Chronological changes…

We sometimes fail to perceive,
That changes are always for best
In the phase of grumbling,
We rather get focused on the rest.

Turned into an responsible girl,
From the cudding baby,
I learned to fulfill my roles,
When others played with the tabbies.

I moulded into a loving and faithful lover,
When my love got accepted by him,
He made me a lady handling chaos,
When others got upset for their rims.

I turned independent,
When I moved away for habitats,
He left me with disapproval,
Tears made me strong and more compatible.

When I lived alone in distance,
Cherishing the givings from lord,
Some friends left me to be self dependant,
I became one with my own self.

In the chronological passing days,
Everything that changed,
Changed for betterments,
And set my soul freed…


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Awakened soul


I can feel it,
It gets filtered from my body,
Like the escape from the midst,
It get dripped apart from my core.

It’s wandering around,
It never really slept,
Feeling the silence of the sleeping world,
Everything is drained to it’s depth.

Peaceful and dreaming,
Reality denies to be real for me,
I am wandering after I sleep,
So I can feel myself within me.

No complains and grudges,
Just satisfied with what I got,
My heart and mind came in control,
Now how should I control my soul…???

Glimpse of the nightlife,
I feel so myself here,
I never wanna get attached to the real world,
I find so close to divine and near.

My awakened soul,
Busy happy in it’s dreaming shore,
Let the skins resides forever,
Set free my soul; so il have to return to this masked world never….

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Live or Die…

Live or Die,
Either way you don’t survive.
Smile or Cry,
Nothing gonna change in a short while.

Sustained strength,
To keep your hope alive,
Will one day force the nature,
To achieve what you waited all time…

Replenishing your desires,
Each time it gets shrunken aside.
Be forced with determinations,
Everything one day, will be set all right.

If you don’t live for something,
You will die for nothing.
Atleast make a choice to live,
To divine, you have something to give…


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Our Soul resides in our Heart..

Tumbling with the facts of life,
Walking randomly to find wisdom,
Answers to know where the peace lies,
Lets the divine come in and guild.

All the strokes; my heart suffered,
Depleting the realness of my soul,
Turning out something I was never before,
Ruining my evidence to be a whole.

Searching in the cores of my mind,
Unwinding the lies I believed to be true,
Let my soul be free; one of it’s kind,
Undust all the sorrows and make it flee.

The soul will regain it’s purity,
Once the heart is set free,
Our soul resides in our heart,
So let our heart be merrily free.

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Take me far away…


Take me far away,
From this cruel world.
Take me far away,
Along with your consider.
Take me far away,
Here there ia no heel to my suffer.
Take me far away,
To the world full of dreams.
Take me far away,
Am carving for your love.
Take me far away,
Where there is hope to live.
Take me far away,
Where there is no tear drops nor few.
Take me far away,
Where divine will dwell in me.
Take me far away,
To stay in soul’s sanitary.

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Asking for peace.

Everything has gone still,

From the moment love left me away.

No words no thoughts run in me,

My heartbeats have died within.

Asking for peace,

Praying for the hatred to cease

Forgive him,

Let him free,

Let him go where ever he seems.

Please god let me the faith,

The strength to walk alone,

The light to grow alone,

The path to crawl alone,

The right to stand alone.

I was born alone,

No one will accompany me when i’ll die,

Grace me with the soul that is hard to defect,

My body will be turn into ashes one day.

I pray to the lord,

Please grant me peace,

To enlighten my soul and capturing with.



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I was born with nothing,
Than why is this fear of lossing you?
I was not giving anythng,
Than why is this emptyness in me?
Each desire I packed in a case,
I dont want them now in any case.
Expectations which grew in me,
Disappointment was left all in hand you see.
Desire to reach the top of achievement’s roof,
All broke me and made me droop.
No love, no war- it said,
I am all lost in this field at the end.
Food, clothing and shelter is all what we need to live,
No more emotion in me will now fill in.
Hands emptied and heart distressed,
Surrendering everything left to come out of this mess.
Living is all what I wanna continue,
Divine seeks only the purity of soul I knew.



Let me fly..! Up in the sky.


Air is my path,
Space is my home,
I am born to struggle,
I am born to live.

Cage is not where I wanna live,
Luxurious it may be,
But I am born with wings.

Golden grains or juicy water,
You’ll may give in.
My desires is all about to,
Satisfy my heart within.

Not for the restrictions,
Not for the imprisonment,
Not even for puppets,
I am born for contentment.