My home

When you take me in your arms,

That is where my paradise lies.

A home where only love and peace resides…😍😍😍

My home, My happyplace


Love yourself, when nobody else does.

The moon is within me and so is the sun.With everything in me, I still feel empty. My silence is my strength and The ignorance, a bliss.

Sometimes, I just wonder what Am I born for. What is my purpose in this life? What am I doing and what am I suppose to be doing? Life changes everything. Life is a bitch but we make it more difficult I feel.
I feel I make it more difficult by expecting little things from others. Expectations hurts. It actually kills. 

Life is actually not that good!
Its not that easy to understand nor does it makes you think of the possibilities.

Yesterday, It was one of those days wer i feel like even i need a hug and a shoulder to cry bt i am all alone pretending to be strong n holding up my tears n now spitting everything out to a person who can hardly do anything but listen but even that feels great. Sorry but sometimes i forget that I shouldn’t expect anything from anybody, not even wen their actions speaks that you can. I don’t know if i can reflect a pint of what i want to say. But what I actually did what to sum up is, “Life is all that you have never thought of, it is totally an alien.” 

You’re breathing now, you might be dead another moment. Whatever you’re doing, just pause. Take a snooze and smile for everything you have ever had or lived in. Those were your jewels to live by rather than sitting over the pile up stones of bad people and memories. Go kiss yourself, kiss your palm, love yourself. That’s not wrong at all. Show your skin a little bit of love that it deserves. 

When no one is ready to love you or say when it is not the phase you are feeling adored, love yourself. 

Love yourself 😘😘😘


She is a tale…

She’s wrapping her life in her heart,Not ready to showcase to the world.

She’s tired of being the lost kind,

Yet not ready to be found again.

Stretching her arms under the moonlight each day,

Afraid to be known and disclosed.

She loves to be hidden with no hope to shine.

Tiny; she believes in the sunshines now

She wishes for wings but accustomed to the traps lead on the earth now.

Still she takes a flight to the world of dreams each night,

Returns back disappointed into the reality each time.

Lost hope, trust and faith to the so called love,

When hate is the only thing she had ever encountered.

Wanting to be freed with her soul trapped inside his memories

She is a myth.

A myth wanting to be believed.

She is a mystery.

A mystery carving to be understood.

She is a drama, a tornado to escape.

She is an echo, Uncleared and Undefinable.

She is a tale to be retold and relived.