It’s actually not easy…

Hey my sweet friends,
I know you are sad and upset.
You each day try to move on with the past but end up in the evening thinking about the one person,
who ditched you only with tears and cheat and to leave you alone.
Am I right???
Some people do come in life, to just leave you alone.
Only to teach you that you are far stronger alone.
You can achieve anything you want alone.
You can dance alone.
You can sing like loud alone.
You can smile your guts out alone.
You can dream alone.
You can make ways to achieve it alone..
So you have your heart with you always…
So now, do you really feel you are alone????
I know its not easy but its not impossible either.
You just need to be “you”…


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The Power to let go

Let me say, “goodbye”,

Let me set myself free,

Let me move on in life,

Let me get away from cries.

A smile of forgiveness,

A glimpse of forgetfulness,

Leaving each past behind,

Let me walk towards my future bright.

No regrets,

No thoughts to bother,

A part of life came to an end,

Part ended not the life descend.

The power to let go,

The embrace of freeness,

Just relieving my soul to reality,

Again in an action of purity.

It happens for a reason,

The reason is always better,

Trust in the path your walking,

Beside you there is always walking a divine.