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Let me be stronger than,
The offender in me.
The soaked impression of cruelty,
Cages me not fly free.

There is no apologies,
No obligation from the evil done.
It’s me deciding to forgive all,
Who made my life’s fun.

The jailed prisoners in my thoughts,
It’s time to let them out.
I just want to wave them off,
So my wisdom can gain it’s cout.

Forgiving all the prisoners,
And then realising thr prisoner was no-one else but me itself.
Breathing with a peaceful hearth,
As am growing eternity in self…


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Happy Independence Day.

DON’T be dependent,
Let yourself take a decision,
Listen to only what your heart say.

DON’T allow yourself,
To be ruled by someone else.
Make an effort to stay firm,
Fading your desire and get tensed.

DON’T compromise,
Nor in your heart or for your soul.
Keep your head high,
For whatever you choose in all.

DON’T worry and think,
For and what makes you smile,
For independence will be only,
When your heart breaths in free.

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Our Soul resides in our Heart..

Tumbling with the facts of life,
Walking randomly to find wisdom,
Answers to know where the peace lies,
Lets the divine come in and guild.

All the strokes; my heart suffered,
Depleting the realness of my soul,
Turning out something I was never before,
Ruining my evidence to be a whole.

Searching in the cores of my mind,
Unwinding the lies I believed to be true,
Let my soul be free; one of it’s kind,
Undust all the sorrows and make it flee.

The soul will regain it’s purity,
Once the heart is set free,
Our soul resides in our heart,
So let our heart be merrily free.

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Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!

Ro ro sadiyon se,
Ankhe meri nam hai,
Ret ki chadar mein,
Khoye mere gam hai.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Khush rehna mera haq hai.

Asmaano mein kahi,
Udd gaye hai sapne,
Badalo ke piche jaake,
Chup gaye hai apne.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Sapne sach kar mera haq hai.

Tinka tinka jod ke,
Saanse le rahe hu,
Gum ke motiyon mein,
Khushiyan dhud rahe hu.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe…!!
Jeena mera bhi haq hai.

Bandhano mein baandhke,
Jhuta wada kar kar ke,
Risto ka wasata,
Saari umar tadpaya.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Apne liye rishte khud chunne do..Mujhe..!!


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Open gates!!!

Since long I stood quite,

Waited for the gates to open.

Open so that I can walk out,

And capture all what I want.

Each time I stepped forward,

The rods made me stand aside.












Holding the bars,

I saw the world grow.

Glimmering lights, the loudest shouts,

All made me thrill .

Heart walked many a time,

Felt the presence of this outer world.











As now I pushed the gates a little with force,

It opened wide and made me exit.

I stepped slowly and heart cherished,

With the free-sens that came from within.
















The gates at last opened and set me free,

I walked making footprints down on the ground.

So that when yesterday I want to dream of things past,

It leads me safely and destiny brings me back,

To the boundaries of the opened gates!!!




They and he unchanged to me….










Each day when my sleeps depart,

I search myself in the morning dark.

Mirror images are fading now days,

Finding the lost girl in the hidden phase.

Dressed up, covered with a smile on my face,

So, that mom would not recognize the change in my ways.

As I step out of the gate,

I make false smiles and happiness as my dearest mate.










Living in the world of new friends,

Its hard not to miss the past friendships ends.

Meeting him everyday has become a routine,

Still heart misses the old days dating.

Some things are changing or the change is in me?

The emotions, which I have, is slowly depleting…

Fighting with each relation, my heart is in a fix,

Don’t know what to do; my mind is completely in a mix












The time I am with him, he makes me feel his love,

As I think of my parents, there loves comes all above.

Understanding them, understanding him,

Where is the time to understand myself?

The dreams, which once my eyes felt are all depleting and coming to an end.

Evening approaches again with many queries,

Mind is prepared but heart is still overflowing with many worries.

Night is the toughest episode of my days,

All my love for both of them, start pouring down my face.








Heart cries deep inside,

But the tears come each night.

Mom and dad gave me life,

It’s with him I knew, how to live my life.

They gave me the destiny but the root is he,

Will they some day stop asking, who is important?

 Because they and he are the unchanged for me.       

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My journey of a few hours…



I was born in the morning,

In a form of a dew.

As small I was, I wanted to grow,

In the company with few.

I opened my eyes,

When it was still dark.

But a hope of sunshine,

Lead my path.

From the sky i dropped

To the lowest and smallest leaf,

As i reached on it

I got a little grip.

I started to glow,

As the light hit on my face.

As the day walked ahead,

The heat set to increase.

It started burning me,

I vaporized in sky.

As i moved upward again,

I learnt the meaning of LIFE.

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“YOU”- a girl with great and firm desire..

I wanna make the sun shine less in front of me..










FIGHT each second upon the defeat made before.

WIPE each tear, which once made you scare and weak.

WALK each step to cover the miles you left behind.

It’s “YOU”,

A girl with great and firm desire within enveloped with harms and surrounded by the selfish world outside.


You have your failures to be with you,

Need no one to guide the ways you step ahead now.

You have your lack of abilities to show you,

The ways to reach the clouds above.

You have the world, who called you dumb,

And learn from the mistakes they made.

You also have the hope to rise,

Each and every time you fall and are aside.

You have your heart, thoughts and deeds, which will lead and teach you to capture your dreams and touch the seventh heaven of the skies…


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A letter on friendship day for my parents…

Please be my friend..










Dear Mom and Dad,

Mom and Dad, will you be my friend?

I wanted to ask you this from the last semester’s end.

Friends I have got many but yet not the truest one.

I think I can trust you to share whatever I have done.

More than a parent I need a friend now,

My life is getting totally messed up; show me the way to clear up and how?

Each day when I come back home I bring a lots of queries in my closed mouth.

Even though my heart wants to share I step back because of your shout.

I learned to walk the first step of life from you,

Even now when I step alone outside, I need a hand from you.

Give me the freedom to talk freely with you,

Let the heaviness of my heart heel in the arms of you.

The thoughts are different but the story is the same.

The generation is different but the live is the same.

As it is everything you from where it has came.

                Please be my friend.

                                            Your daughter.