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Somewhere on earth.

Your blurred face,
Your smile in haze,
The way you stare,
Baby walk to me in real one day,
Now it’s really not fair to always see you in dreams.

I don’t know where are you,
Awake like me in midnight,
Cuddling in bed,
Thinking like me about us,
Visualizing us together,
Making my soul feel free.

Making me blush,
Making me live with hope,
Daring me to love again,
Making me live with faith once again.
Just ome out of my thoughts,
Where ever you are, my love?

Even you are somewhere in the world smiling,
Wondering what will it be,
When we will be in sight.
The moment when your eyes will meet mine,
The touch of your skin over mine,
Our heartbeat will confess that yes, I was made for you and you were meant to be mine.


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Happy Valentine’s day…

Happy Valentine’s day,

I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, hug me so tight
That I will light up with smiles.
Yaah!! M smiling…
Not really dead.
But the happiness from you.
Is different makes me go mad.
I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, kiss me so soft
That my heart will be free.
Yaah!! M freely living…
Not really trapped.
But the freedom with you,
Is different makes me go mad.

You are not here,
But you are in me all the time.
You deny loving me,
But your love is only for me.
I am missing you,
I don’t know why??
I am thinking about us,
I don’t know why??
Only one thing to say now,
Make me again your valentine.
Let it be for a day,
I will love you all over again…



Do u feel me??


In the morning sunshine,
You are like the shine,
Which makes me glow,
You are like the light,
Which makes me grow.
But do u feel me like this???

When the afternoon seizes,
You make me go lazy,
Do no efforts to do anything,
You make me go sleepy,
With the comfort and getting cozy.
But do u also feel me like this???

In the evening sunset,
Your like the sharp in sky,
Which keeps me inspire,
Your like the shades around,
Which keeps my heads high,
But do u feel me like this???

In the nights light,
You are like my twinkling star,
Which make me shine bright,
You are the hope for new day,
Which makes me believe that things will turn out to be right,
But do u feel about me like this???

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Universe will return you back.


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Let Hope Rise & Darkness Tremble.

Morning lazy sun,
Each day arrives on time,
Let the night moon be stubborn though,
Spreading the rays around is no crime.

Slimly laser beam,
Crosses the darkness with a flee,
Even with the narrowest way,
The spark of light shines bright away.

Betrayed shredder love,
Captivates plenty of souls,
Let the hatred be cruel sharp as knife,
The passion of love fades the heartless away.

Crushed hopeless thoughts,
Still struggling to rise ahead,
Let the trust and faith be more stronger,
So the hopes rises and the darness trembles down again…



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 Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur….

Jindagi ko jitna koi samjhna chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna ulajhta jaye.

Jindagi ko jitna koi jaana chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna anjaan hota jaye.

Jindagi ko jitna koi jeena chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna har pal marta jaye.

Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur hai jindagi…
Barishme sukhe zameen hai jindagi…

Saagar hai pairo tale fir bhi,
Logo ke paas na bujhe.

Hawaye bhi lagati hai gale fir bhi,
Duniya mein saans na chale.

Charo taraf bhare hai log fir bhi,
Koi apna khaas na mille.

Akele aate hai akele jana hai fir bhi,
Koi raah par saath na chale.

Jindagi ka dastoor hai ye,
Aise hi jeena hai jindagi…

Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur hai jindagi…
Din main bhi Ghana andhera hain jindagi…

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The Hidden Tears…

Popping up with laughter,
With everyday rising sun,
Probably the peaceful sight,
When I see my lips curled.
Its not easy on going routine,
There comes many turns,
Coping with my own self occupancy,
This is how am trying to learn.
I ignore the love scenarios,
Which still makes my nerves lame,
Pretending to be real me,
Which has turned firm and calm.
I have blocked the holes,
Eyes halted to shed those tears,
I change strong and smile,
But inside my soul sometimes cry.
The present day seems happening,
As everything is as I plan,
With a hope hidden deep in my heart,
That some fine day;
He turn out to be my man…


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Sky is a limit…

Sky is a limit,
When you dream to fly high,
It will just be a matter,
Untill to step up to climb up the sky.

Sky is a limit,
When you set heart free,
It will just take a moment,
To reach the desired destiny.

Sky is a limit,
When your hopes don’t relie,
It will just need few efforts,
To live where your happiness lie.

Sky is a limit,
When soul is peacefully,
It will just take few words,
To live life in contentment and happily…


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Dil phir titli bankar uda..!

Kahi chup gaya tha,
Badalo mein ye suraj.
Kali ghatayon se lad raha tha,
Dhup ki woh phele surat.
Ek leher hawayon ki fir lehrayi,
Unn ghane badalo ko dur moda,
Rangoli jaise rango ke pankh laga ke,
Dil phir titli bankar uda..!
Gunn gunnata,
Woh fir muskurata,
Kabhi yaha,
Kabhi waha hai jata.
Phulo ki meethe wadiyon mein,
Bhawra ban ke woh rehta.
Ab fir uda jaraha hai,
Ab na ye rukega,
Chot manzilo mein lag bhi jaye to,
Ab ye na mudega.
Dil phir titli bankar uda..!