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Note to self.

Will people understand me? My words? Will they read me? What will they feel? Relatable or unrealistic? These questions cross my mind every now and then.

I don’t want to live the kind of life, everyone around me are living. Scheduled, timed and monotonic to be glued to specific boundaries and limits. I don’t want to be those kind, maybe I can’t be. I wasn’t born to be like them. I feel like the wind, the air, omnipresent but not still. I wanna be around everything, learn everything and anything new. I wanna explore. I wanna know. I want to learn, be inspired. I also want to give, to teach, to guide, to inspire.

I can’t be stuck between the real me and the survival me, who is just being another human who is competing with everyone in this crazy world and society. I don’t want to prove or show anyone, anything. It never bothered me. Yeah, to my parents? Yes. always did and does…

But until when??? 

If I wanna live real, I need to speak. If I want an extraordinarily life, I should be ready to face the end number of difficulty and downs. If I want to fly, I should not fear of falling from high. I need to gear up my everything, my every cell together and energize.

One of the prove of my courageous decision was to get ink on my skin for lifetime. That was my decision without fearing for the consequences from my parents. I was brave enough that time, I guess. When I was younger, I feel I was more liberal and stronger than now. I fell in love without fearing of heartbreaks and disappointments. Whereas nowadays, a pinch of fear shadows around me all the time.

My voice needs to be clear again. My thoughts needs to nenefree free. My words need to be beautiful and real. So again, my heart could understand what it wants. I need to fall in love again… I need to live. I need to be free…even from myself, I feel.

Finding the real me
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Night is a mysterious World.

It’s clear but yet so many secrets hidden.
Each night is not only dark and black but also engulfs many untold stories, unshedded tears, unshared words and many more beautiful and wonderful things.


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Love me tonight!

Hold me closer to your chest,
Let there be no space between us,
Grab me tightly around my back,
Let your skin and mine be one…
Love me tonight in my dreams,
Ohh baby I am missing you….
Kiss me tonight when I am deep asleep,
Ohh baby I wanna remember you, again.

Love me tonight…
Kiss me like you have never before,
Show me your annoyance and pain,
The harder you love, the more you repair our love… my love.
Love me tonight,
Love me tonight, may it be in dreams…
Just lust me tonight when the darkness hides away,
When only you can feel me and touch me all your way,
Just love me tonight…
Don’t wake me up, let me sleep.
Love me tonight… just love me in my dreams…

I know it’s even harder for you to stay away from me,
Missing me and wanting me…
Reality had built up many walls of egos and ignorance,
In dreams I am all yours and nobody to question you for loving me again…
Just love me in my dreams,
And you will never see me crying for you ever again… I promise!
Just keep loving me in my dreams…

Love me tonight,
Love me tonight, may it be in dreams…
Just lust me tonight when the darkness hides away,
When only you can feel me and touch me all your way,
Just love me tonight…
Don’t wake me up, let me sleep.
Love me tonight… just love me in my dreams…


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This is how we celebrated “WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY”

We made charts and than took a rally around the campus showing the importance of physiotherapy, the scope and the pride we carry within us as physios.

Chart making competition
Other groups
The slogan group

The rally where each and everyone shouting, “TURN THE SETBACK INTO A COME BACK”… and the slogan,
“Healing your minds, curing your souls, we are the physios tg
that lifts you up when you fall…”
We had funn doing this, people smiled at us. Clicked pictures of the enthusiasm we showed. Our faces reflected how proud we are as a physio and this profession is indeed an antique to help people across all fields of mankind…

World physiotherapy day in MGM Medical college.

A small message from we the physiotherapy:
“It will be easy to be working as a team,
Like other medical professionals,
We dream to serve mankind…
Together we can and
Will serve in a better way…
We need eachothers as it will be incomplete cure without all medical professionals.
Lets make a change,
Lets work together,
Lets work for world and make a world a healthier place to live…”

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Tu kya hai mere liye

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Hokar bhi hai tu ya na hokar bhi hai.
Sapno ko tere mere jeena bhi chahu,
Lekin fir sapno mein khona na chahu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.


Har khaab ko pura hote dekha hai Maine.
Fir unhi khaabo ko toda bhi Maine,
Darr gayi hu main,
Har ghadi ab maanu ya na maanu,
Hokar bhi tu hai ya na hokar bhi hai tu.


Bharosa karne ka Mann bhi karta hai,
Fir uss bharose pe aitbaar bhi karna main chahu,
Lekin fir dil mera yeh kehta bhi jaye,
Tu hai bhi ya nai woh bhi na janu.
Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.


Chahat yahi hai ki tu mil aise jaye,
Jaise fir hum alaga ho bhi na paye.
Lekin kismat meri itni khudgarz hai kya kahu,
Agar tujhe apna kahu to kya pata tujhe bhi kho na du….

Tu kya hai mere liye,
Yeh bhi na janu.
Tu hai bhi ya nahi woh bhi na janu.

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You are still in Me.


After looking at this sketch,
do I need to say anything,
do I need to express anything,
do I need to state anything…
Hope people believing in Love can feel it.

Did today in the afternoon, thinking again about YOU…!!!!

But you are still in Me…

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The Journey.


At 10.30pm, since I had no work to do and wasn’t sleepy. I felt like drawing. After searching for an hour, what to sketch.

I made my thoughts shade into this Image.
This is you and me. The way we sat near the artificially made shore due to rains. The way we shared our smiles. The way you made me laugh. I feel so much self, when I am with you.

You are not my boyfriend, but definitely a person I can trust, big in pain and happiness, yell aloud at, pour my heart out and the best part, “I CAN BE ME”.

Excited to meet you tomorrow at noon.
This one is for you. I hope you like it…!!!

“The journey we are taking is inside ME AND YOU…”