Nothing is more beautiful than your memories.


Nothings is more beautiful than you,
Nothing is more real than your memories.
Sometimes I do make a try to not remember our days,
But nothings is more worth than living in our past old days…
Hiding from the world,
When self conscious confronts me,
I can’t disagree that
I wasn’t totally right!
I thought we were not meant to be together and
We will never miss each other ever,
Realizing now that I am still missing you.
Only I am… I guess.

No matter where you are,
You might be having hiccups,
I am smiling thinking about us,
And how stupid was our breakups.
I understand and wanna love you again,
I wanna treat you like a princess,
I wanna build up a castle for us this time,
That’s all I wanna confess.
Nothing was more valuable than your kisses,
Nothing was more precious than you.
Flying away from reality and am dreaming again,
But in real I know your loving your new life without me and
This time it’s Only me!!!

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There is that one crush in everyone’s life, they will never forget…

“The winds blowing my flicks,
The day is shining bright,
My smile suddenly gets fix,
Setting everything alright.
Admiring him each day since then,
I have made myself so attached to him,
He is not aware but still he hold some place in my brain.
I know I don’t love him,
It not either I dislike him,
No matter how much I deny,
His mere thought makes me alive,
He is that one crush in my life,
Will never be able to forget…”

So from the very first day, I saw him. He was so deeply and clearly captured in my eyes that the vision is still so transparent of that day…. He is my that one crush. I won’t be able to forget…
I am sure in everyone’s life,definitely their is that one crush…
You smile thinking about them,
You fall in love all over again,
You forget your worries when you remember about them,
Let it pass to any future time,
Their name you read, hear or see anywhere will make you think about them.
You are dying for them but you smile that moment of living when you think about them and you will always remember them….like forever.

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My daily thought – (5)

I was busy writting my exams, its was really a good questionnaire which I had done my best in answering all I knew. I was satisfied writting, when suddenly I realized.
I had done a big huge mistake in attempting the questions was that section B and section C, haf two different booklets to write and I was engrossed in writting that I had started my questions of section C in section B booklet.
Ohh holy crap!!!!
What should I do now, had no time to cope them again in the C booklet and that too many pages of what I had written. It really made me so tensed. I enquired about the confusion I had committed to the invigilator who was in charge then. She told to just mention on the C sheet that your remaining answers are on B booklet and I did as tolded and continued writting.
Papers done. But it’s tension still lies within me somewhere because its is my final exam’s first paper.
They nor expained us about the patter nor I demanded as I was involved with only my writting.
Small mistake and I hope I don’t have to suffer later because of this.
I hope it gets solved as the papers are going to be corrected in our university only.
I informed then and there about it to the department teachers.
Now I can just study for tomorrow, sit and hope for the best.

Today’s thoughts…,
” Few things are alwaya neglected when you get what you wanted and your busy engrossed in it. So, always stay alert while your busy with your life’s turnovers….. Some things might just miss and you may have to regret later”


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Let the sun rise within…

Darkness prevailing,
Hunting within,
Grasping the hope,
To live anymore…
Clouds of thunder,
Trumbling the soul,
Dying each moment,
Swimming to reach the shore…
Jump up high,
Pulling the fate within,
Search in the sky,
The morning birds cry…
Hiding behind the scenes,
Few things are left unsaid,
Capturing the best in you,
Don’t forget for what your made.
Let the light flow,
Deep in the vain,
Not just waking up,
Let the sun rise within…


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A sand art or is it related to my life???

The fine refine sand spilled over the glass,

Hands moving around it painting an life out of .

The curls on hair were similar to mine,

The face that is carved, resembles mine shot of .

Within an instant, the image changed,

The hands moved and a face was drawn.

It looked similar to my love,

And you and me were shown.









I got mesmerized along and lost all my pain,

When i opened my eyes, he was all gone.

As of my life, he came and he went unsaid,

The sands got pictured so similar that my past was born.



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Come die in my lap…

Come die in my lap…

come die in my lap.

Wanna hold you so tight,
That you cant move away from my sight.
Come to me, i wanna make love for you,
Come to me, i wanna gift myself to you.
Just close your eye,
Come die in my lap.
Just stop your breath,
Take it from my heart.
Wanna kiss you whole night,
That you cant move away from my sight.
Come to me, i wanna feel you.
Come to me, i wanna steal you.
Just close your eye,
Come die in my lap.

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A city where heart is free!!!!










May there be a city, on the EARTH….

Where the act of freedom is divine.

Where the each action said is felt more than the spoken words.

Where the mind hs done a lot beyond intelligence and thoughts.

Where the depth are endowed without expecting the needs in return.

Where the richness lies in the hearts of human rather than silver and gold.

Where the happiness is shared as the medium to spread peace.

Where the sorrow’s get divides within, to decrease the pain.

Where the heart is left free, to care, serve and love…