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Smiling is the solution.


Smiling is the solution,
Solution for almost everything.
Or smiling is just an option,
An options as can’t do anything.
To the changing circumstances,
Contemplating with a smile.
Fooling the mind with relaxing words,
Manipulating the things in a line.
“Keep smiling”, as everybody says,
Pain will be drained.
Smiling for the sake of smiling,
Is really very insane.
Cheerfully lambing the soul,
Things aren’t as it seems,
Rather than smiling falsely,
Let the smiles come from within.

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Identity lost.

Losing myself,
With each passing phase,
Building up the fake,
Like a bow out of lace.

Disappeared images,
When I used to smile wide,
Hiding deep inside me,
The desire to be on your side.

Struggling days,
To heal my soulless mind,
Which is disorientated,
Don’t know where to find.

Suffering amnesia,
Hope it erases everything from me,
The insomniac haunting me,
I don’t have anything to dream.

Desires from my heart,
Will certainly remain unfulfilled,
Delirious thoughts created,
Keeping me alive till the end.


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 Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur….

Jindagi ko jitna koi samjhna chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna ulajhta jaye.

Jindagi ko jitna koi jaana chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna anjaan hota jaye.

Jindagi ko jitna koi jeena chahe,
Woh usme hi uthna har pal marta jaye.

Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur hai jindagi…
Barishme sukhe zameen hai jindagi…

Saagar hai pairo tale fir bhi,
Logo ke paas na bujhe.

Hawaye bhi lagati hai gale fir bhi,
Duniya mein saans na chale.

Charo taraf bhare hai log fir bhi,
Koi apna khaas na mille.

Akele aate hai akele jana hai fir bhi,
Koi raah par saath na chale.

Jindagi ka dastoor hai ye,
Aise hi jeena hai jindagi…

Kabhi kuch to kabhi kuch aur hai jindagi…
Din main bhi Ghana andhera hain jindagi…


Just friends.

Lets just be friends,
No more complications,
With contentment of our lifes,
Lets make new foundations.

Lets just share the smiles,
No more awkwardness,
With forgiveness to unearthed pasts,
Lets make a difference.

The friendship between us,
Turned into love.
The love declined with controversies,
We turned into known strangers.

Lets just be friends again,
Saving the childhood bonds,
One relationship was nt worth saving,
Lets save the remaining ones.

Lets just be friends,
Like forever you and me,
The freedom to explore the world,
No promises to always be in see.



I need a hug… :)


Right now, I need a hug,

I want someone to hold,

I need to let out myself,

By the mean of touch it will be told.

It’s okay, I smile,

I say it very often,

I need someone to understand,

To assure me that things will be fine  soon.

The embrace of care,

The feel of loved,

I need someone to prove me,

That yes, love can still happen…

I will surrender,

My strive will be lost,

I will live my life at peace,

I just need a simple caring hug to grease.

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Some part of me is still missing…

No matter what I do,

I always forget to forget you.

Even in heck of busy schedule,

My heart is still somewhere hunting only you.

No matter how much I smile,

I end up flooding tears for you,

Even when the past has passed away,

Some things are still just stuck up with you.

No matter I live life happily,

I reach a deadline missing you.

Even you are not alive in my life now,

Why am I living dead because of you.




Chronological changes…

We sometimes fail to perceive,
That changes are always for best
In the phase of grumbling,
We rather get focused on the rest.

Turned into an responsible girl,
From the cudding baby,
I learned to fulfill my roles,
When others played with the tabbies.

I moulded into a loving and faithful lover,
When my love got accepted by him,
He made me a lady handling chaos,
When others got upset for their rims.

I turned independent,
When I moved away for habitats,
He left me with disapproval,
Tears made me strong and more compatible.

When I lived alone in distance,
Cherishing the givings from lord,
Some friends left me to be self dependant,
I became one with my own self.

In the chronological passing days,
Everything that changed,
Changed for betterments,
And set my soul freed…


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The Hidden Tears…

Popping up with laughter,
With everyday rising sun,
Probably the peaceful sight,
When I see my lips curled.
Its not easy on going routine,
There comes many turns,
Coping with my own self occupancy,
This is how am trying to learn.
I ignore the love scenarios,
Which still makes my nerves lame,
Pretending to be real me,
Which has turned firm and calm.
I have blocked the holes,
Eyes halted to shed those tears,
I change strong and smile,
But inside my soul sometimes cry.
The present day seems happening,
As everything is as I plan,
With a hope hidden deep in my heart,
That some fine day;
He turn out to be my man…