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Kabhi to tujhe yaad ayegi meri,
Kabhi to tu bhi sochegi mere bare mein,
Ek pal aisa bhi ayega ki tu mujhe,
Kabhi to yaad karke muskurayegi.

Yeh naadan tu yeh na samajh,
Ki mohobbat karke bhul gaya hu main,
Tere har kamiyaabi k liye saar jhukakar,
Rab se fariyaad ki hai maine.

Jindagi jeena to hum sikh gaye,
Lekin jindagi maut si lagne lagi,
Sochta hu zeher khake maar jaun,
Lekin tu khudko na kose isiliye aaj bhi marr marr ke jinda hu main.

Shayad aaye tu mere kabar par kabhi,
Tere nazro se mere liye mohobbat barse,
Bheeg kar uss din main jashn manaunga kabar mein,
Koi phool jo khel jaye uspar,
Toh chum lena tu apne labbo se.
Kya pata naadan ki,
Shayad main mar ke bhi hamesha k liye jinda reh jau…


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Maybe we should sleep tonight!!!

Maybe we should sleep tonight,
Under one cover hugging tight.
All the moment will pass with the rise,
From tomorrow you never gonna be mine…

It’s hard to believe,
You are so confused about us,
All the past years love,
All the past memories died.
You seem so cold,
Even I don’t care now, dats right.
Lets just sleep tonight,
Hugging each other tight…
Bcos from tomorrow you never gonna be mine…

The kisses at the beaches,
All the promises we made,
The passionate, craziest stuffs,
I don’t want any of those, dats right.
Your silly, stupid man,
With no guts to exclaim,
That your love will always be mine…
That crampy vibes of yours,
I don’t want any of those.
Lets just sleep tonight,
Hugging each other tight…
Bcos from tomorrow you never gonna be mine…


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I take you everywhere I go.

You’re like a shadow,
When I walk in the streetlights.
You’re footprints walk by my side,
Hands in your hands.
I take you everywhere I go,
You’re always there by my side.

You sitting beside me,
Blabber you’re heart out,
Seems you’re totally excellent,
In hiding you’re real side.
You’re smile is real,
You’re eyes reflects the innocence,
You’re living miles aways from me,
But you’re always there by my side.
Because, I take you everywhere I go.

You reside in my heart,
Your feeding on my blood,
You are faraway through,
But you’re always there by my side,
Like an angel guiding light…


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Sitting in the park,
I wondered if you miss me like I do.
Do you ever think about me now?
Or I Don’t exist for you???
Gazing at the empty place,
I saw you and me sitting together,
Arms around and your eyes on me,
I was happily smiling to be sitting there.
In a blink I realized it was a faded dream,
My heart arched and shrink with the thought,
“That the days are gone for You and Me.” And I wanted scream.
Missing you still at the empty space,
Missing your arms around me,
We could have been the same crazy couple,
But you left me with only your dreams to cuddle.


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Between the edges.

Days of self-resistance,
Moments in self-conflicts,
When my heart heads towards you,
I screem myself to stop.
Will you ever realize this,
I cannot hault dreaming about you…
No more confessions to make,
Just one thing to state,
I love the way you ignore,
You peep me with eyes core,
Your smile reflects on your lips,
When you see me smiling too…
I love the way you ignore,
Since years and days to snore,
You glance towards me though,
But walk away when noted,
And say that you didn’t know.
I love the way you ignore,
Because somewhere my heart still loves you too….
Between the edges of hatred and care,
I know somewhere you love me,
You love me like yesterday…
The gaps between us,
Is till so close as we left years ago.
You just need to step head, the step you had taken a back,
Since I am standing there…

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Happy Valentine’s day…

Happy Valentine’s day,

I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, hug me so tight
That I will light up with smiles.
Yaah!! M smiling…
Not really dead.
But the happiness from you.
Is different makes me go mad.
I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, kiss me so soft
That my heart will be free.
Yaah!! M freely living…
Not really trapped.
But the freedom with you,
Is different makes me go mad.

You are not here,
But you are in me all the time.
You deny loving me,
But your love is only for me.
I am missing you,
I don’t know why??
I am thinking about us,
I don’t know why??
Only one thing to say now,
Make me again your valentine.
Let it be for a day,
I will love you all over again…


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I am still in love

Calender pages have been turned,
Since you have gone from my life.
You are far away but,
Never far away from my sight.
Things have been tough,
When you hurt-ed me.
Even with it now, 
Love in my heart for you can see.
I am in love still with only you,
I know the fact it’s changed for you.
I can wait for you like for lifetimes,
Only if you want this from me.
Just a note at the end to add,
I always loved you and will always will,
But your millions of apologies,
Can never bring me back to you again…



Kiss me…!


Kiss me all over,
Kiss me like it has no end,
Over the mountains,
Untill the shores get all drained.
Kiss me with ur smile,
Kiss me like never before,
Over the rainbows,
Untill the season changes it’s core.
Kiss me with your skin,
Kiss me like forever,
Over the sunsets end,
Untill the morning has it new cover.
Kiss me to alive me,
Kiss me like your making me born,
Over the eras and lives gone,
Untill all new I am grown…!



“Friends”, will always be friends…!

Once a Friend,
Will always be friends,
It may grow deeper with time,
But will never have any ends.

From the tender age friendship,
Till the grownups in life,
We always wanted to be together,
Weren’t so much crazies even with all our fights?

The classes,
The lectures,
The funniest talks and
The craziest thoughts,
We were just living out bests,
But never realised how they turned into beautiful memories,
To cherish till the life rests.

So many years passed and we just turned out to be strange,
Lets get together again,
Just like so few years ago,
To get wet again in the monsoon heavy rain.

Forgetting the misunderstanding,
Forgiving the rudes,
Clearing the ego’s and grudges,
Lets make new friendship again.

Because I know you miss me,
The way I miss you too,
Lets give ourselves a new chance,
As we were friends best together amongst very other few.


” Friendship is the strongest relationship which is divine, love, relationship is all what is written in our destiny and fate,  but our friendship is the only relationship, we are free to choose and be with forever and ever…. and I choose you’ll…!”

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Identity lost.

Losing myself,
With each passing phase,
Building up the fake,
Like a bow out of lace.

Disappeared images,
When I used to smile wide,
Hiding deep inside me,
The desire to be on your side.

Struggling days,
To heal my soulless mind,
Which is disorientated,
Don’t know where to find.

Suffering amnesia,
Hope it erases everything from me,
The insomniac haunting me,
I don’t have anything to dream.

Desires from my heart,
Will certainly remain unfulfilled,
Delirious thoughts created,
Keeping me alive till the end.