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“Sometimes it’s hard to ignore what your heart whisper softly,
And today it said slowly, “It’s You..”
It’s always been you…”

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Some part of me is still missing…

No matter what I do,

I always forget to forget you.

Even in heck of busy schedule,

My heart is still somewhere hunting only you.

No matter how much I smile,

I end up flooding tears for you,

Even when the past has passed away,

Some things are still just stuck up with you.

No matter I live life happily,

I reach a deadline missing you.

Even you are not alive in my life now,

Why am I living dead because of you.



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You have to be back…

You have to be back,

Back in my heart,

Into the soul again.

The days we spent,

From the rise to the dawn,

You have to be back,

You’ll be back very soon.

You can’t break the promises made,

You can’t make me live like a slave,

You can’t distance your heart from mine…,

You’ll be back very soon….

My eyes dying to see you again,

You have to be back very soon….

The memories made,

The laughter we shared,

The emotions we cared,

You and me again, 

One day we’ll be one soon….

You have to be back,

For our life’s to be alive,

You’ll have to be back,

You’ll be back very soon…


you have to be back…
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It’s better to be SINGLE…

Giving your self to someone else,
Doesn’t mean loosing your identity.
Living each day for someone’s happiness,
Doesn’t mean fading your own in dignity.
You love him— I Agree,
You can’t live without— I See,
It’s difficult for you— I Know,
But protect yourself respect wherever you go 》》》

Don’t let him handle your emotions,
May it be any possible solution,
It will never be better like this,
Giving your desires will not make him fixed.
He loves you too— I Believe,
He cares for you— I See,
You can’t except the fact—
I understand,
But forget to see yourself, where do you stand.

Compromising is a different thing,
Changing your self totally doesn’t
makes sense,
If Loving and Understanding is all you gave—–
“It’s better to be single than hurt by someone who doesn’t realize what they have….”


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Want to be in your arms again…




Your close, so near to me,

Your hands pulled me and grabbed completely.

No space left between us to separate us,

Even the heartbeat coincide within.

Your hands pressed me hard,

Your skin touched mine and became one.



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Your fingers tingled my back,

Giving me spake to free myself completely.

Your touch, your cuddling,

Made me lose my senses and hold you tight back.

Pulling your hairs while holding at your neck level,

You made me go crazy, with the hug you gave for few seconds.












I carved for more but you stopped me instantly,

And walked away like an unknown.

As i saw you walking away, i ran from be-hide,

Grabbing you again and holding till you realized that,

Even as you go, you can’t make my feeling go away with you.










You turned and we became one.

Now it has been so long and the feel is still the same.

Want to be in your touch again,

Want to feel the senses again,

Want to be in your arms again….

Wanna hug you baby!!!!







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Open gates!!!

Since long I stood quite,

Waited for the gates to open.

Open so that I can walk out,

And capture all what I want.

Each time I stepped forward,

The rods made me stand aside.












Holding the bars,

I saw the world grow.

Glimmering lights, the loudest shouts,

All made me thrill .

Heart walked many a time,

Felt the presence of this outer world.











As now I pushed the gates a little with force,

It opened wide and made me exit.

I stepped slowly and heart cherished,

With the free-sens that came from within.
















The gates at last opened and set me free,

I walked making footprints down on the ground.

So that when yesterday I want to dream of things past,

It leads me safely and destiny brings me back,

To the boundaries of the opened gates!!!



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My heart never falls asleep!!!!

From morning till the day ends,

Heart keeps on working, as a life long friend.

It saves each and every moments  in it,

Each and every detail is preserved in it.









May it be the cold wind blown,

Or let it be the summer’s fall.

Heart pumps the sences to be alive

And face the challenges of our life!!!









Deep hurts or the most joyful times,

It is continuous throughout our life.

It stitches its torn parts

And binds to beat even with the broken heart!!!










Never delays nor feels tired,

It keeps on supplying strength to live our life!!!

May it be the heart break ups,

Or let it get sudden depressed.

With all the worries and enjoyment of life,

My heart never falls asleep throughout its lifetime!!!

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The Silent night….makes the loudest cry!!!

As midnight walk each night,

Some kind of hidden emotion invades in me.

Light all dim and silence prevail,

The loudest voice is made inside me.

Slowly your touch becomes alive,

The heart aches with the hurt inside.








Enormous questions keep’s spinning within me,

The darkness you did… keep’s killing from inside.

The nails of your betray punches me hard,

Skin is intact but each cell bleeding  inside.

Some kind of hormones is secreted with the emotion,

I couldn’t make myself comfort… it dies thinking of you.









I hate you so much for all the hurt you gave,

Heart searches beautiful moments even-though from them.

The night goes silent, the lights get dark,

I scream all night as the tears rushes out.

Death seems the only option left be-hide,

Its seems so easy instead of living this kind of life.

It’s all my fault for i love you so much,

With all the cries you gifted me,

Which i have never dream as such.












Lonely the night goes,

Silent the cries,

Slowly the eyes close,

The sleep comes tight.

With all the worst time i lived with you,

I promise myself to never ever love anyone like you.

May with the sleep, my body turned numb,

What about the soul that shed blood each day, each second of my coming life….?

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Told and forgotten!!!!

In the serene of your presence,

I had chosen to be yours and the way you want.

With whatever you told, I had agreed with all.

When the light of freedom stroke upon me,

My heart forgot the words I had promised you.









The smile with you had always made my heart compel,

The shine gave me the satisfaction to be content with soul.

The thoughts which I had closed to be in the shell,

With that bright rays melted its presence.








I had told you but this made me forget,

I had promised you to be in your boundaries,

But this enlightenment made me forget it….

But not you and your love!!!!

Just a breath of myself and the shade of my life,

It hardly took some time to make me what I was….

From before… the original me!!!








But I had promised to be yours and as you chose me to be…

I had told, promised you…but this time again I’ l never again forget!!!


My new life…

Alone, i have to walk on the new path,
Alone i have to find the new one, who is alone.
With huge institutes all around,
I have to search myself within them.
Different fragrance of drugs, diferent people colourd n covered white.
different lifestyle all together.
I am learning new methods to treat patients, learning to put my legs in there shoes.
Happy that i’ll be called a doctor…
my new life taking a turn.,
I want to entry in this with keeping my past and loved ones close to my heart’s:)