THE STORY WITH NO END…, Poetry by Jyoti Vishwakarma

Good morning…
It feels good…!!!
Do have a glance…
Have a nice day.

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Genre: Romance, Love, Relationship

by Jyoti Vishwakarma

I was on d road trip,
Glancing at the white clouds,
A face more attracted me,
Leaving behind the beautiful serene of snow,
My eyes got stuck on him.
My intuition was so strong,
Even his eyes met with mine and his lips smile,
My step came subconsciously,
He at once turned and disappeared in the crowd.
The feeling of sadness wiped inside me,
I knew it was some beginning for a new start,
My eyes searched for him but nowhere I could find,
At the end of struggles, I left him as a beautiful dream clouds.
Many seasons passed,
And it rained again…
I was dipping wet one afternoon,
A shadow covering me again,
I turned to see that it was him,
The same smile fixed to fine me.
Dropping the umbrella,
He hugged my soul,

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Mumbai Local

Pc:-Swapnil Trimbake

Just few hours ago,
I was pushed inside,
Crumbled all around,
Suffocating my lungs.
When you can’t turn, step,
A step of your choice…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Smashing eachother,
Walking insanely to get in,
Where climbing in is as struggling as getting out of the door…
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Hanging at the gate feels as amazing as and as deadly to invite to death,
Fighting and winning the arguments is as important as to prove your good at living,
If you feel, you can’t interrupt in any fight,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Making friends is as easy as adding list of enemies,
Sharing daily issues and verbally abusive words is everyday act,
If your everyday starts with such abusive words daily,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Try building many more spacious,
Try adding few more blocks,
The population increase is double directly proportional to the number of blocks,
If you still can get into these blocks without any voluntary efforts,
Your in Mumbai Local, my dear.

Even with all difficulties and issues,
It is the lifeline of Mumbai,
If you are a mumbaikar,
You’ll have to Mumbai Local.
Or if some day you fall in love with it,
It will our Mumbai Locals, my dear.

We stop if it stops,
We will end up doing nothing, if it hault even a single day.
So, we need to love Mumbai Local…:-)


You are my hero- FATHER.

Pc: kartik patani

You are my hero, Dad.
The way you held me,
When I was born.
The way you carried me,
On your shoulders all along.
You were tired till the dawn,
But you stroked my feets to release your pain.
You brought me princess dresses,
Eventhough, you wore rugged pairs for years.
You are hero, Dad.
For everytime you were there for me.
In all the dreams, you made it go real.
In every thought, you made it go free.
Whatever my heart desired,
You made it come true.
You are my hero, Dad.
For all the little things you do.
I may find my prince charming one day,
But you will always be the king of my heart…!!!

Happy Father’s Day… My Papa…
And to all daddies in the world…!!!

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Don’t be a Puppet.


Say, “NO”*** to what you don’t like,
Be what you wanna be.
Do what you think us right,
Like a puppet don’t just be…
Following commands,
Doing what they say,
Nodding heads,
Is not what you have to do always.
Speak up,
Be propulsive,
Trust your instincts,
Put hope in your dreams.
Listen to everyone,
Take their advice,
Register there prospects,
Do what you feel is right.
Don’t be a puppet,
To smile when they smile,
To walk when they walk,
To dance when they dance.
Don’t be a puppet,
Smile when you feel like,
Walk where ever you want,
Dance when you desire,
Sing out aloud…
Just don’t be a puppet,
Live your own life, as you want…!!!

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You cannot Blend!!!


Are you alone like the way I am,
The way I struggle to be what I am,
Nothing can make me attached,
Nothing makes me feel to be one,
The ones made to shine, weren’t made to blend.
Like the moon lights the sky at night,
Like the sun rules the day,
Even you are born to shine alone,
Not like the stars in dark and glimpse of the sun.
Be the light,
Be the sparks,
Be the one you wanna be,
Theres nothing you alone can’tn k do,
Just need to believe in self…!!!

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“…Because I…”

I am strong
Because I know my weaknesses.
I am beautiful,
Because I am aware my flaws.
I am fearless,
Beause I have learnt to recognise, illusions from real.
I am wise,
Because I learn from my mistakes.
I am a lover,
Because I have felt hate.
I can smile,
Because I know what sadness feels like….!!!


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Beautifully bloomed…

Morning sunshine
As I glanced,
It made me go fine.
Tiny in size
It felt as if,
They had cried last night.
Pink with yellow rise
They bloom,
With the sun strike
They beautify
As the day pass by.
They grow
As the heat spades.
Beautiful blossoms
Uplifted me again.
Nature is indeed
An inspiration frame.
They swirling and smiling,
Giggling said to me,
“You are not alone,
Even we rise each morning for the evening fall.
With each night shell,
More We rise, grow and dwell”       



Between the edges.

Days of self-resistance,
Moments in self-conflicts,
When my heart heads towards you,
I screem myself to stop.
Will you ever realize this,
I cannot hault dreaming about you…
No more confessions to make,
Just one thing to state,
I love the way you ignore,
You peep me with eyes core,
Your smile reflects on your lips,
When you see me smiling too…
I love the way you ignore,
Since years and days to snore,
You glance towards me though,
But walk away when noted,
And say that you didn’t know.
I love the way you ignore,
Because somewhere my heart still loves you too….
Between the edges of hatred and care,
I know somewhere you love me,
You love me like yesterday…
The gaps between us,
Is till so close as we left years ago.
You just need to step head, the step you had taken a back,
Since I am standing there…

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It’s about to complete…

I always wanted to write,
I wrote many stuffs abouts you,
Since the first line I stated,
It went always for you…
Thinking about you,
Your glimpse of past,
Everything I knew is done,
Feeling empty within to continue.
Few last chapters,
Then the story will be done,
Or is the phase which will end,
And one day, you will return.
Trying to figure out,
What end can make it go perfect,
You and me were past,
How should it end, is just what lasts.
You can make my book perfect,
If you return back soon,
My chapters are remaining,
Waiting for your arrival in this rainy noon.
Let it rain again,
Let your heart free again,
Let it revert back in such a way,
That my book ends with a fairy tale….