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Mere jindagi chupi the, tere saanso mein!!!

Khamosh dil ke kone mein,
Tum rehte ho aaj bhi unhe yaado mein…
Chup chap hogayi hai raahe,
Lekin aaj bhi mehsoos horahe ho tum raaho mein…
Mere har khushi, tere wado ke wajese hai aaj,

Warna muskurahat mere khogayi thi,
Tere jaane ke baad, tere khabo ke kisse kone mein…
Mat ja inn muskurate chehre par,
Dekhle aakar jara meri ankho mein.
Tujhse dur hokar mein jinda hi kab thi,
Kyuki mere jindagi chupi the tere saanso mein….
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He likes my thoughts but not the words… my writing is my love…

Each time I write,

I wish he would read.

All the posts I make,

I thought he will be plead.

The truth behind my words I write on my wall,

It’s not really fake but includes all real.

My fingers type what my heart orders,

The hidden emotions just flow over.

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

By making poems like this.

All the emotions you give me,

I preserve it by doing this.

I write your love, your care,

Your hurt, your trust.

All the words are just a mean to express.

I love you my baby for helping me in finding Me…

I never would come across writing and stating such things,

Your presence in my life had made me new in all.

The best out of me,

Is all because of you.

Your presence in my life,

Had help me in finding ME…

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The power of my love…
















On the way to my college,

looking outside the window of car,

It blew my hair away from my face

I felt your fingers on my forehead slowly adjusting my hair.

I missed you and your presence around me then,

By closing my eye at once, I was with you at that instance.





I knew something might have  happened,

For you didn’t called after it went silence.

From my heart I spoke with you closing my eye,

“Cal me dear to tell me, you are  fine and missing me too”

With open eye again, I slightly doubted for the answer.







Within 5 mins of wait, my cell rang… it showed some unknown number,

But I knew and felt it was you.

I received and heard your voice,

My smile grew and my happiness shouted with joy as it had no choice.

The power of love succeeded,

I felt my love stronge and beyond every connection in the world.








Our heart is the strongest and the fastest mean to get connected, if its used truely..

I believed and held my head high,

For the power of my love is so strong enough to be connected with him anywhere…


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My love for him gets lost forever…

Within a second my life changed,

All my dreams washed away in rain.

As the season of water arrived,

The tears in my eyes flooded every night.

Each dark day went having a thought,

How will I live the rest of my life?

I cannot be with you nor without,

As the season will go, you will slowly be cleared out.











Every drop of rain makes me think of you,

That’s the reason why, I get daily wet in dew.

Please lord… let the season go… in the watery day,

I don’t want it to happen more.

Your thoughts, your love, I don’t want it anymore.

Let me forget you, your presence now a day hurt me more.

It’s not your fault, its mine I know,

That the reasons I don’t want to punish you anymore.










I don’t deserve you nor your love,

It is my deadly lives don’t make it more tough.

The situation I am in, no one will understand,

Words will say nothing just emotion is making all the plan….

Getting wet in rain why I love so much,

It only because in rain, nobody knows I am crying in pain…

With drop of tear, I want to clear you away, so as rain goes…

I will realize that you were never there.









I left you alone today, on the drizzling street,

One day, your feelings for me will be all deplete.

Water arises each day with the heavy fall,

Still my heart is waiting for god’s indicating call.

Let it get more flooded with every heavy shower,

So that with it, my love for him gets lost forever….



They and he unchanged to me….










Each day when my sleeps depart,

I search myself in the morning dark.

Mirror images are fading now days,

Finding the lost girl in the hidden phase.

Dressed up, covered with a smile on my face,

So, that mom would not recognize the change in my ways.

As I step out of the gate,

I make false smiles and happiness as my dearest mate.










Living in the world of new friends,

Its hard not to miss the past friendships ends.

Meeting him everyday has become a routine,

Still heart misses the old days dating.

Some things are changing or the change is in me?

The emotions, which I have, is slowly depleting…

Fighting with each relation, my heart is in a fix,

Don’t know what to do; my mind is completely in a mix












The time I am with him, he makes me feel his love,

As I think of my parents, there loves comes all above.

Understanding them, understanding him,

Where is the time to understand myself?

The dreams, which once my eyes felt are all depleting and coming to an end.

Evening approaches again with many queries,

Mind is prepared but heart is still overflowing with many worries.

Night is the toughest episode of my days,

All my love for both of them, start pouring down my face.








Heart cries deep inside,

But the tears come each night.

Mom and dad gave me life,

It’s with him I knew, how to live my life.

They gave me the destiny but the root is he,

Will they some day stop asking, who is important?

 Because they and he are the unchanged for me.       

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“YOU”- a girl with great and firm desire..

I wanna make the sun shine less in front of me..










FIGHT each second upon the defeat made before.

WIPE each tear, which once made you scare and weak.

WALK each step to cover the miles you left behind.

It’s “YOU”,

A girl with great and firm desire within enveloped with harms and surrounded by the selfish world outside.


You have your failures to be with you,

Need no one to guide the ways you step ahead now.

You have your lack of abilities to show you,

The ways to reach the clouds above.

You have the world, who called you dumb,

And learn from the mistakes they made.

You also have the hope to rise,

Each and every time you fall and are aside.

You have your heart, thoughts and deeds, which will lead and teach you to capture your dreams and touch the seventh heaven of the skies…


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A girl’s emotions…


I wanna search myself…









A girl’s life is an opened sky,

Where the space is provided but restricted to fly.

A girl’s thought is the deepest sea,

Where the fines are provided not left free.

A girl’s happiness is the spreading air,

Where the wings are provided but the limits are not fair.

A girl’s words is an unending phase,

Where listener’s ears are provided but yet left unheard.

A girl’s existence is always worshipped,

Where there are temples provided but not really praised.

A girl’s deeds are never demanding,

Where the loads of job is provided but never indeed an honored.

A girl’s dream is for aiming high,

Where there are hopes provided but never a helping hand to go along.

A girl’s sadness is never understood,

Where they share out smiles but others never notice, the tears filled.

A girl’s love is never-ending,

Where her life may end, but the love she keeps giving never ends.