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Tu kya hai mere liye

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Hokar bhi hai tu ya na hokar bhi hai.
Sapno ko tere mere jeena bhi chahu,
Lekin fir sapno mein khona na chahu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Har khaab ko pura hote dekha hai Maine.
Fir unhi khaabo ko toda bhi Maine,
Darr gayi hu main,
Har ghadi ab maanu ya na maanu,
Hokar bhi tu hai ya na hokar bhi hai tu.


Bharosa karne ka Mann bhi karta hai,
Fir uss bharose pe aitbaar bhi karna main chahu,
Lekin fir dil mera yeh kehta bhi jaye,
Tu hai bhi ya nai woh bhi na janu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.


Chahat yahi hai ki tu mil aise jaye,
Jaise fir hum alaga ho bhi na paye.
Lekin kismat meri itni khudgarz hai kya kahu,
Agar tujhe apna kahu to kya pata tujhe bhi kho na du….

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.

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Mid-Night Tale.


It’s 2:36am, on my lappy and I am not feeling any pint of sleep in my eyes. It’s raining heavily outside. I just went to the window to glance the most romantic atmosphere spreading cosy and lazy environment. And I am awake. This happens on occasions now a days. Daily insomnia is been replaced by seasonal once. I am wide awake with all our random thoughts travelling across my mind, I smile. Many such tales are hidden and forgotten but lived at such mid-nights.

My heart feels you around, it’s beats fast and loud so you can hear, how it is missing you. I never deny sharing my emotions. Let it be through poems, thoughts or any random comments or statements, you are always on my mind.
It’s been a year when I turned symptomatically insane for your love and you ignore. Even today, you ignore. You are not changed at all. I like it. You know what but I am a new version of my own creation, I love you still. I miss you like I did years back and do everyday. But now since you aren’t any more present in my life, since you have moved away, I can’t and don’t want to bring you back into my world. just a hope one day you’ll return. I don’t cry now. I don’t get depressed.
Fingers crossed!!!
You know life is changed, I think of loving again. But can love happen by thinking or mere ask the brain tissues to fall in love again? I don’t think it happens. It’s not happening with me at least. I try because I am unsure about your arrival. I keep going because I am in mislead about your thoughts. I seriously wanna know what you feel afters years of ignorance? Do you already have moved on in life? Have you forgotten the craziest things we did? Have you been capable of erasing all the memories we shared? Have you achieved in your goals to vanish me forever from your life? OR do you still in love with me?

And if you do, why aren’t you showing it?
or if don’t, why can’t I see you moving on in life?
It’s you who had asked me to smile each time we cross after our break-up. I do smile when I see you. But do you do that?
Where are you? In which phase of life are you living? In which transaction are you stuck-up?
If you have, show me so I can try harder this time to love again or at least appreciated the one’s who prove to love me. And if haven’t than let me know, so I can wait for you till infinite…Yaah!!! I can do that. Only if you tell me to wait.

So just thinking if you have read our love story which I had emailed you, is now on the verge to be a book. And if you went through it, you might have noticed that their is no end to it. Last few chapters are just left blank and empty. because this is how I feel our end was. No end to our love story.??? So, what should I do, manipulate a happy end to it and start with publishing stuffs or should I wait for the end to happen happy in a real sense?
Because people say “If it’s not happy at the end, it’s not the end, nature has still few more chapters to add”
So what should I do? Write something which is not real or wait or write the new personality who proves to love me with acceptance of my past and present scenario because that person is ready to wait but have a deadline since he don’t wanna end up being one of my kind. My streets are waiting for you. Will you arrive any day, someday??? I am really confused!!!


Maybe I am being selfish asking you to return so my book can have a happy ending. But this is the way I still love you. This is the way I still image you and me hugging each other in rain at my hostel gate where you waited for me to come back from college, so you can grab me in your rugged arm, place me against your stoned heart and say, “Baby I love you and can’t move on in my life without you” and than we live together and forever like in all love stories do.
But you know what at the end, it only you whom I can love again.

Sometimes it’s good to express rather than waste each moment living in confusion and questions. I could have mailed you this but you wouldn’t have replied and left ignored. It still hurts when you leave things unanswered like you did years back. But this is the way I feel for you. I visualize you and me walking in rain pouring outside. This is the way I think about you. I am being true. This is the way I love you. This is the way I am in love with you again.


