Monster in your head.

Stop negotiating with the evils,
Only listen to your heart.
Stop complaining about the cruels,
Thing will also turn on your path.

Monster residing in your thoughts,
Denervating the best in you.
Let not the devil rule your life,
One day it will end up screwing you.

Let not the monster sleep,
Under your bed,
Let not the monster grow up,
In your head.

Let the guiding angels,
Guild you through the journey of life.
Even if the monster pokes you,
Don’t let it, to make your life strive.

“They actually don’t sleep under your bed but reside and sleep inside your head…”


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Rain on Me…

Even when it’s raining and pouring,
Why the sun is brightly shining on me???
Even when I want be drizzling,
Why rain stops raining on me???


It’s showering outside in street,
I gaze to the plenty of drops fall,
Stepping out in the rain to meet,
Just to drain out my painful soul…


I let my hand reach to feel first,
It sensed me smiling and free,
And it reducing it’s intensity level,
Leaving me slightly wet in thee…


The nature playing tricks with me,
As I reach out for rains,
It stops drizzling and
End up with few dew drains…


Rain on me thee,
Let my soul be clear,
I wanna get washed away with your blessings,
Let me decor within your shear.

Rain on me thee,
I please you this time,
Plenty of patience invaded in me,
Now let the emotions get lightened and free from all done crime…

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Building my castle…


Building up the castle of dreams,
The castle with simplicity and love.
Collecting the sand to shape it up,
To make it perfect and tough.
With consolations of thoughts,
I carve the emotions over it.
The sand is building my dream plan,
So the love we had could easily be fit.
Grasping it artistically,
Moulding into the peaceful attire,
With efforts and dedication,
So if you see, you could recollect,
This was the dream we had designation.
Ever since your far away,
I dreamed to make our dreams fullfill,
Just a step to convince my heart,
That one day we will meet on some hills,
The shore around the sand castle,
Representing the murmurs of my voice,
Even if I day I get lost or vanished,
You can feel me all over here,
With no problems and choice…..♥♥♥


Lets smile :)


Blooming hearts;
With the peace in mind,
Warmth of relief;
As the strong wind dried.
Freshness in each;
Breaths intake,
Freely, happily flying;
No compromises to make.
Smiling with the life,
Smiling with the strives.
Heart is rejoice,
With the present it decided.
Smiling is all that heals,
At the shore, each emotions are resided….

it is the only thing, 
Which will either warm your heart and soul or piss off others mood and life…
Both the ways; you’re the winner…..”

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Towards the new goal.

Shoes laces tied firm,
Filled with enthusiasm,
Heads held high,
Am ready again to fly.

Brightened light in eyes,
No more sheds of cries,
Dreams awakening real,
Am ready to face the fear.

Walking with a smile,
Towards new goal of mine,
Nothing can obstruct me now,
Am ready to climb on life’s show.

Memories making me strong,
I know now; how to live along,
When you really wanna make a change,
Decide it on and let the past to drain.


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The Rise.

A night can’t stop the sun to rise in the dawn.
Even a butterfly when young, it lives with the crawl.
Lets the inner soul get tired making tries,
The one always achives with firm determinants.

Even a small ant never fears to fail,
A small bee buzzes at each rose to get its meal,
Never lose hope and courage to be firm,
You may fail twice but winning will be done.

Each tides rises after falling again and again,
Always be enthusiastic to face the failures,  if you have the desire to win.
Let the rise be eternal,
From the heart and soul.
Mind is just a matter of thoughts,
To rise of the fallen.


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it’s about “YOU AND ME”.

Nothing seems to last forever,

Let it be you and me,

Nothing will ever last forever,

One day everything has to be let free.

Hundreds of reasons to shed tears,

Finding thousand reasons to smile,

It’s because of you and me,

I am turning strong each day trying.

Passion of love for you,

The devotion still lies,

Just apart for our betterment,

But each night I stop myself from cries.

Love needs no proves and no demands,

You couldn’t just manage our relationship,

It’s because of you and me,

I learning each day more.


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Winter’s On.!!

The weather turning cold,
Making peace with my soul,
The serene pauses still,
Making my smiles go chill.

Jackets removed from the rack,
Scarfs rolled around the neck,
Appling the lotion on the skin,
So the climate can be enjoyed within.

The winds blowing icy,
The water turned cold,
The nature changed suddenly,
Teaching me the art to mould.

Winter’s season seems to be on,
The soundless freezes it shown,
As the night arrives near the window,
The colder it gets making me silent and letting my sad past flow.


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Its turning Dark…

Moved away, far away,
So you can’t even see me,
Reaching some path,
Darkness waiting to engulf me.

Setting sun, waved me lucks,
Darkness smiling and welcoming,
Fear running in my inner streams,
Thought to be alone is frowning.

Building courage,
To face the darkened world,
To be without you,
My life becomes a burden.

Its growing dark,
And I have to walk alone,
I am fearing inside,
But have cross this path alone.


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Give me everything back.

Give me everything back,
Give me before you,
Decide to stay apart.
Handle me all I gave,
Handle me before you,
Decide to leave.

Start with that kiss,
You touched years back,
Return my hand gripping,
Still tied in your figure slip.

Put out my soul,
From your soul apart,
Give me my heartbeats,
Before you depart.

Give me back my smile,
The smiles with you,
Let me take my memories,
I had spent with you.

Handover my texts and letters,
Move away from the pics,
I took along in unison with you.,
Give me all the day and night,
I shared along with you.
Give me everything back,
Before you decide to stay apart.