​Today, while talking to one of my friend. I debated on, “I DON’T NEED AFFECTION TO SURVIVE ANYMORE.” 

Even though I won the onversation and he was satisfied with my view. Later, my instincts started questioning myself. 

And Yeah, I have to agree. Everyone needs love and affection to survive and so do I. Not the family and friends kinda love. We all do need them always in our life and I am no exceptionally different. But the love I am talking about is the soulmate, partner or the better half kind of which everyone needs in some walks of their lives. 

Even now, I have a half blur vision of the person who will be with me like always (half has the image of the past). No matter how bad or good things or situations get, he will never leave me. Stick to me like a chewing gum. It will get irritating and irrational also. Fear, Jealousy , everything will set in but nothing will keep us apart. We will be like one soul in two different being. It’s cheesy but this is how love felt once and I know, it will happen again. 

Even Today, after watching a romantic movie, I wipe my tears and smile like a fool, thinking about us and our love story. How beautiful it would have been??? So many more amazing chapters would have been written???  But no offense or regrets to anything done in past, may it be Loving you. You make me smile, even now. And that’s what reflects our love. HOPES HIGH!!! 🙂

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That dullness in your eye

That dullness in your eye,

Makes my heart shrink in that darkness of our past.

The cuddles, the lust, the passion to be attached with nothing but love

That was covered with the mask of differences, Disappointments and disbelieves.

So why don’t you smile for your betrayal, Oh’mister? 

You conquered what you’re heart desired and now, repenting for what you’re heart cried for!

That dullness in your eye says all that I can understand!

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What’s my story?

​“What’s my story?” I happened to ask myself one afternoon when I had few seconds to stretch my sore muscles between the therapy sessions lined up for the day. “Is it what you pretend to the world or what lies beneath your scared and healed skin?” My mind questioned me. I was suddenly confused about the real story, The Real Story of My Life? The one which is hidden perfectly within the wide smiles and or the one which no body will dare to understand. “What is my story?” I am still struggling to analyze. He was the most beautiful mistake I had made in my life. Yeah, we were fools to breakup after 8 years of relationship and 13 years of friendship which was nurtured with childhood stupidity, passionate love and consistent care and support for each other. But as many great love stories end, even our ended. After all those years of memories, even hatred turned into sweet, innocent emotions. And now when I think of our relationship, of course I think of him every single day though, it was the happiest days of my life. Small things we shared then, feel like a volcanic pleasure now. It gives a euphoric and balanced peace for my mind and soul. I happened to be a good daughter in the eyes of society and my parents but constantly lying about my veiled life as they won’t accept the concept I was born with. They won’t understand as they never felt that way. I don’t blame them. I smile. I am trying to be a good physical therapist, caring and trying to add, whatever little or big things to restore their health to the best I can but the artist in me sometimes demands to paint, carves to write a small piece of story or few lines to inspire the world around. Lastly, I am trying to make myself fall in love again with anyone or someone who will care and love me and my family but my soul and body still pleads to love him again, give us a chance again. It gets difficult sometimes maybe because I have never fallen out of his love; he was always there, in me, in my prayers and my dreams. “So what is my real story? And who is the real me?” The one which I am portraying to be in this judgmental world or the one which I am carrying inside me, hiding and living at the same time. It’s complicated and complex, we struggle and fight to be what the world want us to be and hunger after the one we could have been easily without any pain, what we actually are. It’s controversial but I think, “At the end, this is how life is. This is what life is.” And we all have those two lives and the two worlds, the one we desire and the one we are struggling in. The one we are controlling and the one which sets us free. The one which is consciously planned and the one which is subconsciously created with the experiences and emotions. So like me, we all need to change our story! Find the real story. The real self as this life is beautiful and living real will make it happier and easy to live in. Analyze your story and once found, never let it go. Live the real you.

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My heart hates…

The spark of your love

The thirst for your curves,

The smell of your sweat,

Makes me go all wet.

    But something will never change,

   That my heart hates to love you again.


The Other Side.

Engulfed under the cover,
Grabbing the little bit left behind,
On the verge of captivating,
I just wanna run and hide.
Confabulating thoughts,
Aborted memories of the tears,
My heart is poundind loud,
There is no space to escape the fears.
Loud, aggressive and bitters,
All blotting out of me,
No more shielded or masked,
This is just the other side of me.

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Pathways I crossed,
Gave clues of your presence,
You were with me
Or it was just my instance.
But I don’t care anymore,
Because they make me smile though.
All I can understand now is,
Mere your name has the power to make me smile again…

Smiling again

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Letter that was never send!


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Virtual reality

You are not mine reality but virtually always close to me!
“You are like a blissful morning”
Virtual reality.
It’s not compulsory for anyone to be loved back, or get back whatever you expect so all you need to do is love your dreams without expectation. If it’s meant to be, it will build a way on its own. Keep virtually dreams, live your dream and keep hope untill it changes to reality.
It is applied to everything; Love, Passion, Career, Life, Family, etc.
Anything and everything you can dream about.
Be living and believe in your virtual reality.
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Night is a mysterious World.

It’s clear but yet so many secrets hidden.
Each night is not only dark and black but also engulfs many untold stories, unshedded tears, unshared words and many more beautiful and wonderful things.


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Why is it difficult to confess?

Love feels like a trap. Love is an emotional connection between the two, inevitable souls, together or apart.
Nature has its own unique way to pave the lights and indicate you, about your love. Sometimes, increasing heartbeat, an unpredictable dream, or say the glimpses of past remembrance. All has the power to convey about the feeling that person you love is going through.
You feel, you conquer, you try to avoid and then fail again and again in your attempts to forget your love.
Because Loved once is love forever.
Love is naive. It makes you go weak at times. It makes you experience the worst phase of your life. But Love is magical. It makes you who you are, a better human being. A good Lord’s creation.
Confessing about your feelings isn’t hard. Will just take a strong moment to let it out from your heart and head. But the fear of rejection makes you upset and sad. “What if” and “why not” will stop you from doing so.

Aren’t you sad and depressed about the words your hiding in your heart and wanna scream out loud? This is giving rise ro slow process of dying. Difficult and painful. Confessing what’s in your heart will make it clear. Few moments amd your soul is saved and freed from the undue worries and negative thoughts. Which is hampering your life, each day slowly and smoothly, marking your root towards darkness.

Love is Magical, it will heal. It will lead to things which never happened. It will make your life worth living. It will change you in a better way. It will bring closer to Lord and heaven. Those who love go to heaven.

Confess your Love and make your life easier to live.



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