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What’s my story?

​“What’s my story?” I happened to ask myself one afternoon when I had few seconds to stretch my sore muscles between the therapy sessions lined up for the day. “Is it what you pretend to the world or what lies beneath your scared and healed skin?” My mind questioned me. I was suddenly confused about the real story, The Real Story of My Life? The one which is hidden perfectly within the wide smiles and or the one which no body will dare to understand. “What is my story?” I am still struggling to analyze. He was the most beautiful mistake I had made in my life. Yeah, we were fools to breakup after 8 years of relationship and 13 years of friendship which was nurtured with childhood stupidity, passionate love and consistent care and support for each other. But as many great love stories end, even our ended. After all those years of memories, even hatred turned into sweet, innocent emotions. And now when I think of our relationship, of course I think of him every single day though, it was the happiest days of my life. Small things we shared then, feel like a volcanic pleasure now. It gives a euphoric and balanced peace for my mind and soul. I happened to be a good daughter in the eyes of society and my parents but constantly lying about my veiled life as they won’t accept the concept I was born with. They won’t understand as they never felt that way. I don’t blame them. I smile. I am trying to be a good physical therapist, caring and trying to add, whatever little or big things to restore their health to the best I can but the artist in me sometimes demands to paint, carves to write a small piece of story or few lines to inspire the world around. Lastly, I am trying to make myself fall in love again with anyone or someone who will care and love me and my family but my soul and body still pleads to love him again, give us a chance again. It gets difficult sometimes maybe because I have never fallen out of his love; he was always there, in me, in my prayers and my dreams. “So what is my real story? And who is the real me?” The one which I am portraying to be in this judgmental world or the one which I am carrying inside me, hiding and living at the same time. It’s complicated and complex, we struggle and fight to be what the world want us to be and hunger after the one we could have been easily without any pain, what we actually are. It’s controversial but I think, “At the end, this is how life is. This is what life is.” And we all have those two lives and the two worlds, the one we desire and the one we are struggling in. The one we are controlling and the one which sets us free. The one which is consciously planned and the one which is subconsciously created with the experiences and emotions. So like me, we all need to change our story! Find the real story. The real self as this life is beautiful and living real will make it happier and easy to live in. Analyze your story and once found, never let it go. Live the real you.

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It’s about to complete…

I always wanted to write,
I wrote many stuffs abouts you,
Since the first line I stated,
It went always for you…
Thinking about you,
Your glimpse of past,
Everything I knew is done,
Feeling empty within to continue.
Few last chapters,
Then the story will be done,
Or is the phase which will end,
And one day, you will return.
Trying to figure out,
What end can make it go perfect,
You and me were past,
How should it end, is just what lasts.
You can make my book perfect,
If you return back soon,
My chapters are remaining,
Waiting for your arrival in this rainy noon.
Let it rain again,
Let your heart free again,
Let it revert back in such a way,
That my book ends with a fairy tale….



Tujhko apna banaya tha….


Sapno ko muthi mein bhar ke,
Khabho mein apne sajaya tha.
Jo na chaha tha woh bhi,
Kar kar ke tujhko apna banaya tha.
Fir kyu ye layi,
Tune duriyaan,
Kyu hai judaai,
Apne darmiyaan.

Barso ki baate yaad karke,
Kitna roya kare dil bata.
Kyu tu na samjhe halat meri,
Kaise hua tu mujhse utna khafa.
Fir kyu samayi,
Har taraf tanhayiyaan,
Kyu tu hua hai,
Aise gumshudaa.

Harpal mein tujhko yaad kar ke,
Kyu fisalta nai waqt rait sa,
Tute hue sapno ko jod kar,
Kab tak karu tera intazaar,
Fir kyu rutha hai,
Har taraf ye jahaan,
Mujhko mila de,
Khudse tu ek baar…..


Why you left me alone, without even letting me know???

You met me- I met you.

You smiled at me-I felt emotions running in me.

You came close to me- I heard my heartbeats growing loud.

You touched me- I became alive and real.

