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There is that one crush in everyone’s life, they will never forget…

“The winds blowing my flicks,
The day is shining bright,
My smile suddenly gets fix,
Setting everything alright.
Admiring him each day since then,
I have made myself so attached to him,
He is not aware but still he hold some place in my brain.
I know I don’t love him,
It not either I dislike him,
No matter how much I deny,
His mere thought makes me alive,
He is that one crush in my life,
Will never be able to forget…”

So from the very first day, I saw him. He was so deeply and clearly captured in my eyes that the vision is still so transparent of that day…. He is my that one crush. I won’t be able to forget…
I am sure in everyone’s life,definitely their is that one crush…
You smile thinking about them,
You fall in love all over again,
You forget your worries when you remember about them,
Let it pass to any future time,
Their name you read, hear or see anywhere will make you think about them.
You are dying for them but you smile that moment of living when you think about them and you will always remember them….like forever.


On your Birthday..!!!

It’s your birthday…
I need to compensate,
For all those years not remembering,
And for your childhood bonding.
With this moment,
You turn out to be a year older,
I wish you get your dreams real,
I wish you find out what’s your dreams first.
With all the grace of blessing,
You will make me proud one day,
You still do, no matter… With good heart.

Be what you are,
You don’t need to mark what others remark about you.
Even if no one beside you,
Remember you have a friend that’s me, always with you…


Have a happiest birthday ever…!!!
God bless you with peace and prosperity.


That one friend..!

Do you have that one friend,
You can trust,
You can yell and shout at?
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can share,
You can call and talk at mid of the night??
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can cry,
You can drain your heart out,
Like I have the one in you.
Do you have that one friend,
You can rely,
You can be free and real,
Like I have the one in you.

Your words make me go stronger again,
Your presence shows me your care,
Your friendship is the most affluent thing,
I wanna always preserve and don’t wanna share.

My that one friend...!!!

In search of reality…

Keeping vision clear this time,
I am walking on the path of life… In search of reality.
Putting faith on everything,
I am valuing everyone on the path of life… In search of reality.

Priority and expectations are erased from my life,
Sensing the wisdom of acknowledgment,
I am walking on the path of life… In search of reality.

No more trusting people blindly,
No more getting cheated,
I am aware of the do’s of what I am doing…
No more getting disappointed with people in the path of life…
In search of reality.

I vow to be free and find myself in me.
I will find myself in the heart of someone who is true and free.
The one who is loyal…
The one who is devoted and just like me…!!!
In the path of life… In search of reality… Il find myself…!



WordPress Application problem

Bcos, of the WordPress Application update made me stay away from posting n updating. M really sorry guys for been away from blog since many days.

Don’t know what is the problem with the new version of wordpress. Its my keen request to pls fix it as soon as possible as it is very difficult to resist my self from posting and reading blogs around.

App made it easier to be connected all the time.