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” The Gaps “

Few distance apart,
Few spaces i n b e t w ee n,
Few steps → ahead,
The pearl of dreams are seen.

“Gaps” acts like a divider,
If properly placed….
It can build up meanings to words.
If placed at distances….
It turns out to be meaningless.

In relationships, 
Gaps plays a dual role.
If maintained properly….
It ends up building the relation’s strong.
If they are increased….
It keeps us left out with empty souls.

Separated with few gaps,
Don’t let them increase the laps.
Walk a few step ahead,
To concur the spiritual desires.
Neglecting the grudges amongst,
To acquire the peaceful entire.

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I was born with nothing,
Than why is this fear of lossing you?
I was not giving anythng,
Than why is this emptyness in me?
Each desire I packed in a case,
I dont want them now in any case.
Expectations which grew in me,
Disappointment was left all in hand you see.
Desire to reach the top of achievement’s roof,
All broke me and made me droop.
No love, no war- it said,
I am all lost in this field at the end.
Food, clothing and shelter is all what we need to live,
No more emotion in me will now fill in.
Hands emptied and heart distressed,
Surrendering everything left to come out of this mess.
Living is all what I wanna continue,
Divine seeks only the purity of soul I knew.



Let me fly..! Up in the sky.


Air is my path,
Space is my home,
I am born to struggle,
I am born to live.

Cage is not where I wanna live,
Luxurious it may be,
But I am born with wings.

Golden grains or juicy water,
You’ll may give in.
My desires is all about to,
Satisfy my heart within.

Not for the restrictions,
Not for the imprisonment,
Not even for puppets,
I am born for contentment.