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If u can’t encourage…. don’t demoralise me!!!!

I said, I’ll try.
I am trying now.
Learning things forgotten earlier.
Learning the issues you have excel.
I am doing it because it is mandatory for me to get into my field.
I know my topics,
I know my subjects very well..
But you don’t.
So, I am doing additional to what I already know.
N you will or never can do my stuffs.
You have to encourage me.
You have to guide me.
Or else if you can’t encourage me than DON’T DEMORALISE ME and DON’T MAKE ME NEGATIVE AND GO SAD…!!!
I know I can and I will surely prove you,
Not by my words but my performance..!!
You’re negativity is very belittle in front of MY POSITIVITY….


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My daily thought – (7)

     Everything has an end. And that is the point when there is a start for something new. I had failed up doing many things. But these failures thought me the reasons and the faults for why I failed. These made me grow and now am done with it. I don’t need him. I have realized that things can be much better if I live my life as I desire.
      It’s not as if I am speaking as per my experience but I have seen people living as dead with what their loved one dream off.
Why can’t we live as per our rules and limitations? Just think and answer yourself..
Are you really happy with what you doing today???
Did you really wanted this to become? Was this your dream?  You have accepted all what you never dreamt off only because life has giving you no choice…
    “NO”.. it was you who choose to be this.
Life would have been much more better if little effort would have put on to make it real. Don’t blame people or loved ones for what you suffering now, its not because of them. It’s because you accepted all the change others demanded for in you.
Still there is time… life never ends… Everyday is itself a new beginning…
Think and make a little effort towards what your heart says… live life to it’s fullest.

So today’s thought…,
“I will only do what my heart says and what makes it happy and peace, as I don’t want to sit and regret on my older years.”


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My daily thought – (3)

After a long try, I could manage to set up my self to concentrate on my books as only few days lefts for the finals.
I started with set tragets and by the time I realised that it was done, I came across a thought that I had completed the studies in the confined time I had decided.
Even with lot of disturbance and distraction that came on my way,
I had managed to over come them and that too with very less efforts.
In between I even tooks breaks to relax like played songs, games and even blogging, the best thing that makes me smile and relaxed.
By the end of the I had done my job and completed the set target and was feeling so dame happy as if I have achieved something so great.
And then it was a big achievement to reach the goal and concentrate even with lost thoughts and feelings along with its creating disturbances….. I had managed to do it.

So today’s thought….
” The time you decide to do something,
Be firm and set up an desired target,
If you really wanna achieve it,
You will surly be able make it with little bit of efforts you put in with heart”


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It’s better to be SINGLE…

Giving your self to someone else,
Doesn’t mean loosing your identity.
Living each day for someone’s happiness,
Doesn’t mean fading your own in dignity.
You love him— I Agree,
You can’t live without— I See,
It’s difficult for you— I Know,
But protect yourself respect wherever you go 》》》

Don’t let him handle your emotions,
May it be any possible solution,
It will never be better like this,
Giving your desires will not make him fixed.
He loves you too— I Believe,
He cares for you— I See,
You can’t except the fact—
I understand,
But forget to see yourself, where do you stand.

Compromising is a different thing,
Changing your self totally doesn’t
makes sense,
If Loving and Understanding is all you gave—–
“It’s better to be single than hurt by someone who doesn’t realize what they have….”


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My daily thought- (1)

You had told me last night you’ll cal me.
Even thought I knew you wouldn’t be able to make it by some or other reasons.  I waited till 11.30 and then kept cel on normal mode with highest frequency. And slept.
Got up at 5 with sudden jurk and scolded myself for not replying for your calls due to deep sleep. I ran to check my mobile phone.  And here I see…. There are no cals nor any msg left. You didn’t called last night I realised. Sadly I returned and lying down on bed,
I realised that may there be reasons for not keeping your words and ditching me like this. But things have really changed And I have to accept the fact.
It’s not just easy to accept this change in our relationship but the cruelty is that I have to even if my heart doesn’t desire off.
Each day with a hope that it will get better but it seems so difficult that its impossible to keep it even normal.

So today’s thought…  “Never give yourself to someone so much that when that person leaves you.., you are left out with nothing but only emptiness. “



Nothing seems like, I am at “HOME”.

Last two months passed,
I have been living here alone.
Girls are many but,
Merely interest shown.
From morning till the end,
All in a routine.
Packed with four walls,
And two windows for air to come in.
Though the same bedsheets,
Not the same bed of mine.
It makes so much difference,
That sleeping for hours doesn’t makes me shine.
Alarm clock to wake me up,
I miss my dad’s call.
Hot breakfast indeed I get here but,
Can’t be compared with my mum’s taste at all.
Friends here to flock around,
Still the echos our three sister’s sound.
It’s forming a family as whole,
But nothing seems like I am at “HOME”


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”Studies are the best sleeping pills”

Questions in my hand,

Answers all in boos,

Plenty of them to read,

From where to start, “I am just taking a look”.














As I begin the first sentence,

My head tilts a bit more often,

As I finish the first paragraph

My head wonder about for, “What was the first?”














Slowly I get into it and start to recollect,

As few hours passed,

My back started to bend,

Than unconsciously I lay on bed.










Books as my pillow,

Eyes feels dull,

Blinking in each second,

Struggling to widen.

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Than the laziness came over,

Books closed and bed-sheet as my cover,

With a second I fall asleep,

Why does studies feels like, “The Sleeping Pills”?