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I don’t know how to live.

“Do you really feel your living in this world??? I mean fake world????”
I mean seriously think about it,
When ppl say “good morning”, do they really mean that your morning should be good. “How are you???”, do they reallly wanna know how you are today.
And many more such things.
I wanna shout out loud when I get frustrated with things but I am taught to be cool, breath in and out and try to relax.
I wanna cry screaming from the core of my heart when I feel sad but I am taught to forget about it and fix a smiling mask.
Why are we doing all these fake things, fake emotions and fake self???
Whom are we showing that we have the best of life, when we have no idea where our life is heading to???

Many times we are made realize that we should care for each once feeling and emotions when making any decision for self, where say our parents will be ready for it, our sibling will be affected by it and the BIGGEST things, what will people think about it????

Why the hell we SHOULD worry about all these things when I wanna live my life on my words and vision?
I know we should consider about our family and that’s right, we should. But we can make them understand or convince or manipulate so even they are happy and even I get what I want from my life???
Am I wrong in this???
Life is a game…!!!, we have heard this alot so lets play it on our consequences and rules.

I seriously don’t know how to live in this fake world,
Where peope dress up a big fake self every morning and smile, behave odd and as if they are monotonously habituated with it, it become like a ritual.
If one follows, everyone will follow.
With whom are we racing with???
Smiling to the ones whom you wanna slap,
Ignoring the ones whom you love,
Laughing when actually you wanna cry your heart out,
Struggling with everything when you wanna fuck up all and live with peace,
And many more…
I am dying in this fake world,
I don’t know to live here….!!

I am not been rude or putting my thoughts on anybody but we have to come out of this fake dress and show our real skin to the world,
The way we actually are,
The way we are born….
The way we want to live…!!
That will be true living.

Wish you all the courage to follow our heart and live the real life you’re convincing not to, to come out and live it’s way…


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Few words:2


” FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE are not just words but few motivations to keep living life in this darkened world…”
Keep faith, hope and dare to fall in love… again and again…

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I don’t wanna regret later in 40s

So, today I met a lady from my society, she is in her 40s I guess because she looks quit young than her real age. I don’t know from where our conversation turned up to the topics I so much wanted guidance. She was like my answers to all my questions, which had been built up since years.
She said, “Do what you feel is right not what society made you believe is right.”
I guess this is how we all are living in with our lifes. We think about the society, we think what they what us to think. We fail to try anything society disagrees to accept. We always built a shell around us, where from out we are what they want us to be and from inside screaming to get explored.


She shared, “I am in my 40s say, and I wonder what have I done in my life rather than just sacrificing things first for my parents and infill now for my family and children. If only I would have loved the person loved me in my teen days, may be life would have been beautiful not just livable. If only I would have accepted to marry with an intercaste guy, who was well settled and lively, I would have travelled abroad and lived my dreams to roam around the world and different places now. It’s not that I am not happy with my life now but the past came down haunting me now. I wanna live young. I wanna go beaches walking hand in hand with the person I love to be with, I wanna go for a long walk during the sunset admiring the shades of setting lights, I wanna smile, laugh and live…”
She felt happy with her realistic approach but somewhere she was disappointed for not doing things her heart had always wished for. She was at peace but was certainly searching for something to make her life loving again.
She corrected me by saying, “People are not really bothered, what you are doing with your life, they will say and than forget, so stop thinking what others will think, even your parents. Do what your heart says.” When I said, I always refuse to do stuffs I like only because my parents disagree to it.
She was cool with her age.
She was experienced.
She was delighted.
She was different.
She was young.

Talking with her for an hour, made me realize many things, made me clear in my thoughts, she made me think again over the decision I had made, I wanted to release my heart which was set in cage since long. I wanted to be loved and I wanted to love again. I wanted to try again. I wanted to express. I wanted to be real. I wanted to be me. I wanted him again.


