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I take you everywhere I go.

You’re like a shadow,
When I walk in the streetlights.
You’re footprints walk by my side,
Hands in your hands.
I take you everywhere I go,
You’re always there by my side.

You sitting beside me,
Blabber you’re heart out,
Seems you’re totally excellent,
In hiding you’re real side.
You’re smile is real,
You’re eyes reflects the innocence,
You’re living miles aways from me,
But you’re always there by my side.
Because, I take you everywhere I go.

You reside in my heart,
Your feeding on my blood,
You are faraway through,
But you’re always there by my side,
Like an angel guiding light…


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Building my castle…


Building up the castle of dreams,
The castle with simplicity and love.
Collecting the sand to shape it up,
To make it perfect and tough.
With consolations of thoughts,
I carve the emotions over it.
The sand is building my dream plan,
So the love we had could easily be fit.
Grasping it artistically,
Moulding into the peaceful attire,
With efforts and dedication,
So if you see, you could recollect,
This was the dream we had designation.
Ever since your far away,
I dreamed to make our dreams fullfill,
Just a step to convince my heart,
That one day we will meet on some hills,
The shore around the sand castle,
Representing the murmurs of my voice,
Even if I day I get lost or vanished,
You can feel me all over here,
With no problems and choice…..♥♥♥

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Winter’s On.!!

The weather turning cold,
Making peace with my soul,
The serene pauses still,
Making my smiles go chill.

Jackets removed from the rack,
Scarfs rolled around the neck,
Appling the lotion on the skin,
So the climate can be enjoyed within.

The winds blowing icy,
The water turned cold,
The nature changed suddenly,
Teaching me the art to mould.

Winter’s season seems to be on,
The soundless freezes it shown,
As the night arrives near the window,
The colder it gets making me silent and letting my sad past flow.


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One day all my dreams will come true…

The striving days,
The solitaire nights,
Efforts to live,
Target to get bright.
Cheerfully hiding,
The tears inside,
The cry of struggle,
Will pay in miles.
Widely analyzing,
The illusions in eyes,
The spark in archiving,
Those are dreams that lies.
Patiently wait,
With motives high,
No complaints in walking,
The heavy lane in bay.
Flashing false relations,
I am left with only few crew,
One day all my dreams,
Will come true…….!!!


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Last Evening Walk.

Headphones “ON”,
Standing at the door,
Engrossed in its lyrics,
Feeling till the core.
Moving engine to the destiny,
Pupil’s acrossing with the serene,
Blowing hair making me live,
Living the moments from the distance mile.
Stepping out as the platform arrived,
Walking on the lane,
On my way to home,
Each harder emotions is getting drain.
Clouds get heavier,
Making thunder and lightning,
Instantly my legs stopped,
At the crossing due to frightening.
Cold winds blowing away all my senses,
Vehicles moving all around,
I was lost for an instance,
As if I was frowned.
Splash of the rain,
Making me all wet,
A hand holding my hand,
Again making my walk in set.
His touch made me alive,
I looking into his eyes,
Smiling on his smile,
It seems he will take away all my cries.
He crossed the road,
Asking to go safely,
He returning to his bike,
Turned enquiring about me draftly.
I walked away,
Rippling all in rain,
Just cant forget his image,
At the last evening walk in that lane.


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Dil phir titli bankar uda..!

Kahi chup gaya tha,
Badalo mein ye suraj.
Kali ghatayon se lad raha tha,
Dhup ki woh phele surat.
Ek leher hawayon ki fir lehrayi,
Unn ghane badalo ko dur moda,
Rangoli jaise rango ke pankh laga ke,
Dil phir titli bankar uda..!
Gunn gunnata,
Woh fir muskurata,
Kabhi yaha,
Kabhi waha hai jata.
Phulo ki meethe wadiyon mein,
Bhawra ban ke woh rehta.
Ab fir uda jaraha hai,
Ab na ye rukega,
Chot manzilo mein lag bhi jaye to,
Ab ye na mudega.
Dil phir titli bankar uda..!


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Flouting in the air,
Here is the small flora,
Dancing with the wind,
In the grasses adora.

Tiny petels pinkishly,
Tied with a bud in cones,
Here comes a cold breeze,
And sudden closure it shows.

With the shades of white,
Its capturing my sight,
In the presence of light,
Its feeling shy looking at the kite.

With little eyes,
It’s sencing its head high,
Rooted in the mud,
She knows a moment she will die.

Leaving the fear behind,
Hoping to live today,
She sings the songs of smiles,
Standing there she is crossing miles.


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Dusty visions,
Crossing across my eyes,
Deep in the darkness,
Can here some loud cries.
Lefts giggling,
Winds creating hunted noise,
Prints of past footsteps,
Seems I have the same size.
Cloudy white,
The girl cudding down the tree,
Tears flowing as if,
Her pains are getting free.
Cuming closer,
I noticed the marks,
Which lying on my arm,
Resembling so similar.
She turned around,
With her teary face,
Shocking me to death,
As it was me in case.
Tied to the palm tree,
She desired freedom,
Handle full of support she needs,
Thats what made me come.
Untying the knot,
Hands I extented to her,
Instead of coming along,
She pulled me toward her.
Gripped tightly,
Unable to face her strength,
Deep down the valley,
I was being pushed then.
With shouts and frights,
I opened my eyes,
This is what I think means Nightmare,
That came tonight in my sight.


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♥…Ab Maan ja…♥

Jana nai…
Kyu hai tu khudse khafa…
Mane nai…
Kyu tu hai mujhse unn juda..
Ab maan ja..
Ab maan ja..

Bhul hui..
Jo maine tujhe jana nai.
Pyaar ko..
Tere maine pehchaana nai.
Bhulja…Jo hui mujhe khata…
Ab maan ja..
Ab maan ja..

Har woh baat teri yaad aaye.
Unn bechaine badti jaaye.
Tere bin ab jeeya na jaye..
Ab aa bhi jaa..
Ohh ooo… Ab maan ja..
Ab maan jaa…

Nadani kehde ya kehde tu bachpana.
Pyaar main tere,
Has ke sahunge har saza.
Unn na sataa….
Kal ke liye apne dilko na rok…
Ab maan ja.. ohh ooo.. Ab Maan ja..

Ab maan ja..!

My subconscious mind..!

The past triggering thoughts,
I wanna erase.
They play with my emtions,
And moves me like a maze.
I ignore them,
I hide them.
Even if it arrives,
I narrow them.
With the open eyes,
I can avoid.
As the sleep stuck,
My subconscious mind stricks.
It thinks so much,
That it’s beyond any limits.
When I am out of everything,
It acts like a summits.
With tears it fills,
Makes me even smile.
Wakes me at the midnight,
With horror apart of mile.
Imagination contacts,
Each thoughts gets life.
My subconscious mind awakes,
Which my brains ignore in live.

My subconscious mind.