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Sitting in the park,
I wondered if you miss me like I do.
Do you ever think about me now?
Or I Don’t exist for you???
Gazing at the empty place,
I saw you and me sitting together,
Arms around and your eyes on me,
I was happily smiling to be sitting there.
In a blink I realized it was a faded dream,
My heart arched and shrink with the thought,
“That the days are gone for You and Me.” And I wanted scream.
Missing you still at the empty space,
Missing your arms around me,
We could have been the same crazy couple,
But you left me with only your dreams to cuddle.


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Tu kya hai mere liye

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Hokar bhi hai tu ya na hokar bhi hai.
Sapno ko tere mere jeena bhi chahu,
Lekin fir sapno mein khona na chahu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Har khaab ko pura hote dekha hai Maine.
Fir unhi khaabo ko toda bhi Maine,
Darr gayi hu main,
Har ghadi ab maanu ya na maanu,
Hokar bhi tu hai ya na hokar bhi hai tu.


Bharosa karne ka Mann bhi karta hai,
Fir uss bharose pe aitbaar bhi karna main chahu,
Lekin fir dil mera yeh kehta bhi jaye,
Tu hai bhi ya nai woh bhi na janu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.


Chahat yahi hai ki tu mil aise jaye,
Jaise fir hum alaga ho bhi na paye.
Lekin kismat meri itni khudgarz hai kya kahu,
Agar tujhe apna kahu to kya pata tujhe bhi kho na du….

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Do u feel me??


In the morning sunshine,
You are like the shine,
Which makes me glow,
You are like the light,
Which makes me grow.
But do u feel me like this???

When the afternoon seizes,
You make me go lazy,
Do no efforts to do anything,
You make me go sleepy,
With the comfort and getting cozy.
But do u also feel me like this???

In the evening sunset,
Your like the sharp in sky,
Which keeps me inspire,
Your like the shades around,
Which keeps my heads high,
But do u feel me like this???

In the nights light,
You are like my twinkling star,
Which make me shine bright,
You are the hope for new day,
Which makes me believe that things will turn out to be right,
But do u feel about me like this???

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It’s a last call.

Baby pls talk to me,
I am dying to hear your voice,
Baby pls come back to me,
My heart is left with no choice.
The quietness till day,
Has made my hears go dumb,
The feeling deserting within me,
Let again the season of love come.
My body has gone still,
Your ignorance is all you shown,
Still somewhere there I trust you,
Pls don’t let my hopes frown.
Screaming from my soul,
Pls sweetheart come hold my hands,
My eys are drying off tears,
Listen baby, for you.. it’s a last call.


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So sweet on birth,

So calm when newly born.

Serene in its expression,

Adaptable in living life along.

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Its angry with the wrinkles,

It smiles with the stretch,

It shed tears while drooping,

It laughs aloud wit joy.

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Adjustable, changeable,

Defensible and detectable.

Its acts as you act to it,

You may never know what actually it is…

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Smiles when wanna cry aloud.

Cries when happiness spread around.

Soft it seems when really tough within.

Rude it behaves when loves is all it has.

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Missing you….

I miss you or you are missing from me.

I can feel you or its you there feeling for me.

Like the winds your flicker in my mind.

Like the water your swimming in my mind.

Like the sand your blowing from here to there.

Like the fire your burning in my mind.

Just come again and hold me tight,

I am living or its you who is keeping me alive.

I am smiling or you are making me smile.














              THE MORE I THINK OF YOU,







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Lets us promise again!!!!

   Promise me!!!

For every step I take now,   

  I need you too walk with me.

For every moment I m left alone, 

I need you too be with me.

My life was meaningless before you loved me,

For the every second I live now,

I need you to live with me.










It’s difficult now to live without you,

As my identity are you and yours with me.

The thought of getting far from you,

makes my eyes filled with tears indicating my love for you so,

I need you to always be in touch with me.

My life you are… and you will be until the end…








For all the memorable dates we remember,

I want you to keep adding such dates with me…

Just nothing else only,

Always be with me….

I love you so… I need you…








  •  PROMISE… me as I do, that you will help me

             To fulfill all the promises I made

  •  PROMISE… me as I do that you will hold me

               The each time I tend to fall.

  •  PROMISE… me as I do that you will continue scolding for

              the entire nuisance I m still going to make










  •  PROMISE… me as I do, that you will tell each time,

            “I love you” when I/you feel bad after your scolding.

  •   PROMISE… me as I do, you will be with me,

              you will always love me;

              you will live for me and all this will always….

             continue the same in the coming rest of our life… 

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Come die in my lap…

Come die in my lap…

come die in my lap.

Wanna hold you so tight,
That you cant move away from my sight.
Come to me, i wanna make love for you,
Come to me, i wanna gift myself to you.
Just close your eye,
Come die in my lap.
Just stop your breath,
Take it from my heart.
Wanna kiss you whole night,
That you cant move away from my sight.
Come to me, i wanna feel you.
Come to me, i wanna steal you.
Just close your eye,
Come die in my lap.