I don’t wanna regret in my 40s like her. I don’t wanna think sitting like her when I get older after few years.
I want to express my overload emotions, so I don’t have to get disappointed later.
I don’t wanna be sad.
Last but not the least, she said, “Always listen to your heart, it may be in your left but it is always right.”
I need you to contact me soon, because if you feel the same, I need you to tell me again and for the last time and forever…
I need you to be back if you feel the same for me as I do.
I need you to tell me that you love me still as I loved you forever…
I hope even you’ll realize that you need to express what you want. I did my part… Waiting for your.!!!


Hope even you’ll do the same guyz, my readers.
Love yourself,
Love your life,
Love what you want and decide.

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Believe in Yourself.


1.I am responsible for creating my own happiness in life.

2.I know and follow my values and principles on a daily basis.

3.I am learning and improving with every new experience.

4.I am capable to overcome the obstacles in my life.

5.My positive attitude can permeate all external conditions.

6.I am willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gratifications.

7.Others see me as a light for motivation and insight.

  so, for achieving an internal mind and soul calmness.To concur great dreams and live life happily, one must try to cultivate this within himself.

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One day all my dreams will come true…

The striving days,
The solitaire nights,
Efforts to live,
Target to get bright.
Cheerfully hiding,
The tears inside,
The cry of struggle,
Will pay in miles.
Widely analyzing,
The illusions in eyes,
The spark in archiving,
Those are dreams that lies.
Patiently wait,
With motives high,
No complaints in walking,
The heavy lane in bay.
Flashing false relations,
I am left with only few crew,
One day all my dreams,
Will come true…….!!!


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My daily thought – (5)

I was busy writting my exams, its was really a good questionnaire which I had done my best in answering all I knew. I was satisfied writting, when suddenly I realized.
I had done a big huge mistake in attempting the questions was that section B and section C, haf two different booklets to write and I was engrossed in writting that I had started my questions of section C in section B booklet.
Ohh holy crap!!!!
What should I do now, had no time to cope them again in the C booklet and that too many pages of what I had written. It really made me so tensed. I enquired about the confusion I had committed to the invigilator who was in charge then. She told to just mention on the C sheet that your remaining answers are on B booklet and I did as tolded and continued writting.
Papers done. But it’s tension still lies within me somewhere because its is my final exam’s first paper.
They nor expained us about the patter nor I demanded as I was involved with only my writting.
Small mistake and I hope I don’t have to suffer later because of this.
I hope it gets solved as the papers are going to be corrected in our university only.
I informed then and there about it to the department teachers.
Now I can just study for tomorrow, sit and hope for the best.

Today’s thoughts…,
” Few things are alwaya neglected when you get what you wanted and your busy engrossed in it. So, always stay alert while your busy with your life’s turnovers….. Some things might just miss and you may have to regret later”


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With a cup of tea…

Blue coloured mug,
Filled with my browny water,
Mixed up with ingredients,
Smelling strong,
Uplifting my body and soul.
Hot air visibly seen,
Making an S,
They making me dream,
Even with warmness,
Accompanying hope,
They trying to fly,
They are trying to free.
Forms of whiteness,
Hiding them inside,
As I blew the air gulp,
It spreads away aside,
Giving me hope to fight,
With few efforts,
My worries will fade insight.
Touching my lips,
Flowing through my throat,
Entring in my body,
Enlightening my soul.
A sense of awakening,
Rises with each sip,
Filling me with believes,
That I can make it with easy,
This day will be surely,
Not the same,
Better it will be,
With surety it claims.
With a cup of tea,
My each day commence,
Making me smile,
Handling the day,
With hope and surrender-ence.


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Let the sun rise within…

Darkness prevailing,
Hunting within,
Grasping the hope,
To live anymore…
Clouds of thunder,
Trumbling the soul,
Dying each moment,
Swimming to reach the shore…
Jump up high,
Pulling the fate within,
Search in the sky,
The morning birds cry…
Hiding behind the scenes,
Few things are left unsaid,
Capturing the best in you,
Don’t forget for what your made.
Let the light flow,
Deep in the vain,
Not just waking up,
Let the sun rise within…