You are like my guitar.


You look so stunning,
You are impressive too,
Your curves are perfect,
Your colour suits me too,
Your just so not easy,
Your voice make me go crazy,
Your gripped in my hands,
Your soothing to my soul,
Easily to approach, 
But difficult to learn,
Your strings are thin and striking,
If I play hard on you,
You end up cutting on me,
But still am learning,
Learning to learn you,
So I can play songs,
Maybe one day for you…
It’s my guitar,
And You are like my guitar…!
I love playing on you…. 😉


Do u feel me??


In the morning sunshine,
You are like the shine,
Which makes me glow,
You are like the light,
Which makes me grow.
But do u feel me like this???

When the afternoon seizes,
You make me go lazy,
Do no efforts to do anything,
You make me go sleepy,
With the comfort and getting cozy.
But do u also feel me like this???

In the evening sunset,
Your like the sharp in sky,
Which keeps me inspire,
Your like the shades around,
Which keeps my heads high,
But do u feel me like this???

In the nights light,
You are like my twinkling star,
Which make me shine bright,
You are the hope for new day,
Which makes me believe that things will turn out to be right,
But do u feel about me like this???

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I don’t want you…

I don’t what you,
But I want you to be happy,
I don’t think of you,
But I wish your happiness…
It’s you, who make me smile at the end.
It’s you, who make me feel alive.
It’s you, who know me better,
But you know what,
I don’t want you again.

It was like forever,
It was a dream come true,
I was with you and you with me,
At the end of the day…
But I don’t want you…
I don’t really want you…
I don’t need you..
Just need you to be happy…!!!

I don’t what you,
But I want you to be happy,
I don’t think of you,
But I wish your happiness…
It’s you, who make me smile at the end.
It’s you, who make me feel alive.
It’s you, who know me better,
But you know what,
I don’t want you again.


It’s my Ex boyfriend’s birthday today…!

As the clock said, “12”
I wanted to wish him,
Thinking if it will be just a formality call onnhis Birthday…
After thinking and concluding that its better to call him then make my mind n heart go insane thinking alone, calling will hardly make a difference in either of our life.
At 10:23 am, I called him from Nivi, my roommate’s phone so it be easier to disconnect if he isn’t another side.
As the ringing stopped, it was a voice, I took time to notice it was him when he said, ” Hello, Jyoti… this is you??? Say”

It was weird that he knew me by only a word I had said, “HELLO”.
Wished him…

imageI wished him for luck, prosperity and good healthy future.
With the normal general talks, he all invaded in, he wanted to know about me, he wanted to tell everything about him,
It felt as if only waited for my call to let everything out from him mind, but from heart??? I wasn’t sure.
It hardly made any difference to me.

We laughed, we smiled, my eyes even shed few drops in his memories, it made me feel alive after so long.

Only wishing on birthdays, was left in between us,
Another talk might be after exactly next 9 months, on my birthday.

It was stupid but that is what little love and attachments left between us.

Even after knowing,  we miss each other at times, we smile thinking about us, it makes us feel living but I don’t want him to be back in life.
Stupid things lead to an end in our relationships…. he remains the same.

I moved on in real way…on his birthday…!!!

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Aj ka Gyaan…!!! :)


“Ohh Is that what happened to you???”
“Ohh my poor little child. ”
“Ohh god bless you dear”
” m feeling sorry for you..”
And many more like this..
Just dump such people who speak to like this…
These people have big mouth and small minds… laugh a loud at them when they show they are pity on you…
Fuck them off….
Live your life..
Enjoy and have funn…
Each day brings you a new hope to live…
Love your self…
Be you..!!


It’s actually not easy…

Hey my sweet friends,
I know you are sad and upset.
You each day try to move on with the past but end up in the evening thinking about the one person,
who ditched you only with tears and cheat and to leave you alone.
Am I right???
Some people do come in life, to just leave you alone.
Only to teach you that you are far stronger alone.
You can achieve anything you want alone.
You can dance alone.
You can sing like loud alone.
You can smile your guts out alone.
You can dream alone.
You can make ways to achieve it alone..
So you have your heart with you always…
So now, do you really feel you are alone????
I know its not easy but its not impossible either.
You just need to be “you”…



You know when it’s over?

I seriously feel this is it…. when you feel its over and nothing is felt instead with memories that keep you smiling n you do not wish for the memories to turn real again…
You are happy and content with whatever life gave you and you have been through…
With a cup of tea in this evening,
M smiling…
Smiling that its just a memory now…
N m happy…
I have moved on…


Its over when..

Maybe when you feel more in Love
with your memories
than with the person standing
in front of
You 😐

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Usne mujhe kabhi chaha hi nai main chahat samjh bathi,
Uske pal bhar ke muskurahat ko mohobbat samajh bathi,
Woh to har baat par haan kehta tha,
Main iqraar samjh bathi,
Usne mujhse jada mere dosto ko ehmiyat di,
Main uski iss ada ko mazak samjh bathi,
Usne kaha bhi tha koi aur hai meri jindagi mein,
Main khudko uski jindagi samjh bathi,
Woh har baar aur dur jata raha,
Maine uss ke aur pass chali gayi,
Woh to kab ka mujhe chod ke ja chuka hai,
Aj tak intezaar main karti rahi,


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FAKE faces all around.

When there is a mask,
On everyone’s face…
Why should I be realistic?
When they don’t care,
About my presence…
Why should I even concerning?
The world suggests,
“Expressing true emotions make you go stronger.”
But its the other way round…!!
When they really don’t care about you,
Your emotions will not really make sense to them.
So be fake, be false to them.
At the end of the night if you smile at yourself at fooling others but content with that your true to your own self…



Do you exist???


Searching you all around,
Can’t find you any where love.
Are you still alive???
Do you exist any more???

Shrugged with the lies,
Hidden under the false promises,
Are you dead in the world,
Where only hatred is the existence.

Nor can I find you,
In the eyes of the lovers,
Neither I can get you,
In the arms of the dreamers.

Is your evidence buried away,
Into the mud of the cheaters,
Or Are you killed with untrue stab,
And burnt away by the creator???

Do you really exist?
Or it was just a dream?
Do you really alive?
Or it was just a nightmare???