dreams upto its core…


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Miles apart from you…


Gazing at the mid night sky,
I wonder if your still awake,
Can you see the stars twinkling?
Do you still remember our first date???
Images of past,
Lightening up my darkened night,
Feeling so stupid that even today am thinking,
May be even your thinking about me…
Miles apart from you,
I left your aura long ago,
Even now I feel so connected to you,
And end up focusing on to let go…
Just smiling,
Feeling peace to have you near,
Let it be distances apart,
Miles apart.., just connected with my soul to you…