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It’s You, its always been you.


It took 8 years to bring this dream, to make it come alive.
“It’s You,
It’s always been you.”

Finally releasing in few days…
Do grab a copy and give ur suggestions,
Would love ur reviews and forewords,
So I can climb higher in been a famous novelist… 🙂

With love,
Jyoti Vishwakarma.

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My heart is not ready.

Pc: kartik patani

Its depressed,
Its sad again,
My heart is just not ready,
For the Love again.
I feel good when you are around,
I feel me and true,
But we were besties remember,
Than why this love thing again?
It’s upsetting you,
Its making me feel low,
Losing a friend like you,
These thoughts hurting me again.
The scars of the past still living within,
The trauma of my soul is still not healed,
Friendship is like being forever without commitments,
Than why you complicating it again?
My heart is just not ready,
For this Love again,
Maybe with time it may get convinced,
But falling is love again, is next to impossible for me.
My heart is just not ready,
For this Love thing again….


That one friend..!

Do you have that one friend,
You can trust,
You can yell and shout at?
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can share,
You can call and talk at mid of the night??
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can cry,
You can drain your heart out,
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can rely,
You can be free and real,
Like I have the one in you.

Your words make me go stronger again,
Your presence shows me your care,
Your friendship is the most affluent thing,
I wanna always preserve and don’t wanna share.

My that one friend...!!!
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Why do we stick on memories?

“I think because they don’t change…” I said when someone asked me,
“Why do we stick on memories???”

” When people start moving away,
Memories stay close to my heart.
  When happiness invades out,
Happy past stays in my heart.
  When friends deny my side,
Their friendship stays in my heart.
  When my lover left me alone,
Past memories kept me living inside.”

“They make us cry, when we think of shared smilez…
They make us glad and happy remembering how we together cried…”

“When no one is left beside you, only memories stay up late awake,
Making you smile, making you cry,
Teaching you to live even with lost hope and betrayal.”

Memories are imposed on to us, even when we have nothing left…..
WE HAVE MEMORIES… LOTS and LOTS OF THEM…!!! N we love them…♥♥♥



It’s my Ex boyfriend’s birthday today…!

As the clock said, “12”
I wanted to wish him,
Thinking if it will be just a formality call onnhis Birthday…
After thinking and concluding that its better to call him then make my mind n heart go insane thinking alone, calling will hardly make a difference in either of our life.
At 10:23 am, I called him from Nivi, my roommate’s phone so it be easier to disconnect if he isn’t another side.
As the ringing stopped, it was a voice, I took time to notice it was him when he said, ” Hello, Jyoti… this is you??? Say”

It was weird that he knew me by only a word I had said, “HELLO”.
Wished him…

imageI wished him for luck, prosperity and good healthy future.
With the normal general talks, he all invaded in, he wanted to know about me, he wanted to tell everything about him,
It felt as if only waited for my call to let everything out from him mind, but from heart??? I wasn’t sure.
It hardly made any difference to me.

We laughed, we smiled, my eyes even shed few drops in his memories, it made me feel alive after so long.

Only wishing on birthdays, was left in between us,
Another talk might be after exactly next 9 months, on my birthday.

It was stupid but that is what little love and attachments left between us.

Even after knowing,  we miss each other at times, we smile thinking about us, it makes us feel living but I don’t want him to be back in life.
Stupid things lead to an end in our relationships…. he remains the same.

I moved on in real way…on his birthday…!!!


“Friends”, will always be friends…!

Once a Friend,
Will always be friends,
It may grow deeper with time,
But will never have any ends.

From the tender age friendship,
Till the grownups in life,
We always wanted to be together,
Weren’t so much crazies even with all our fights?

The classes,
The lectures,
The funniest talks and
The craziest thoughts,
We were just living out bests,
But never realised how they turned into beautiful memories,
To cherish till the life rests.

So many years passed and we just turned out to be strange,
Lets get together again,
Just like so few years ago,
To get wet again in the monsoon heavy rain.

Forgetting the misunderstanding,
Forgiving the rudes,
Clearing the ego’s and grudges,
Lets make new friendship again.

Because I know you miss me,
The way I miss you too,
Lets give ourselves a new chance,
As we were friends best together amongst very other few.


” Friendship is the strongest relationship which is divine, love, relationship is all what is written in our destiny and fate,  but our friendship is the only relationship, we are free to choose and be with forever and ever…. and I choose you’ll…!”


Just friends.

Lets just be friends,
No more complications,
With contentment of our lifes,
Lets make new foundations.

Lets just share the smiles,
No more awkwardness,
With forgiveness to unearthed pasts,
Lets make a difference.

The friendship between us,
Turned into love.
The love declined with controversies,
We turned into known strangers.

Lets just be friends again,
Saving the childhood bonds,
One relationship was nt worth saving,
Lets save the remaining ones.

Lets just be friends,
Like forever you and me,
The freedom to explore the world,
No promises to always be in see.


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He loves me.. HE loves me not..???


Sitting with the confusion,

He loves me or he loves me not???

Will I get a conclusion,

With my emotions I get caught.

You didn’t come back to me,

What was my fault???

Is it that I love you so much,

You don’t even give it a thought.

Missing you has become my hobby,

A part of my present life,

Each day I cry till sleep,

Living a life with a  strive…





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Kash woh bachpan laut aaye,
Kash woh guzre pal laut aaye.
Har din ke subha jo tere sath hoti thi,
Kash woh subha ki mulakat laut aaye.
Harpal jinn lamho mein tere sath hasti thi,
Kash woh chehre ki hasi laut aaye.

Har din ke saath kayi sapne sajaye the,
Ankho mein kayi khaab bhi laye the,
Tere ruthne ka woh har pal aaj bhi yaad hai,
Kash fir tu ruth jane ke liye laut aaye.

Tere har baato mein jo bachpan beeta tha,
Tere har shararat mein jo pareshan hui thi,
Ankho mein ansu aate hi dur karta tha,
Kash tu ek baar fir mujhe hasane laut aaye.

Kash mera bachpan fir laut aaye….

Kab itni badi hogayi pata hi na chala,
Dil ki awaaz ko ann kaha kardiya,
Tu bhi to na aaya manane kabhi,
Khamoshi se sehti gayi teri narazgi bhi.

Logo ka kya kehte hai sabhi,
Aage badh jao… fir jeele jindagi,
Kaise khush ho jaun firse main abhi,
Mere to har khushi thi sirf tujhse judi.

Fir se ek baar mujhe tadpane aaja,
Fir se akela chodne ke bahane hi aaja,
Har baar jitna rulaya tha sab kiya maaf,
Ab fir se ek baar rulane hi aaja..


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Chatting with you…

Chatting chatting,
Texting texting,
From the rise till the noon.
Talking talking,
Teasing teasing,
It all started very soon.

Fingers hitting the screen,
Eyes fixed till the reply.
With each smile you spread around,
And the slightest typing then,
Makes me little sad when the typing is delay.

It makes me blush,
You make me smile,
I know u hardly now,
But it seems as in from when.