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These random Goosebumps.

Sitting in lectures,
Concentrated and focused,
Your travel in my nerves like a stimulus,
Even with a slightest sparks.
Glancing at the serene,
Watching the birds sing,
You smile on my face so wide,
Even when the lightest breezy winds.
Travelling across the miles,
Heading towards my dreams,
Your hope shines in my eyes,
Even with the smallest praise.
You running in my blood still plagued in my veins,
You trickle down in my soul,
You make me alive,
Your goosebumps make me smile.
Crossing each part,
Making me shiver,
Pumping my heart aloud,
Your goosebumps still makes me crazy and reminds your stay in me forever….!!!

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You just need to….

“Each one is blessed with the ability to be unique in its own way,
You just need to find out your uniqueness within you to be different from rest.
Each one definitely get a chance to start again taking the experiences along,
You just need to take that one step in life to know your purpose of life.
Each one had the power to create its own world entirely new,
You just need to find out where your strength and intuitions lies…”
Where ever you are now just—- START IT.
Whatever you have—- USE IT.
Whatever you can just—- DO IT….!
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My Daily thought-(9)

“Patience is always been rewarded”…..!!!!!
     It’s been a long time, since my heart was enchanting with happiness.  All things had gone still since the day he had left me alone.
     Even within the darkness, their always stayed hope in me. I prayed each day for the things to get better. Days filled me with enthusiasm later on but nights made me weep all second.
    I kept quiet, stayed patience fory days to grt brightened. After a long wait of 10 months approx. Here he returned with lots of trust and happiness. He seemed different. He was changed. I just hoped the change was for a good reason. His thoughts got eased. His approach towards every situation got enlightened. I was happy now. I smiled after so long. My heart got filled with all the merry thoughts. I wanted to trust him again. I wanted to love him again. N so I did. Without any guilt, I accepted him as he came and apologised.
     Along with him and his presence,  good days returned. I cleared my first year of medical with good grades. Happiness have seem to really being felt and seen. I am overwhelmed.
     Patience have paid it’s rewards. Thanksgiving to the almighty for all the smilea he gave me back. And also for the past days, it made me grow and turned me independent. I know your decision might not make me always happy and bw according to what I desire but at the end I trust you, you’ll give me what I deserve and is best for me.

So Today’s thoughts…,
“Never lose hope, stay positive,
keep patience and it will be rewarded definitely. “


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My daily thought -(8)

       It’s a fact believe it or not, when you try to to keep yourself happy, you’ll see that on the way you’ll get many reasons to smile.
Our happiness and our contentment,  totally depends on only us.
A small child say, “Mamma, I don’t wanna play with this stupid toy”
Than taking the child in arms, mom asks,
“Why child whats the matter?”
He says politely, ” Because it laughs at me each time I switch on this button.”
She smiles and explains,
“Life is tough. There are things like your toy which are made to make you smile when your really sad and depressed.  Same like that even there are people around, who are your companions and mates. You’ll find them always trying to mingle along with you. Just to make you grow. They will smile at the beginning along with you but when you turn out to be sad or shelled. They may even laugh at your back. This is the way they are teaching you to make friends who either laugh at you on your face rather than the one’s who laugh at the back. This toy was gifted by your dad before he passed away. He had told me this will guide my son to fight amongst the growing world. He had told me to explain you this that each time it laughs at you, it proves your one step ahead among all. So from today whenever it laughs, just smile him back and always look ahead.”
       The boy looking at her mom, holds the toy, smiles at it and presses the button again to feel the pleasure and contentment of rising higher.
       Nature is strange, filled with negative and positive vibrant. It’s upto us how we assume the things and nature around us.

Today’s thoughts….,
      “So next time when life pusses you down, just smile at it and feel the sense of success and satisfy with the situation.”


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My daily thought – (7)

     Everything has an end. And that is the point when there is a start for something new. I had failed up doing many things. But these failures thought me the reasons and the faults for why I failed. These made me grow and now am done with it. I don’t need him. I have realized that things can be much better if I live my life as I desire.
      It’s not as if I am speaking as per my experience but I have seen people living as dead with what their loved one dream off.
Why can’t we live as per our rules and limitations? Just think and answer yourself..
Are you really happy with what you doing today???
Did you really wanted this to become? Was this your dream?  You have accepted all what you never dreamt off only because life has giving you no choice…
    “NO”.. it was you who choose to be this.
Life would have been much more better if little effort would have put on to make it real. Don’t blame people or loved ones for what you suffering now, its not because of them. It’s because you accepted all the change others demanded for in you.
Still there is time… life never ends… Everyday is itself a new beginning…
Think and make a little effort towards what your heart says… live life to it’s fullest.

So today’s thought…,
“I will only do what my heart says and what makes it happy and peace, as I don’t want to sit and regret on my older years.”