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Tera Nasha

Khoyi hu tere yaado Mein,
Kabhi inn yaado ki subha to ho,
Na khabar din raat ki,
Jab se chada phirse Tera nasha.
Tera nasha meri nazar mein,
Tera nasha meri hasi mein,
Tera nasha meri bekhudi mein,
Tera nasha meri narazgi mein bhi.

Kabhi to ishaara dede apne pyaar ka,
Kabhi to ek awaz dede apne ehsaas ka,
Tera nasha hi baki raha hai ab jeene mein,
Jeena hi hai ab Tera nasha.

Thinking about you
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Should I love again???


What should be done when love keeps on knocking at the door of your heart?
What should be done when you start feeling happy again with new hopes?
What should be done when someone makes you believe that love do exist for forever?
What should be done when you start feeling good when you around someone new?
What should be done when you fight between your mind and heart?
What should be done when you start believing, love happens twice?
He makes you happy,
He keeps you smiling,
He tries making efforts for you,
He makes you dream again,
He loves you with your past and present,
He makes your heart believe with his act,
What should be done in these cases???

Should I move on and let go the past,
Should I stop expecting my past to return someday,
Should I redo the promises I once did,
Should I make new moments and be happy,
Should I stop thinking about him and let my heart free,
Should I love again????
Or should I wait for him to return???

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Why you still on my head…

Dandling all over me, 
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…
Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
your on my head
Your shadows make me smile,
Your touch of past, makes me go crazy…
You never was mine or you never wanted to be,
Or just moments turnout to go messy…
With all wildest thoughts,
Your love for these years,
Just make me wonder what went wrong…
shadow of yours
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…

Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
 I understand, I did all time,
Your moods just shattered, made me go through hell…
You never was mine or you never wanted to be,
Or just our moments turnout to go messy…
With all the hates,
With all your rudeness,
Just make me wonder what made you go wrong…
the way you treated me
Still deep in my heart,
In my thoughts you pass by,
Each day…each night…
Only question remains,
Why you still on my head…?
When I have locked my heart for you…
love forever
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A letter not yet sent…

My love,
This is strange that even after a long cruel breakup with you, I end up missing you each night more than I miss you during the day. It’s strange that I want you to read all what am writing but I know your gone far than my reach.
Dear, do you know life is become still without you?? You used to always complain about the amount of talks I had to tel you but you know everything is turn mute in me. You always used to say, I ignore your feels even when I tried my best to understand each words without your utterance, now that understanding is mis-tracked. I don’t understand even my own self.
I miss you, do you also miss me the same way I do???? It’s hard for me to stay quite for longer time without talking to you and now that I didn’t had any options I ended up typing this. Hope you get this some day and be forced to come back to me.
Today, while going through the pics in my lap, I found some of our pics. I had thought that I have deleted all our pics and nothing was left with me to cry on looking at it when I miss you but I found them. “The pics in which we weren’t present but where present when the pics were taken.” The shadows of our healthy love life refected in it than I questioned how than we ended breaking up after 13 yrs of friendship along with 6 yrs of commitment and being in relationship.???
I had no answer to this because till today my heart believes that you love me too and will be back soon with lots of love to compensate to all these days being apart.
You have your reasons to answer me but my heart denies to accept any of them.
I am living alone, and alone means alone.
And I have to say it’s really difficult. I am living as you desired my life to be unknowingly as an when you left and before for which I argued. That means, my life, mood and behaviour reflected to be what it was only because you were there to take care and handle and now when you left me, everything is just turned still…
Days are moving but am still standing at your door, waiting for your arms to hold mine and stop me to go away and ask me to stay forever…. I don’t know how to move on.. when moving on means to me living each day breathing only air but not exactly living…
At the end, am waiting looking from the hostel window, fetching you in streets, hoping to find you one fine day standing and calling out my name, and il be living that day again… am waiting no matter what happens in life.
And last and forver…. I Love You….
                From only your’s forever….


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love you forever!!!
love you forever!!!









I walked alone on the path to meet you,

The winds gave me clue when your presence came close.

You came all of sudden, holding tightly from behind,

As your eyes met mine…wild wind started to blow.

So cool my skin turn but in compare to you,

It was just burning hot.

Your touch made me real,

You’re the love of my life.

Your talks, your words,

Your love, your care.

All you gave me and the more I deserved.

I love you my Babbu, and will love forever…

May god take my soul, my body?


Living in love until we die…