Jindagi do baato mein atak kar reh gayi hai,
Ek tujhko bhulane mein,
Aur dusra khudko pane mein.
Tera saath kya chuta,
Hum to beparwah hogaye,
Na aaj kal dusro ki khabar hai,
Aur na hi rehti hai khudki firkar…
Jindagi mein khushiyaan aur roshni to bahut hai,
Lekin kambakt waqt ne dosti hi andhero se kardi.
Tujhe khone ka ab gam to na raha,
Bas kuch yaade hai jo jindagi mein ulajh kar rehgayi….
Jindagi do baato mein atak kar reh gayi hai,
Ek tujhko bhulane mein,
Aur dusra khudko pane mein.


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I take you everywhere I go.

You’re like a shadow,
When I walk in the streetlights.
You’re footprints walk by my side,
Hands in your hands.
I take you everywhere I go,
You’re always there by my side.

You sitting beside me,
Blabber you’re heart out,
Seems you’re totally excellent,
In hiding you’re real side.
You’re smile is real,
You’re eyes reflects the innocence,
You’re living miles aways from me,
But you’re always there by my side.
Because, I take you everywhere I go.

You reside in my heart,
Your feeding on my blood,
You are faraway through,
But you’re always there by my side,
Like an angel guiding light…


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Sitting in the park,
I wondered if you miss me like I do.
Do you ever think about me now?
Or I Don’t exist for you???
Gazing at the empty place,
I saw you and me sitting together,
Arms around and your eyes on me,
I was happily smiling to be sitting there.
In a blink I realized it was a faded dream,
My heart arched and shrink with the thought,
“That the days are gone for You and Me.” And I wanted scream.
Missing you still at the empty space,
Missing your arms around me,
We could have been the same crazy couple,
But you left me with only your dreams to cuddle.


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Tu kya hai mere liye

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Hokar bhi hai tu ya na hokar bhi hai.
Sapno ko tere mere jeena bhi chahu,
Lekin fir sapno mein khona na chahu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Har khaab ko pura hote dekha hai Maine.
Fir unhi khaabo ko toda bhi Maine,
Darr gayi hu main,
Har ghadi ab maanu ya na maanu,
Hokar bhi tu hai ya na hokar bhi hai tu.


Bharosa karne ka Mann bhi karta hai,
Fir uss bharose pe aitbaar bhi karna main chahu,
Lekin fir dil mera yeh kehta bhi jaye,
Tu hai bhi ya nai woh bhi na janu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.


Chahat yahi hai ki tu mil aise jaye,
Jaise fir hum alaga ho bhi na paye.
Lekin kismat meri itni khudgarz hai kya kahu,
Agar tujhe apna kahu to kya pata tujhe bhi kho na du….

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.

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You cannot Blend!!!


Are you alone like the way I am,
The way I struggle to be what I am,
Nothing can make me attached,
Nothing makes me feel to be one,
The ones made to shine, weren’t made to blend.
Like the moon lights the sky at night,
Like the sun rules the day,
Even you are born to shine alone,
Not like the stars in dark and glimpse of the sun.
Be the light,
Be the sparks,
Be the one you wanna be,
Theres nothing you alone can’tn k do,
Just need to believe in self…!!!

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There is that one crush in everyone’s life, they will never forget…

“The winds blowing my flicks,
The day is shining bright,
My smile suddenly gets fix,
Setting everything alright.
Admiring him each day since then,
I have made myself so attached to him,
He is not aware but still he hold some place in my brain.
I know I don’t love him,
It not either I dislike him,
No matter how much I deny,
His mere thought makes me alive,
He is that one crush in my life,
Will never be able to forget…”

So from the very first day, I saw him. He was so deeply and clearly captured in my eyes that the vision is still so transparent of that day…. He is my that one crush. I won’t be able to forget…
I am sure in everyone’s life,definitely their is that one crush…
You smile thinking about them,
You fall in love all over again,
You forget your worries when you remember about them,
Let it pass to any future time,
Their name you read, hear or see anywhere will make you think about them.
You are dying for them but you smile that moment of living when you think about them and you will always remember them….like forever.

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“Carved with the serene,
Coated with the fur,
Incubated with the strengths,
Emotionally fool from within.
Sprinkled with the tolerance,
Sparked with the flame,
Designated to be a little,
Ideally we are greatly featured within.
I am THE MOTHER of pearls,
I am THE DAUGHTER of peace,
I am THE SISTER of love,
And THE WOMAN of substance…!!!”


Finally this women’s day,
I can proudly say… I feel, I am a woman.
As just few months later I turn 20, and now I don’t see a crime in people calling me, “THE WOMAN”.

Happy women’s day to all,
This women’s day my oath is,

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There is still something left between us.

There is something between us,
Still somethings I can feel.
There is something between us,
Still somethings making me live.

When I look at you,
You seemed to be made for me.
When I think about you,
You seemed to be the world for me.
Love me back,
Take me back with you… where I can again fight and cry hugging you….
Kissing you…
Feeling you in arms….

There is something between us,
Still somethings I can feel.
There is something between us,
Still somethings making me live.

Let the time run behind,
Take me where I am sitting on your lap.
Cuddling in your arms,
Living on your lips,
Loving you…
Living you all over agian…

There is somethings left between us,
The spark still lit brightly,
The sparks between us,
Making me live in your love freely….

There is still somethings left between us..!!!


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Why do we stick on memories?

“I think because they don’t change…” I said when someone asked me,
“Why do we stick on memories???”

” When people start moving away,
Memories stay close to my heart.
  When happiness invades out,
Happy past stays in my heart.
  When friends deny my side,
Their friendship stays in my heart.
  When my lover left me alone,
Past memories kept me living inside.”

“They make us cry, when we think of shared smilez…
They make us glad and happy remembering how we together cried…”

“When no one is left beside you, only memories stay up late awake,
Making you smile, making you cry,
Teaching you to live even with lost hope and betrayal.”

Memories are imposed on to us, even when we have nothing left…..
WE HAVE MEMORIES… LOTS and LOTS OF THEM…!!! N we love them…♥♥♥