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The Depressant!



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Happy Teacher’s Day…

All who taught me,
Who made me what I am.
It will be a great list to include them all….
My parents,
My school teachers,
My high school professors,
My college lecturers,
My mentors
And all my stupid, idiot friends….
Wish you all this day,
Because you’ll taught me some or ither things of life and living…
All your words which guided me,
They showed me right way,
I am proud what I am today,
It’s because of you my teachers…,
Who made me believe in me.

Wish you’ll too my online mentors and guides, to teach me everything by your inspiring words and posts…


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Friends!!! :-)


Someone who can be like you,
Someone who can be totally different,
The one who pisses you off,
The one who hugs you tight,
The one who wanders in and around you,
Those angels are called FRIENDS,
The one who say, ” I am always there no matter what happens“.

I fight, argue and shout at them,
I smile, blush and cuddle with them.
I hope, believe and trust with them,
I live, grow and explore with them…
FRIENDS for life and life is friends like them…

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Why do we stick on memories?

“I think because they don’t change…” I said when someone asked me,
“Why do we stick on memories???”

” When people start moving away,
Memories stay close to my heart.
  When happiness invades out,
Happy past stays in my heart.
  When friends deny my side,
Their friendship stays in my heart.
  When my lover left me alone,
Past memories kept me living inside.”

“They make us cry, when we think of shared smilez…
They make us glad and happy remembering how we together cried…”

“When no one is left beside you, only memories stay up late awake,
Making you smile, making you cry,
Teaching you to live even with lost hope and betrayal.”

Memories are imposed on to us, even when we have nothing left…..
WE HAVE MEMORIES… LOTS and LOTS OF THEM…!!! N we love them…♥♥♥


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FAKE faces all around.

When there is a mask,
On everyone’s face…
Why should I be realistic?
When they don’t care,
About my presence…
Why should I even concerning?
The world suggests,
“Expressing true emotions make you go stronger.”
But its the other way round…!!
When they really don’t care about you,
Your emotions will not really make sense to them.
So be fake, be false to them.
At the end of the night if you smile at yourself at fooling others but content with that your true to your own self…



Kiss me…!


Kiss me all over,
Kiss me like it has no end,
Over the mountains,
Untill the shores get all drained.
Kiss me with ur smile,
Kiss me like never before,
Over the rainbows,
Untill the season changes it’s core.
Kiss me with your skin,
Kiss me like forever,
Over the sunsets end,
Untill the morning has it new cover.
Kiss me to alive me,
Kiss me like your making me born,
Over the eras and lives gone,
Untill all new I am grown…!


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That Boy In Red.


That boy in Red,
I recognise him it seems,
“Yup., He is my friend,”
Now the bond died as dreams.
It never got detached,
It never died as an argument,
Nor it got lost in ignorance,
Was just a matter of contentment.
I sat opposite crossing the lines,
Just opposite to his seat,
Technologies made him so indulged,
That his eyes were stuck on them and our’s couldn’t meet.
I sat there recollecting his name,
The memories shared were clear,
Just had lost the insanity to screem out to him,
Today it all seems so embarrassing and lame.
Days have travelled so far till the second,
Many things have really lost in past,
Fighting each day to built our future,
All such memories will remain till I last.

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Randomly we met,
Date, Time undefined.
Unsuddenly we united,
When, Where unrecognised.
Days commenced along with them,
Nights ended chatting with them.
Each moment we shared,
Everything about this relation we cared.
Fun and enjoyments,
Was the only motto of our life.
Didn’t knew at that time,
Thesw memories will ever strive.
Each day passed with uniqueness,
Happiness, cries and lots of fun.
Even today, we are remembered as one?
Passing each phase, that time is done.
Only the remains of the memories lies,
Growing in the busy world,
The friendship we shared in past,
Never and still never dies.




Essence of life…

Slipped between the fingers,
Trying to collect the past,
In the journey to make a name,
When did something made me smile the last???

Emotions were frequently ignored,
Friends were made to stand aback,
Family’s concerns made no sence,
When did all this took place seems like long time back???

Outings were also postponed,
Pincins were cancelled then,
No enjoyments, no attachments,
When did I unknowingly threw all these things in bin???

As a free soul…,
I am wandering all alone.
Thoughts crossing…,
Memories missed are shown.
Tears of achievements,
Or is it for what I missed???

“In the walks of this competitive world,
These are the essences of life which I failed to kiss…”

“Life is not a matter of milestones,  but of moments…”


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God’s still creating my love story!!!!

On the shore  last night,

I was wondering all alone.

With twinkling stars and lightening moon,

The sparkling water spread all around.










The coolness of the wind-blown,

The darken of the night grew along.

Just a thought, why am still all alone?

No hands to hold  mine,

No tears to flow along with mine,

No foot to walk with mine,

No lips to touch mine,

No arms to embrace me.









Still waiting with heart open,

With patient and dedication.

Friend’s  talk seems interesting,

No rush and hurry,

Some where, someone is also waiting for me,

Some where some time, I will meet  him,

He is too waiting to love me,

The love in my heart is also fill in him….













I m waiting…dreaming…searching….

But my heart still dreams of the unreal love coming….