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My daily thought – (6)

     Its dark and I am still thinking about you. I can’t stop missing you.  Thinking the time we were together.   
     Exams were good and you’ll know I even wrote many extras which wasn’t asked.  But I was a bit satisfied with my writting. 
Loneliness could never let me be alone. Even thought after being engrossed with things, a slight blink and its all him, I can think about the rest of the time.
     And now again its his thoughts and me sitting alone on the edge of my windowsill and feeling the monsoons drips falling on the street. Hmm, there is light poll in front of my eyes standing alone on the road. All people disappeared and it’s left out alone.
    Same like me, all slept and the wait is on.
No cals and no msges… no tries and no efforts made still.  I know am done doing making things to get him back in my present life but it was just the past where I stayed along with him. I could see him driving in a heavy rain and I tightly hugging and holding him from behind. Resting my head on his back and playing with dripping hair with my fingers.
     Its all wet around and yes, even m gine wet with my tears of remembrance.
I couldn’t sleep.

Today’s thoughts….,
“Past can never be erased when it really  y touched our soul and you can never come out of it when your heart desires to be there forever.”


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My daily thought – (5)

I was busy writting my exams, its was really a good questionnaire which I had done my best in answering all I knew. I was satisfied writting, when suddenly I realized.
I had done a big huge mistake in attempting the questions was that section B and section C, haf two different booklets to write and I was engrossed in writting that I had started my questions of section C in section B booklet.
Ohh holy crap!!!!
What should I do now, had no time to cope them again in the C booklet and that too many pages of what I had written. It really made me so tensed. I enquired about the confusion I had committed to the invigilator who was in charge then. She told to just mention on the C sheet that your remaining answers are on B booklet and I did as tolded and continued writting.
Papers done. But it’s tension still lies within me somewhere because its is my final exam’s first paper.
They nor expained us about the patter nor I demanded as I was involved with only my writting.
Small mistake and I hope I don’t have to suffer later because of this.
I hope it gets solved as the papers are going to be corrected in our university only.
I informed then and there about it to the department teachers.
Now I can just study for tomorrow, sit and hope for the best.

Today’s thoughts…,
” Few things are alwaya neglected when you get what you wanted and your busy engrossed in it. So, always stay alert while your busy with your life’s turnovers….. Some things might just miss and you may have to regret later”


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My daily thought – (4)

Got up with a ring on my cell, thought as it was he calling. But naah.!!! It’s just my alarm clock set up in the phone ringing. I scrolled it to snooz and than grabed the bedsheet for dozing off again. I voice again and again calling me and I struggling with my pillow covering my face in order to cover my ears so I can ignore it. But here she came uncovering me and my sleep.

She was holding few piles of red books.
And I realised that they are my anatomy books, we had to complete them studing.
After few minutes, I was off concentrating and had done basically a lot with so little time.

Then the afternoon came with a flash and made me sleep again. And yes, I slept from 4pm till the rising of moon. By 9pm I got up with lot off struggle again made by her.
It was time for dinner.  And then 9.30 our special episode.

By ten we were in, in my room. She felt asleep as she hadn’t slept and kept studing whole afternoon. Tried to make myself understand to sit and complete the remaining.

But laziness prevailing me from to do it now and ordering me to doze off again.
And you’ll will not believe I even did. Thats why yesterday night there was nor any post nor did I completed my notes.

So today’s thought….
” Be firm and with your positive attitude kill the coming laziness, before it attacks you and your totally into it wasting your time.”


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My daily thought – (3)

After a long try, I could manage to set up my self to concentrate on my books as only few days lefts for the finals.
I started with set tragets and by the time I realised that it was done, I came across a thought that I had completed the studies in the confined time I had decided.
Even with lot of disturbance and distraction that came on my way,
I had managed to over come them and that too with very less efforts.
In between I even tooks breaks to relax like played songs, games and even blogging, the best thing that makes me smile and relaxed.
By the end of the I had done my job and completed the set target and was feeling so dame happy as if I have achieved something so great.
And then it was a big achievement to reach the goal and concentrate even with lost thoughts and feelings along with its creating disturbances….. I had managed to do it.

So today’s thought….
” The time you decide to do something,
Be firm and set up an desired target,
If you really wanna achieve it,
You will surly be able make it with little bit of efforts you put in with heart”


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My daily thought – (2)

From evening walk I was returing back to hostel, with few packages of daily goods of utility. The serene has turned cloudy as its a weather of rain. I stepped in my room and emptied the packets in the in the container of snacks. And then my eyes went on the box of chocolates my roommate had purchased for gifting her dear mate. The way she asked me to help her in wrapping the sweets, I instantly took the red gelatine paper from the drawer. Which I had once brought for myself to get used later.
Within that moment, my thought lost its control and wandering in past it walked away soon. There was no time to stop my self feom remembering him at once. And the memoriea sailed the oceans of time.
Heart became num and I wanted him here. As it was not possible I tried to get normal and ran from my emotions that has reach the edge of my eyes.
I saw her deliberately decorating.
I remembered my days when it was done so heartedly. I was over filled from my emotions within. And realised it’s not easy move ahead in life. Unless you except it and smile at it and give yourself sometime to be in it.

Today’s thoughts.,
“However hard you try to not remember your past moments, it will arise the very instant you resemble anything related.”