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The out gush of nature,
Unstoppable at its lane,
Carving the rocks in between,
Leaving it’s unique trail.
The effusions of forces,
Determined on its way,
Persistency makes it stronger,
Than the intended powerful say.
Truly inspirational,
Falling water gushes deep down,
Teaching the way to live life,
Falling don’t keeps you away from life’s crown.


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Let me be stronger than,
The offender in me.
The soaked impression of cruelty,
Cages me not fly free.

There is no apologies,
No obligation from the evil done.
It’s me deciding to forgive all,
Who made my life’s fun.

The jailed prisoners in my thoughts,
It’s time to let them out.
I just want to wave them off,
So my wisdom can gain it’s cout.

Forgiving all the prisoners,
And then realising thr prisoner was no-one else but me itself.
Breathing with a peaceful hearth,
As am growing eternity in self…


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Khabo ke parindey

Asamaan mein,
Ud gaya woh khaab mera,
Ab adhura sa,
Pura hojayega woh sapna kora.
Naye naye khabo ko,
Ab muthi mein bandha hai,
Zara zara katra bhi,
Ab irado se jada hai…

Udd chala.. ab udd chala,
Mere khabo ke parindey..
Ab ye na rukega…. rukega na ye,
Paro mein chahe ho shikanze..

Khaboo ke parindey…
Khaboo ke parindey…

Har wada khud se nibhana hai,
Jaha manzil le chale,
Waha chate chate jana hai….
Har din muskurate hi gaana hai,
Ansuo ke pani se,
Ab naya sapne ugana hai….

Udd chala.. ab udd chala,
Mere khabo ke parindey..
Ab ye na rukega…. rukega na ye,
Paro mein chahe ho shikanze..

Khaboo ke parindey…
Khaboo ke parindey…



Monster in your head.

Stop negotiating with the evils,
Only listen to your heart.
Stop complaining about the cruels,
Thing will also turn on your path.

Monster residing in your thoughts,
Denervating the best in you.
Let not the devil rule your life,
One day it will end up screwing you.

Let not the monster sleep,
Under your bed,
Let not the monster grow up,
In your head.

Let the guiding angels,
Guild you through the journey of life.
Even if the monster pokes you,
Don’t let it, to make your life strive.

“They actually don’t sleep under your bed but reside and sleep inside your head…”



The Trek to Matheran.

The instand plans,
Leads to discovery of new lanes.
Invading through the forest,
Solitaire in the nature’s bed.

Walking within the jungle,
Fearing from the monkeys everywhere.
The chills and foggy weather,
Adding to the adventure fare.

The waterfalls running deep down,
The greenery spread around like sheets.
We wondered around peacefully,
Felt like heavens we are about to meet.

Truly delighted to see the naturally carved rocks,
Felt amazing in the serenity of the nature’s beauty.
The tension accumulated in the normal world,
Got washed away in this trekking city.

“Matheran trekking was truly funn….”



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You don’t need to clarify.

The words you speak,
Is the image of your own,
All the judgments set for you,
Defines in how you have grown.
Once you’ve lost the trust,
Your words will help you none,
How much ever you try to convince,
You have lost me and its done.
Nature of your can never change,
Nor you can ever bend
I am great full to lord,
To make me realise it soon to end,
Whats the need to clarify now,
When nothings left in us,
Your judge by the deeds you did,
Nothings left to discuss.
The list of things you did wrong,
Will hunt for you throughout your life,
Clarification of all those now,
Will not lead you to a better life.


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The 2 known strangers.

Untwisted relationship,
Un-Knotted love,
You and me ended,
Like a seperated dove.
Behaving the unknowns,
Acknowledgement of all,
When everything is ended,
Then why is this sight crawl.
No feeling attached,
All strings detached,
Nothing lies between us,
Just faded image of past.
When love ends,
Everything else blurs,
We might know everything but are,
Well-known strangers…