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The Journey.


At 10.30pm, since I had no work to do and wasn’t sleepy. I felt like drawing. After searching for an hour, what to sketch.

I made my thoughts shade into this Image.
This is you and me. The way we sat near the artificially made shore due to rains. The way we shared our smiles. The way you made me laugh. I feel so much self, when I am with you.

You are not my boyfriend, but definitely a person I can trust, big in pain and happiness, yell aloud at, pour my heart out and the best part, “I CAN BE ME”.

Excited to meet you tomorrow at noon.
This one is for you. I hope you like it…!!!

“The journey we are taking is inside ME AND YOU…”

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You make me feel beautiful.

The pink flush beneath my skin,
The jewel in my eyes,
The curve spread across my lips,
Its all because of you.
My heart feels so light,
Like am an angle of Christ,
Enlighten from my soul,
Its all because of you.
People admire beauty,
But you make me feel beautiful,
I smile glancing over my face,
Its all because of you.
No matter how I am,
No matter what I be,
No matter where I go,
No matter how time changes,
You make me awesome,
You make me feel me,
You make me feel real,
And it’s all because of you.
You are my Friend,
My someone special one,
Hope we always remain the same,
As we are meant to be.

You make me feel beautiful.
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Why do we stick on memories?

“I think because they don’t change…” I said when someone asked me,
“Why do we stick on memories???”

” When people start moving away,
Memories stay close to my heart.
  When happiness invades out,
Happy past stays in my heart.
  When friends deny my side,
Their friendship stays in my heart.
  When my lover left me alone,
Past memories kept me living inside.”

“They make us cry, when we think of shared smilez…
They make us glad and happy remembering how we together cried…”

“When no one is left beside you, only memories stay up late awake,
Making you smile, making you cry,
Teaching you to live even with lost hope and betrayal.”

Memories are imposed on to us, even when we have nothing left…..
WE HAVE MEMORIES… LOTS and LOTS OF THEM…!!! N we love them…♥♥♥


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Happy Valentine’s day…

Happy Valentine’s day,

I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, hug me so tight
That I will light up with smiles.
Yaah!! M smiling…
Not really dead.
But the happiness from you.
Is different makes me go mad.
I just need you by my side,
I just want you to be alive…
Come, kiss me so soft
That my heart will be free.
Yaah!! M freely living…
Not really trapped.
But the freedom with you,
Is different makes me go mad.

You are not here,
But you are in me all the time.
You deny loving me,
But your love is only for me.
I am missing you,
I don’t know why??
I am thinking about us,
I don’t know why??
Only one thing to say now,
Make me again your valentine.
Let it be for a day,
I will love you all over again…



You are like my guitar.


You look so stunning,
You are impressive too,
Your curves are perfect,
Your colour suits me too,
Your just so not easy,
Your voice make me go crazy,
Your gripped in my hands,
Your soothing to my soul,
Easily to approach, 
But difficult to learn,
Your strings are thin and striking,
If I play hard on you,
You end up cutting on me,
But still am learning,
Learning to learn you,
So I can play songs,
Maybe one day for you…
It’s my guitar,
And You are like my guitar…!
I love playing on you…. 😉


It’s my Ex boyfriend’s birthday today…!

As the clock said, “12”
I wanted to wish him,
Thinking if it will be just a formality call onnhis Birthday…
After thinking and concluding that its better to call him then make my mind n heart go insane thinking alone, calling will hardly make a difference in either of our life.
At 10:23 am, I called him from Nivi, my roommate’s phone so it be easier to disconnect if he isn’t another side.
As the ringing stopped, it was a voice, I took time to notice it was him when he said, ” Hello, Jyoti… this is you??? Say”

It was weird that he knew me by only a word I had said, “HELLO”.
Wished him…

imageI wished him for luck, prosperity and good healthy future.
With the normal general talks, he all invaded in, he wanted to know about me, he wanted to tell everything about him,
It felt as if only waited for my call to let everything out from him mind, but from heart??? I wasn’t sure.
It hardly made any difference to me.

We laughed, we smiled, my eyes even shed few drops in his memories, it made me feel alive after so long.

Only wishing on birthdays, was left in between us,
Another talk might be after exactly next 9 months, on my birthday.

It was stupid but that is what little love and attachments left between us.

Even after knowing,  we miss each other at times, we smile thinking about us, it makes us feel living but I don’t want him to be back in life.
Stupid things lead to an end in our relationships…. he remains the same.

I moved on in real way…on his birthday…!!!

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I am a Dreamer…!

I am a dreamer and I love to dream,
With the illusions in my head, sometimes I want to scream.
Dreaming is a dare with all the tough reality for me,
But happiness in dreaming is all I can see.
Dreams scares me at occasions,
But that’s what makes it big and challenging.
May be life is just a dream,
And I am sleeping deep,
One day I may wake up,
And then the reality will never go to sleep…!


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Let me be stronger than,
The offender in me.
The soaked impression of cruelty,
Cages me not fly free.

There is no apologies,
No obligation from the evil done.
It’s me deciding to forgive all,
Who made my life’s fun.

The jailed prisoners in my thoughts,
It’s time to let them out.
I just want to wave them off,
So my wisdom can gain it’s cout.

Forgiving all the prisoners,
And then realising thr prisoner was no-one else but me itself.
Breathing with a peaceful hearth,
As am growing eternity in self…


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5 stages to be Happy.

1.Happiness is a choice,
It’s not an option left for you.
Learn to love youself flawless,
Excepting the things as there are few.

2. Happiness is letting things go,
Nothing stays forever except your soul,
Be ready to pass by many things,
Everything you can’t have what you adore.

3. Happiness is loving yourself the most,
You gradually turn to be strong,
Leading the life with contentment,
You will definitely see sadness once gone.

4. Happiness is being true,
Real to the world and yourself,
Smiling affordably and effortlessly,
Will make world a better place for you.

5. Happiness is sharing smiles,
Let people around know your happy,
Laugh out loud when you feel,
This will you find your own self,
Which was hidden in midest sea…


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Liking My Own Company..

From the noise and tantrums,
Smuggling into my head.
Learning to drive myself out,
In an ideal way route ahead.
Better mean of collaboration,
With high ennrich of goodness.
Dealing with the act of learning,
Inclination to the side of wisdom.
Bombarding with my own raise,
Growing in the shell around me.
Blooming in the bud of my aura,
Changing to the positivity seen.
Freeing and empowering,
My own company with others.
As there is nothing such beautiful,
To be happier in one’s own courtesy.