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Sitting in the park,
I wondered if you miss me like I do.
Do you ever think about me now?
Or I Don’t exist for you???
Gazing at the empty place,
I saw you and me sitting together,
Arms around and your eyes on me,
I was happily smiling to be sitting there.
In a blink I realized it was a faded dream,
My heart arched and shrink with the thought,
“That the days are gone for You and Me.” And I wanted scream.
Missing you still at the empty space,
Missing your arms around me,
We could have been the same crazy couple,
But you left me with only your dreams to cuddle.


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Apna banaya tha jisse…

Guzarte har lamho ke saath,
Tere yaade dhudli se horahi hai,
Kya tu wahi hai jo deewana sa tha,
Maine apna banaya tha jisse…

Chehre badalne lage hai ab,
Tere kuch baate yaad aa rahi hai,
Jiske dil ke har kone me main thi,
Kya tu wahi hai, maine apna banaya tha jisse…

Har ehsaas ko kora kar gaya tu,
Tere saath bete jazbaat bhi ab na rahe,
Jiske jeene ki wajah mujhse thi,
Woh aaj mere bina jeeye jaraha hai,
Woh badal sa gaya, maine apna banaya tha jisse…
Kya tu wahi hai….

Jiske saath waqt tham jata tha,
Har ek raat meethe sapne lata tha,
Nayi subha ka intazaar rehta tha,
Jeene ki wajah milgayi thi,
Nayi sari khushiyaan milgayi thi.
Toda bhi usne hi unn khushiyon ko,
Har naya sapna ruth gaye,
Har din ek roshni ki talash hai aaj bhi,
Kitna badal jate hai log waqt k saath
Kya tu wahi tha,
Apna banaya tha jisse…


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My heart is not ready.

Pc: kartik patani

Its depressed,
Its sad again,
My heart is just not ready,
For the Love again.
I feel good when you are around,
I feel me and true,
But we were besties remember,
Than why this love thing again?
It’s upsetting you,
Its making me feel low,
Losing a friend like you,
These thoughts hurting me again.
The scars of the past still living within,
The trauma of my soul is still not healed,
Friendship is like being forever without commitments,
Than why you complicating it again?
My heart is just not ready,
For this Love again,
Maybe with time it may get convinced,
But falling is love again, is next to impossible for me.
My heart is just not ready,
For this Love thing again….

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Aaj phir teri yaad agayi, socha na tha.

Dhalti shaam ka jab achal lehraya,

Mere dil pe teri yaado ka aaj fir dastak gungunaya.

Ankho ne jab palat ke piche dikha,

Tere yaado ne aaj fir dediya tha mujhe dhokha.

Lambhi judai ke baad,

Aisa bhi kabhi hoga socha na tha,

Tere bareme sochke likhunge,

Fir kabhi socha na tha.

Purani baate itni yaad to aaj aati nai,

Lekin sirf tere chehre ki banawat,

Meri ankho se aaj bhi gum hojati nai.

Mere dil me teri nafrato wali chahat,

Aaj bhi tujhe pukarna chahti hai bewafaa.

Magar aaj main itni dur chali gayi hu,

Ki awaz to laga du lekin,

Meri awaz tere kano tak aaj pahuch pati nai.


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Love is really Blind.

                             After an enthusiastic start at the morning, we three were walking in search for a place to rest our aching soles and relax a bit. The walk on the sand was like someone was dragging down each time we stepped ahead. The sand has also being stuck on our cloths and uncovered parts of our legs and hands. Its was slightly irritating and shabby but the enjoyment we had, ignored everything around. As we were walking, we found stairs outside someone’s rich flats vacant. Some group sitting there just walked out and than we increased our pace to occupy that place to sit indeed.

                           We, (I, Mohsina and Manali- my besties i found during the bachelors) are in the same college and profession. We have shared many moments of experiences of life together. and I am really very lucky to have them in my life.

So, where was I?????

                        hmm, yes. There we placed all our bags aside and extended our extremities to relax the tired muscles. We sat there for some times gazing at the waves, the people walking around, few children playing and swimming on the shore. We admired few couples in love and some in lust. we are busy discussing each thing happening around and suddenly i saw a boy sitting just down stairs where we sat. firstly we just saw and ignored. later when my eyes gazed at him, his eyes shined due to the water in t which was getting reflected by the raise of the afternoon sun.

“Mohsina, see that boy, I think he is depressed??” I said after stating my psychological knowledge.

“hmm, lets ask him if he is in any problem we can help him out with.” Mohsina added instantly.

” Every-time I have to make the first move, not here okay.” Manali said putting her point.

“hmm… Mohsina u call him.” i said. and there Manali said ” Excuse me, hey u.”

                            but he didn’t replied. he was really down and sad.

and than I walked down towards him sitting beside  I said, ” Is there any problem??? can we help you?”

                         Till than we they both came and sat around and he began,

” I am Armaan Kohli , waiting for my girlfriend from 7 am in the morning( i saw the watch it said “12.00”). Till now she isn’t arrived. she had promised to meet me over  here, the place we met for the first time in Mumbai. Her name is Preeti. She stays somewhere near Andheri station.”

” Do u know her address? whats her full name” we inquired.

” No, I don’t know And address I never asked her.” he said in low tone.

 ” How can u be so dumb to not know her last name and her address?” we responded in shock.

” I trusted her that’s why never asked her. Just knew whatever she told and never had brought these topic.” he said and wandered if he is new to all this relationship and commitment stuffs.

