A Promise for Lifetime.

The beginning of my love.


27th  April 2009:

I am walking on the walkway, which keeps on adding memoirs each day. Each day I pass across this street. It was the evening time; the weather today was very pleasant, winds were busy blowing my hair, which was tangibly moving across my face, hands were busy handling them and struggling to put them back behind the ears, I was busy dreaming and my eyes were busy searching the boy, the boy they wanted to see. It felt he was somewhere around and near. I felt his presence so close, very close and here he is with so much of love for me in his eyes n happiness to meet me.

‘Hi… Why is my baby roaming alone today? Where were you going? You should have called me na, feeling like your in a very good mood,” he told me taking my hands on his.

Smiling I replied ‘Ya.. I am. Was missing someone but it feels like that someone is not bothered at all. And no thanks I can be on my on… and you don’t get anyone else jab dekho to mere piche. now you can leave”  thinking that the more I’ll bother him,he’ll be with me to argue.

 Yes, you’re thinking right. I loved him.. and he loved me.. He is Karan.

He is the boy who has a great importance in my life. He who makes me smile each time I am upset. He is the one who can leave everything to just be with me. The perfect boy each girl desires… but, very different from me.

 I talk too much, all rubbish -he talks less only the topics needed.

I have many friends -he has one friend ‘himself’.

I love music -for him what is music?

I like Indian food -he likes all foreign stuff.

I can keep nothing secrets;

Need to share -he keeps everything to himself.

I love to read novels,

Love stories, etc -he loves wandering with so-called friends.

I love watching movies -he loves watching cricket.

I prefer having tea or coffee -he drinks bronvita with milk.

Additionally, many more and more………..

 Hhhmmmm, where was I…?

‘Hey… Natasha. Wait Na… I am coming with you. Why do you talk like this to me? I just want to be with you. Why you always ready to argue with me?’’ he said looking in my eyes.

 Then smiling a little more I spoke ‘okay, you can walk but I will have to go after awhile’’ and we walked together where we walked everyday.

 He realized the fact behind my stupid argument… by looking my repressive expression… to stop him for a while, and can be with me…,

And said softly in my ears, “Baby that’s the reason I love you so much. Love you to stop me. I love you more each time you quarrel with me knowing the reason why you do so.’’

 And then the silent occupied the space between us, we walked silently looking at each other after every few minute and smiling with the satisfaction of been together… our fingers touched slightly each time we moved a step with the movement of our hands… his finger were icy as usual and each slightest touch made my emotion pleasant and tough.

 Few minutes passed and I was getting late to go back home. I told him goodbye and turned to move. With me, even the sun was setting leaving the sky shining in the afterglow with pure golden colored.

 I hardly moved a step.

He suddenly holding my arms pulled me towards him and holding my wrist tightly, facing towards the setting sun… said, ‘‘I know you are getting late but before going lets make a promise with ourselves or just take an oath that, as each day the sun rises spreads light to everyone and at the evening it sets slowly without even an single complain even we will rise and fall for each other and will always be supportive. As suns worthless without its light, even we are incomplete and meaningless without each other… We make an oath to be together and always be living in love until we die.’’

 As he stopped saying this, his hands were wiping the tears rolling from my eyes and then I realized I was crying.

I hugged him as tightly as I would never leave him again. I had promised… even he did.

That was a promise made for lifetime.



17 thoughts on “A Promise for Lifetime.”

      1. haha…am not in love…the line was meant for u..so nothing to envy me …am single..happy and in love with myself at the moment 🙂

  1. You have awesome words here and a even better blog. My wife always say the same opposites attract. For a young person you have a good heart.

    I invite you to view Savor the Food. I would appreciate your comments and readership. I Liked you on Face Book and will follow your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with Us. Looking forward to the future post of You and Me!!!!!!

    Chef Randall

    1. first of all wanna thank you o much for making such efforts on reading this page and than commenting on it. i heatedly welcome you to my world in my words… i am really amazed that you liked my blog… i m just going to do thing next is to come across yours… pls do keep visiting… thank you!!! and welcome again… god bless and have a good and healthy life…:)

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