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He loves me.. HE loves me not..???


Sitting with the confusion,

He loves me or he loves me not???

Will I get a conclusion,

With my emotions I get caught.

You didn’t come back to me,

What was my fault???

Is it that I love you so much,

You don’t even give it a thought.

Missing you has become my hobby,

A part of my present life,

Each day I cry till sleep,

Living a life with a  strive…






Scattered Relations

Far away moved on the hills,
Soul peacefully residing.
The serene of silence,
Within peace acquiring.

Each relations left on the path,
Emotions builting up till drowning.
The wisdom of aloneness,
Indeed happiness an carving.

Born and built up strong,
To face the surrounding.
Encouraged to follow only heart,
Is the only choice applying.

Everything is a matter of time,
For each relation for blooming,
Just a scattered part is left within,
Everything else is getting frowning.


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It’s better to be SINGLE…

Giving your self to someone else,
Doesn’t mean loosing your identity.
Living each day for someone’s happiness,
Doesn’t mean fading your own in dignity.
You love him— I Agree,
You can’t live without— I See,
It’s difficult for you— I Know,
But protect yourself respect wherever you go 》》》

Don’t let him handle your emotions,
May it be any possible solution,
It will never be better like this,
Giving your desires will not make him fixed.
He loves you too— I Believe,
He cares for you— I See,
You can’t except the fact—
I understand,
But forget to see yourself, where do you stand.

Compromising is a different thing,
Changing your self totally doesn’t
makes sense,
If Loving and Understanding is all you gave—–
“It’s better to be single than hurt by someone who doesn’t realize what they have….”


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Incurable injury…

No evidence of betrayal,
No clues of hatred,
No proves for ignorance,
No symptoms of pain.
Nor am I bleeding,
Neither I am crying,
No gushing of bloodstream,
Nor any cuts lying.

Its done,
I am all gone still,
Your ignorance for me,
Made me each day frill.
No blood flow rushing,
But my heart is being killed.
Your words spelled so crude,
That it made my love go thrilled.

No marks left,
Which can be healed,
No injuries seen,
Which can be shelled.
Knife’s cut would have being cured,
Your words tored my soul apart,
Accidental damages would have being treated,
You made my body go cold n stoned.


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The shades of loneliness…

When I was been built,

I was happy and gay  to meet new people everyday,

People came on me and all went,

But no-one to stay constantly,

Although I was lonely street,

With all my firmness and hopes….

I wanna live forever and help all the footprints made upon me…









When I got broken into small mud,

Was slowly being made into dust,

Although I was lonely hill,

With all my pride and head high….

I wanted to stand still throughout my life…









When I learnt to fly alone,

My crew left me in wide and spaced around,

Although I was lonely bird,

With all my efforts and strength….

I wanted to learn to be free and independence…








When I got detached from my roots,

I flew along the wind,

Although I was a lonely leaf,

With my ups and down….

I wanted to feel the sky and set myself free…

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My love for him gets lost forever…

Within a second my life changed,

All my dreams washed away in rain.

As the season of water arrived,

The tears in my eyes flooded every night.

Each dark day went having a thought,

How will I live the rest of my life?

I cannot be with you nor without,

As the season will go, you will slowly be cleared out.











Every drop of rain makes me think of you,

That’s the reason why, I get daily wet in dew.

Please lord… let the season go… in the watery day,

I don’t want it to happen more.

Your thoughts, your love, I don’t want it anymore.

Let me forget you, your presence now a day hurt me more.

It’s not your fault, its mine I know,

That the reasons I don’t want to punish you anymore.










I don’t deserve you nor your love,

It is my deadly lives don’t make it more tough.

The situation I am in, no one will understand,

Words will say nothing just emotion is making all the plan….

Getting wet in rain why I love so much,

It only because in rain, nobody knows I am crying in pain…

With drop of tear, I want to clear you away, so as rain goes…

I will realize that you were never there.









I left you alone today, on the drizzling street,

One day, your feelings for me will be all deplete.

Water arises each day with the heavy fall,

Still my heart is waiting for god’s indicating call.

Let it get more flooded with every heavy shower,

So that with it, my love for him gets lost forever….



They and he unchanged to me….










Each day when my sleeps depart,

I search myself in the morning dark.

Mirror images are fading now days,

Finding the lost girl in the hidden phase.

Dressed up, covered with a smile on my face,

So, that mom would not recognize the change in my ways.

As I step out of the gate,

I make false smiles and happiness as my dearest mate.










Living in the world of new friends,

Its hard not to miss the past friendships ends.

Meeting him everyday has become a routine,

Still heart misses the old days dating.

Some things are changing or the change is in me?

The emotions, which I have, is slowly depleting…

Fighting with each relation, my heart is in a fix,

Don’t know what to do; my mind is completely in a mix












The time I am with him, he makes me feel his love,

As I think of my parents, there loves comes all above.

Understanding them, understanding him,

Where is the time to understand myself?

The dreams, which once my eyes felt are all depleting and coming to an end.

Evening approaches again with many queries,

Mind is prepared but heart is still overflowing with many worries.

Night is the toughest episode of my days,

All my love for both of them, start pouring down my face.








Heart cries deep inside,

But the tears come each night.

Mom and dad gave me life,

It’s with him I knew, how to live my life.

They gave me the destiny but the root is he,

Will they some day stop asking, who is important?

 Because they and he are the unchanged for me.       

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Even in loneliness, you are never gone..

Morning I got up with the ring on my phone,

It rang aloud and your name was shown.

My eyes filled with tears to see that you still loved me,

But the ignorance of my love was expressed from me.

I felt you felt great to hear my voice,

I received your call, as my heart had no choice.

You said, “Baby listen, please give me a chance.”

But the deeply broken soul failed to put glance.

I tried each spell to talk rudely,

But your love dear gripped me silently.

You told, “I will wait till the rest of my life.”

But my heart had moved away from you far aside.

The trust, the hope, the truth was lose,

The end of our love was the actual cause.

It felt like crying each and every time,

The thought that yesterday you were only mine.

We were together with all the fights,

Never knew that all that will grew up insight.

You tried until the night to make me all right,

But the stubbornness of my heart didn’t move aside.

Even if you try, I will never come back to you,

But it is also true I will never stop loving you.

Don’t think as if I am left all alone?

But even in loneliness, you are never gone…