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Earth and Moon.

Standing down the lane,
It’s beautiful up there,
White milky ball,
With few choco chip laid.
Looking from far,
It all looks so same,
High from the space,
The earth looks so lame.
No air to breath,
No food to eat here,
Only ditches all around,
Even walking here needs care.

The green bluish planet,
Pleasing and making me smile,
Is it the earth I stay upon,
Placed beyond these miles.
Made so dirty and destructed,
Plants cut and rivers mudded,
Building bricks is all I can see now,
Is this my planet or which relate somehow?

Nature’s gifts, They are realize,
“Protect me please”, is all in their cries,
There beauties still can be preserved,
If we all make efforts,
Putting stoppage to all these destructive devise.


categorized, POEMS

♣♣…In the Midest of Forest…♣♣

Solitary afternoon,
Creeping rays entering through the woods.
Passing the day so soon,
Trying to fetch some goods.

So silence and still,
No one to crawl through the dense.
Loneliness goes along,
Birds chirping vocal song.

Oak trees rising high,
Giving no space to see the sky.
Leaves covering the ground entirely,
As if they celebrating,
The weather certainly.

I am walking all alone,
Looking all around but no one shown.
Water so chilled in the pond near,
Looking at me the fishes fear.

All I want to mingle,
People have killed my mates,
And left me one and single.
I have emotions and even I have pain,
Thoughts to be left out alone,
Makes me go insane.

Nature is in where I stay,
And even I am a nature.
Protecting us is your responsibility,
Otherwise one day along with us,
Even your evidences will be left out in literature.