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It’s not about a rose.

Single rose from you,
Years back made me go crazy for you.
Starting days for our relationship,
But you never missed any chance to show your love.

You wanted to make it different and memorable,
So you gave me levels of roses at different intervals of time that day,
Remember that smile on my face,
When from white to yellow and then to pink and then the red rose you offered me at the end of the day.

The petals of roses made that afternoon remarkably romantic,
Do you remember???
We shared ourselves to each other and
made us go more close in that summer.

Roses always had a strange power to make us fall in love again and again,
It always was a reason to make our attachments more strong.
So why don’t you gift me few roses again???
Make me again fall in love with you.
I wanna embrace you again with that smile,
Which came when u gifted me a rose of divine.


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Apna banaya tha jisse…

Guzarte har lamho ke saath,
Tere yaade dhudli se horahi hai,
Kya tu wahi hai jo deewana sa tha,
Maine apna banaya tha jisse…

Chehre badalne lage hai ab,
Tere kuch baate yaad aa rahi hai,
Jiske dil ke har kone me main thi,
Kya tu wahi hai, maine apna banaya tha jisse…

Har ehsaas ko kora kar gaya tu,
Tere saath bete jazbaat bhi ab na rahe,
Jiske jeene ki wajah mujhse thi,
Woh aaj mere bina jeeye jaraha hai,
Woh badal sa gaya, maine apna banaya tha jisse…
Kya tu wahi hai….

Jiske saath waqt tham jata tha,
Har ek raat meethe sapne lata tha,
Nayi subha ka intazaar rehta tha,
Jeene ki wajah milgayi thi,
Nayi sari khushiyaan milgayi thi.
Toda bhi usne hi unn khushiyon ko,
Har naya sapna ruth gaye,
Har din ek roshni ki talash hai aaj bhi,
Kitna badal jate hai log waqt k saath
Kya tu wahi tha,
Apna banaya tha jisse…


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Why do we stick on memories?

“I think because they don’t change…” I said when someone asked me,
“Why do we stick on memories???”

” When people start moving away,
Memories stay close to my heart.
  When happiness invades out,
Happy past stays in my heart.
  When friends deny my side,
Their friendship stays in my heart.
  When my lover left me alone,
Past memories kept me living inside.”

“They make us cry, when we think of shared smilez…
They make us glad and happy remembering how we together cried…”

“When no one is left beside you, only memories stay up late awake,
Making you smile, making you cry,
Teaching you to live even with lost hope and betrayal.”

Memories are imposed on to us, even when we have nothing left…..
WE HAVE MEMORIES… LOTS and LOTS OF THEM…!!! N we love them…♥♥♥


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Still so clear in my head…

Your touch over my skin,
Your words in my ears,
You rejuvenate in me,
And still in my memories…
Your kisses over my face,
Your care for my soul,
You reside in me,
And still in my writings…

Its so clear in my head,
Your fingers crossed in mine,
You walked beside me,
Nor ahead nor behind.

Its so clear in my head,
When you died to be with me,
Your breaths were linked up,
to my happiness and smiles.

Its so clear in my head,
How your love faded away with time,
A person madly in love with me,
Changed in such a way that showed no mercy over my ample of cries….

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Why you still on my head…

Dandling all over me, 
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…
Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
your on my head
Your shadows make me smile,
Your touch of past, makes me go crazy…
You never was mine or you never wanted to be,
Or just moments turnout to go messy…
With all wildest thoughts,
Your love for these years,
Just make me wonder what went wrong…
shadow of yours
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…

Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
 I understand, I did all time,
Your moods just shattered, made me go through hell…
You never was mine or you never wanted to be,
Or just our moments turnout to go messy…
With all the hates,
With all your rudeness,
Just make me wonder what made you go wrong…
the way you treated me
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…
Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
love forever
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Aaj phir teri yaad agayi, socha na tha.

Dhalti shaam ka jab achal lehraya,

Mere dil pe teri yaado ka aaj fir dastak gungunaya.

Ankho ne jab palat ke piche dikha,

Tere yaado ne aaj fir dediya tha mujhe dhokha.

Lambhi judai ke baad,

Aisa bhi kabhi hoga socha na tha,

Tere bareme sochke likhunge,

Fir kabhi socha na tha.

Purani baate itni yaad to aaj aati nai,

Lekin sirf tere chehre ki banawat,

Meri ankho se aaj bhi gum hojati nai.

Mere dil me teri nafrato wali chahat,

Aaj bhi tujhe pukarna chahti hai bewafaa.

Magar aaj main itni dur chali gayi hu,

Ki awaz to laga du lekin,

Meri awaz tere kano tak aaj pahuch pati nai.


moved away




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One picture… thousands of memories.!!!

Within few edited folders,
I found all this pics,
Just a gaze at them,
I remembered each moment spent.
One picture hides,
Plenty of memories within,
It may be empty to see us in,
But the emotions lies deep within.


Isn’t this the place,
We used to sit??
Isn’t this the grassland,
We used to meet??
Sitting ample of times,
Talking endless of talks,
Cuddling like my small baby,
Isn’t this the place,
You used to once love??


Isn’t this the shore,
You holded my hands??
Isn’t this the shore,
You wanted me each time more??
Walking hand in hand,
Splashing the water in fun,
Dreaming and planning the future together,
Isn’t this the shore,
You promised to be with me forever??

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The rewinding travel

When I cross the lanes,
I was once travelling with you,
Your hands in my hand,
In real, only memories left few.
Each street makes me smile,
Thinking of the way we laughed,
Slightly pain wooing in throat,
The tears indicate how much we were in love.
The passionate ride,
The heavy raining nights,
The forever long kisses,
Are all that crossing my sights.
The same cloudy weather,
The same old street,
Making it difficult for me,
To accomplish it walking again.
Let the wind blow harshly,
So you can need me as a blanket,
Let the clouds pour heartedly,
So you can remember my presence again.
The words ends in few lines,
But the emotions within exceed,
Where ever I walk now alone,
Its the rewinding travel that will always precede….!!


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He loves me.. HE loves me not..???


Sitting with the confusion,

He loves me or he loves me not???

Will I get a conclusion,

With my emotions I get caught.

You didn’t come back to me,

What was my fault???

Is it that I love you so much,

You don’t even give it a thought.

Missing you has become my hobby,

A part of my present life,

Each day I cry till sleep,

Living a life with a  strive…





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Glances of nature,
Searching through the blurs.
Descripting the images,
Making it real.
Cutting through the negatives,
Rolling out of reels,
Holding on the moments,
To cherish in the frills.
The art of captivating,
To remember in the future,
Smiling and turning to pasts,
It is the best way to relive the casts.

A box of plastic and few glasses within,
A camera soo talented,
It makes the memories of past;
                       in future all real…