                        “We are in long distance relationship from 2 years. I met her in Delhi, when she had come for some family function for few days tour. She was sister of one of my friend. She came herself came forward and asked to take her out and show her Delhi, the next day of the function ended. And we spent a great time together than. I fell in love with her. We exchanged numbers and than long day and night chats and talks started. We talked almost everyday and I just loved her each day more. Even she said she loved me. Last year, when i have been here to meet her. We met over this place and sat her where am sitting now. But don’t know why she isn’t here.” and than went silent.

                             After hearing his story, we realized one thing that he has been fooled all these months. And he believed she is in love as in reality she never was. She just talked with him on the basis she had no one to waste her free time. She actually just emotionally used him. She knew everything about him but she never told her any. She hided everything from him. And even he was a fool to not ask in the name of trust and belief. She dumped him like this and it was a shock. He loved her so blindly without knowing anything about her for around 2 years. How can this be possible? and than I remembered the people’s saying,”LOVE IS BLIND”  but I didn’t knew it was so dumb also….

                         We made him realized to get going in life whatever let the situation come.  Always try to face downs in life and hope for the best to be welcomed. We told him not to lose hope and believe in love but if you love some one never be so blind so that you can’t even noticed that the other half is not actually loving you instead just using you as an option. Be brave to except the facts and demand for everything because when you someone, you awe the right to demand.

“Love unconditionally, love exceptionally, love freely, love purely but never love anyone so blindly…..”

                     and than he sat there thinking for sometime and than moved away…

Hope he stays happy and out of depression….


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I will never fall in this shit again…

I had heard,
Forgiveness is love,
I have forgiven you,
You came again back to your curve.

All the ignorance,
I tolerated before,
I have forgiven you,
You did again the same thing for sure.

I trusted you,
Clubbed the broken parts,
I have forgiven you,
You have again hurted but this the last.

I believed you,
For all the promises you made,
I have forgiven you,
You don’t again need to be sad.

This is done now,
Last time and forever,
I will never fall in this shit of love,
Nor again nor never…


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Incurable injury…

No evidence of betrayal,
No clues of hatred,
No proves for ignorance,
No symptoms of pain.
Nor am I bleeding,
Neither I am crying,
No gushing of bloodstream,
Nor any cuts lying.

Its done,
I am all gone still,
Your ignorance for me,
Made me each day frill.
No blood flow rushing,
But my heart is being killed.
Your words spelled so crude,
That it made my love go thrilled.

No marks left,
Which can be healed,
No injuries seen,
Which can be shelled.
Knife’s cut would have being cured,
Your words tored my soul apart,
Accidental damages would have being treated,
You made my body go cold n stoned.


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With the hope that one day you will feel for me back.

It is hard to get you back…
The last night I really missed you..
The online chat and with all the love I showed,
It all went waste when you still didn’t turn to me.
The second’s appearance I got on video calling,
It gave a hope you will be back, 
When I caught you with tears.









Things turned out again what it was…. hurting and sad,
When words you texted meant all was just a crap.
I slept without a drop of tears in my eyes,
As I got low with this usual talks.
Next day began with false smile on my face, 
But with the hope that one day you will feel for me back.









Friend consoled me and told me the same,
“He will be back one day, you just don’t give up.”
With smiles shedding I lived each sec now, 
Suddenly I got a MSG with an unknown number and life got puzzled again.
I felt it was he, texted me being the third person all in all new to me.









But then he acted so well that even my heart got confused..
He told, ” He was your past, I m your future and what to say about present it’s all in front of you”.
I got furious and busted to the secret guy.

Who seems to know me well?

But the difference is that he is unknown to me. 

I thought it was the one, I am already in love.








I didn’t replied him then, as I can only love you,

Even if you doesn’t it will never bother me.

I hope it is you, the secret guy I think..

As I really miss you a lot and the love which is lost.


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Some part of me is getting lost…

Some part of me is getting lost..
Some part of me is falling apart.

Getting lost within me….

Some part of me is getting ruined.
Some part of me is asking for divine.
My eyes have lost the water within it.
My lips are fighting to smile.
My ears have lost the sense of sound.
My soul is slowly losing me.
Don’t know till when i will stand.
Don’t know till when i will not depart.
I can sense now my hollowness within.
And getting deeper and deeper without you.
I am getting lost within the dark, within the emptiness with me..
But still i wanna feel for the last time…the love you have…
So you will not have to regret when i will be not there…
And will be lost forever…..

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LOVE isn’t everything in life….








It’s just so beautiful when each time I close my eyes,

The world, which I desire, comes to all my sight.

Holding his arms, I walk in the forest dense,

When each and everything is just a big suspense.

Each time he grabs me on the way to home,

The feel is only the fear of being all alone.

The feeling grows when he gets closely touched to me,

It’s not the feeling of love but only the spark of unknown liking to see.










He makes me smile, wipes my tears each time they fall,

But how can I forget, they are only because of his own call.

Love isn’t everything in life… life is everything rather,

Every relationship matters here, not only to enrich his love further.

Love heels the sorrow and throws the sadness away,

But today they are the only reason for all my sadness to be there.









To just feel it once, I nearly gave up everything,

But after feeling what?

Will I get the lost everything back?

Once lost is lost forever, once gain is gained for never…

Opened eyes…nights sight is as a fog covered all over,

Its clear but still can’t see any light…