You loved me- I loved you.














You walked along with me- I trusted you more than my soul.

You hold-ed my hand in yours- I walked on the path with closed eyes.

You spent so many years with me- I stayed smiling with all whatever happened.

You suddenly disappeared- I turned to stone and was left all alone.

You disagreed with our relationship bond- I tried to make you feel and remember.

You confessed your hatred- I cried and wiped aloud.

You went away far- I was left alone in dark.

you hated me- I still love you.










Why you had to leave me alone,

Without even letting me know that you left???

Why you had to decide alone,

Without even making me realize it?

Why you had to hate me,

Without even making me feel that you do?







“You -Me”

Forever our “WE”…


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God’s still creating my love story!!!!

On the shore  last night,

I was wondering all alone.

With twinkling stars and lightening moon,

The sparkling water spread all around.










The coolness of the wind-blown,

The darken of the night grew along.

Just a thought, why am still all alone?

No hands to hold  mine,

No tears to flow along with mine,

No foot to walk with mine,

No lips to touch mine,

No arms to embrace me.









Still waiting with heart open,

With patient and dedication.

Friend’s  talk seems interesting,

No rush and hurry,

Some where, someone is also waiting for me,

Some where some time, I will meet  him,

He is too waiting to love me,

The love in my heart is also fill in him….













I m waiting…dreaming…searching….

But my heart still dreams of the unreal love coming….






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It left me HAPPY and HOPE to head my destiny….

 “It left me happy to and hope to head my destiny….”











It turned all dark when I closed my eyes…

Straight walking in the forest, my heart set to cry.

Had no clue or evidence left of getting back,

Making foot prints on the wet ground, which couldn’t be seen in black.

Don’t know how many miles I walked but even where I was going.

Suddenly I slipped and landed on the floor,

Which threw me deep inside it, all black and dark.











With closed eyes, I went deep down the land.

And then with in a second everything went out of sight,

When I landed on the arms, which was holding me tight.

I headed up and looked in his eyes,

Vanishing my fear and making my heart smile.

I got lost in him when his eyes met mine,

As eventually things around turned bright and shine.









With a white horse, he drove me far…in the clouds I think.

Even I dressed in white, as I noticed in a blink.

As he stopped, he again carried me on, “who are you?

I said as to know him more,

Ohh…. my dear princess, I am your prince.

It’s your world my lady and your desired destiny……..








Don’t know when he completed but I felt in love for him,

Closing my eyes slowly, I waited for him to commence.

His lips touched mine and I was reborn….with all the dark memories leaving behind….a new story was born.








It felt like a fairytale, once I heard from my mom,

My eyes opened up as the morning rays came to call…

I woke up and cleared dreams…

but it left me happy smiling…..

And hope to head my desired destiny…..

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You and me forever and ever….!!!

People die but the love never dies….
It cares even after the person loving you might have passed away from you…
Just keep on loving and pray for their soul and heart…
Smile and remember them and live forever in their soul, in their heart….
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 Never ending
            Love Story…
There is a girl named Jennifer.
A boy named Peter was liked by her.
It began that day she met him accidentally.
She slipped so fast and landed on his arms coincidently.
There eyes met, heartbeats set and the air of love,
They start on to get.
Each time she saw, she desires to be his.
Time passed and her love grew like the ocean so wide plus deep inside.
She kept on giving indications and clues to him.
But this clueless boy didn’t notice.
Feelings change as they grew and the day came,
 When she came to knew.
He told, “I love you baby and feel great to be in love with you…”
Her face smiled and tears rolled up on her eyes.
She cuddled in his arms close to his heart and softly said, “I love you too my baby you are my life.”
There love raised each day and night,
And affections turned to emotion and then the satisfaction of being together in all life’s fight.
Years passed and many years will pass but the love they have will never ever depart.
She lives for him and will live forever,
His love for her will decrease never.
Her heart beats with the happiness of his presence,
 He is still alive only because of her existence.
They will die one day it’s done,
but there love story will continue and will never come to an end…….