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Note to self.

Will people understand me? My words? Will they read me? What will they feel? Relatable or unrealistic? These questions cross my mind every now and then.

I don’t want to live the kind of life, everyone around me are living. Scheduled, timed and monotonic to be glued to specific boundaries and limits. I don’t want to be those kind, maybe I can’t be. I wasn’t born to be like them. I feel like the wind, the air, omnipresent but not still. I wanna be around everything, learn everything and anything new. I wanna explore. I wanna know. I want to learn, be inspired. I also want to give, to teach, to guide, to inspire.

I can’t be stuck between the real me and the survival me, who is just being another human who is competing with everyone in this crazy world and society. I don’t want to prove or show anyone, anything. It never bothered me. Yeah, to my parents? Yes. always did and does…

But until when??? 

If I wanna live real, I need to speak. If I want an extraordinarily life, I should be ready to face the end number of difficulty and downs. If I want to fly, I should not fear of falling from high. I need to gear up my everything, my every cell together and energize.

One of the prove of my courageous decision was to get ink on my skin for lifetime. That was my decision without fearing for the consequences from my parents. I was brave enough that time, I guess. When I was younger, I feel I was more liberal and stronger than now. I fell in love without fearing of heartbreaks and disappointments. Whereas nowadays, a pinch of fear shadows around me all the time.

My voice needs to be clear again. My thoughts needs to nenefree free. My words need to be beautiful and real. So again, my heart could understand what it wants. I need to fall in love again… I need to live. I need to be free…even from myself, I feel.

Finding the real me
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Sky is a limit


Up high is the hightest hope,
Which lies deep in your heart.
If you can dream about it,
You can achieve it definitely.
Because sky is the limit…
Sky is the broad spectrum of dream, which has no boundaries around, if you desire, go make efforts and fly away…

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Don’t be a Puppet.


Say, “NO”*** to what you don’t like,
Be what you wanna be.
Do what you think us right,
Like a puppet don’t just be…
Following commands,
Doing what they say,
Nodding heads,
Is not what you have to do always.
Speak up,
Be propulsive,
Trust your instincts,
Put hope in your dreams.
Listen to everyone,
Take their advice,
Register there prospects,
Do what you feel is right.
Don’t be a puppet,
To smile when they smile,
To walk when they walk,
To dance when they dance.
Don’t be a puppet,
Smile when you feel like,
Walk where ever you want,
Dance when you desire,
Sing out aloud…
Just don’t be a puppet,
Live your own life, as you want…!!!

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When life seems difficult and dead,
Just one smooth touch from someone at peace can make you feel alive.
When life goes all wrong and dark,
Just one tender touch can make you feel enlightened.
When life stresses each day and struggling nights,
Just one pure touch from a kiddo can make you feel enthusiastic.
When life turns still and statue,
Just one slight touch can make you go moving.
Life is difficult,
But one touch at your forehead can make you live once again…

“When touch used in proper sence, with the intentions to cure a broken heart, body or may be our inner soul, it can be done just with some strokes, it is that effective…!!!”
So *HUG* when you see people in stress,
*KISS* your mom when she is tensed,
*PAT* your siblings back when they go down in life…


“Treat when you know you can cure with your one touch….!!!!”

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If u can’t encourage…. don’t demoralise me!!!!

I said, I’ll try.
I am trying now.
Learning things forgotten earlier.
Learning the issues you have excel.
I am doing it because it is mandatory for me to get into my field.
I know my topics,
I know my subjects very well..
But you don’t.
So, I am doing additional to what I already know.
N you will or never can do my stuffs.
You have to encourage me.
You have to guide me.
Or else if you can’t encourage me than DON’T DEMORALISE ME and DON’T MAKE ME NEGATIVE AND GO SAD…!!!
I know I can and I will surely prove you,
Not by my words but my performance..!!
You’re negativity is very belittle in front of MY POSITIVITY….


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They smile with innocence,
The true emotions carved.
No face of marks,
They are so purely draft.

They work differently,
They play with all their heart.
No logical boundaries,
They are so beautifully craft.

They love to dance,
The music touches them hard,
Such emotional and cheerful act,
They are so magically d’art.

They act differently,
They are differentially abled part,
Such a wonderful creation of nature;
We may not be their life’s part,
But they are definitely are life’s part.

They learn,
They try,
They never let us down.
They smile,
They laugh,
They are the small diamonds of world’s crown.


Disabled people and children are not cursed with disabilities but “THEY ARE JUST DIFFRENTIALLY ABLE…”

Pls do share this…
“Let’s be the change,
The change we want to see around”. and

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Live or Die…

Live or Die,
Either way you don’t survive.
Smile or Cry,
Nothing gonna change in a short while.

Sustained strength,
To keep your hope alive,
Will one day force the nature,
To achieve what you waited all time…

Replenishing your desires,
Each time it gets shrunken aside.
Be forced with determinations,
Everything one day, will be set all right.

If you don’t live for something,
You will die for nothing.
Atleast make a choice to live,
To divine, you have something to give…



Persistent is greater than power…

Learned from the childhood story,
Of a hare and a turtle,
The turtle won the race,
Not because of abilities but continuity…

We offen make a target,
Than skip it after few tries,
Forgetting the fact that in life,
“We achieve only at the moment, we are crashed but still keep on trying…

We admire the tiny little creature,
Struggling to hunt it’s meal,
Falling several times on its path,
But they never change their route.

We see the birds flying high,
Inspire to fly even for at least a day,
But it’s not their strength which floats them high,
But the continuity of thier wings leads them up the sky.

Even the universe favors the man,
Who is persistent to his goal,
The one may have power to built up the castle,
But the persistent hard work will fill it’s dreams upto its core…


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Our Soul resides in our Heart..

Tumbling with the facts of life,
Walking randomly to find wisdom,
Answers to know where the peace lies,
Lets the divine come in and guild.

All the strokes; my heart suffered,
Depleting the realness of my soul,
Turning out something I was never before,
Ruining my evidence to be a whole.

Searching in the cores of my mind,
Unwinding the lies I believed to be true,
Let my soul be free; one of it’s kind,
Undust all the sorrows and make it flee.

The soul will regain it’s purity,
Once the heart is set free,
Our soul resides in our heart,
So let our heart be merrily free.

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The Rise.

A night can’t stop the sun to rise in the dawn.
Even a butterfly when young, it lives with the crawl.
Lets the inner soul get tired making tries,
The one always achives with firm determinants.

Even a small ant never fears to fail,
A small bee buzzes at each rose to get its meal,
Never lose hope and courage to be firm,
You may fail twice but winning will be done.

Each tides rises after falling again and again,
Always be enthusiastic to face the failures,  if you have the desire to win.
Let the rise be eternal,
From the heart and soul.
Mind is just a matter of thoughts,
To rise of the fallen.