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Ye hona bhi jaruri tha…

Tumhe pake apne jindagi mein,
Chalte raho mein khona bhi jaruri tha.
Tera aana bhi jaruri tha,
Aur jana bhi jaruri tha.

Agar ye fasale na hue hote,
Kaise tumhe yaad hum karte,
Kaise teri yaado mein jeeye hote.

Tumhe apna bana kar mujhe,
Apne apko tujhme khona bhi jaruri tha.
Tere hasi mein muskura bhi jaruri tha,
Aur ruth kar rona bhi jaruri tha.

Agar hum yun kafa na hue hote,
Kaise tere arzoo hum karte,
Kaise tere har pal mein fanaa hote.

Tumse itni mohobbat karke mujhe,
Mere dil ka tutna bhi jaruri tha,
Tere jhute wado par marna bhi jaruri tha,
Marke pal pal saanse lena bhi jaruri tha.

Agar hum tujhse yun juda na hue hote,
Kaise jindagi ko hum samjh pate,
Kaise khudpe yakeen karte.

Yeh sab hona bhi jaruri tha,
Humara milna bhi jaruri tha,
Aur bechad jana bhi jaruri tha…..


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Sky is a limit…

Sky is a limit,
When you dream to fly high,
It will just be a matter,
Untill to step up to climb up the sky.

Sky is a limit,
When you set heart free,
It will just take a moment,
To reach the desired destiny.

Sky is a limit,
When your hopes don’t relie,
It will just need few efforts,
To live where your happiness lie.

Sky is a limit,
When soul is peacefully,
It will just take few words,
To live life in contentment and happily…


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Awakened soul


I can feel it,
It gets filtered from my body,
Like the escape from the midst,
It get dripped apart from my core.

It’s wandering around,
It never really slept,
Feeling the silence of the sleeping world,
Everything is drained to it’s depth.

Peaceful and dreaming,
Reality denies to be real for me,
I am wandering after I sleep,
So I can feel myself within me.

No complains and grudges,
Just satisfied with what I got,
My heart and mind came in control,
Now how should I control my soul…???

Glimpse of the nightlife,
I feel so myself here,
I never wanna get attached to the real world,
I find so close to divine and near.

My awakened soul,
Busy happy in it’s dreaming shore,
Let the skins resides forever,
Set free my soul; so il have to return to this masked world never….

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Live or Die…

Live or Die,
Either way you don’t survive.
Smile or Cry,
Nothing gonna change in a short while.

Sustained strength,
To keep your hope alive,
Will one day force the nature,
To achieve what you waited all time…

Replenishing your desires,
Each time it gets shrunken aside.
Be forced with determinations,
Everything one day, will be set all right.

If you don’t live for something,
You will die for nothing.
Atleast make a choice to live,
To divine, you have something to give…


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Rain on Me…

Even when it’s raining and pouring,
Why the sun is brightly shining on me???
Even when I want be drizzling,
Why rain stops raining on me???


It’s showering outside in street,
I gaze to the plenty of drops fall,
Stepping out in the rain to meet,
Just to drain out my painful soul…


I let my hand reach to feel first,
It sensed me smiling and free,
And it reducing it’s intensity level,
Leaving me slightly wet in thee…


The nature playing tricks with me,
As I reach out for rains,
It stops drizzling and
End up with few dew drains…


Rain on me thee,
Let my soul be clear,
I wanna get washed away with your blessings,
Let me decor within your shear.

Rain on me thee,
I please you this time,
Plenty of patience invaded in me,
Now let the emotions get lightened and free from all done crime…


Persistent is greater than power…

Learned from the childhood story,
Of a hare and a turtle,
The turtle won the race,
Not because of abilities but continuity…

We offen make a target,
Than skip it after few tries,
Forgetting the fact that in life,
“We achieve only at the moment, we are crashed but still keep on trying…

We admire the tiny little creature,
Struggling to hunt it’s meal,
Falling several times on its path,
But they never change their route.

We see the birds flying high,
Inspire to fly even for at least a day,
But it’s not their strength which floats them high,
But the continuity of thier wings leads them up the sky.

Even the universe favors the man,
Who is persistent to his goal,
The one may have power to built up the castle,
But the persistent hard work will fill it’s dreams upto its core…


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2 years of Blogging. ..


It was all new at the start,
Everything seemed like a puzzled mart,
Posting, scarping all the experiences,
Days seemed like passing fast.

Just when the WordPress,
Wished me Anniversary,
I remembered in the busy world,
That this is the place where my words got it’s identity.

Few words of Thanksgiving,
All the comments and likes,
I am blessed to be a part of this family,
Where a simple girl was praised to be a writer…

Happily overwhelmed,
But still can’t believe,
All these 2 years passed,
But it still seems like I posted my 1st yesterday.

For all the readers,
One word to say,

“WordPress is the only place,
Where ordinary people like me,
Are inspired to be a good writer…”


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Our Soul resides in our Heart..

Tumbling with the facts of life,
Walking randomly to find wisdom,
Answers to know where the peace lies,
Lets the divine come in and guild.

All the strokes; my heart suffered,
Depleting the realness of my soul,
Turning out something I was never before,
Ruining my evidence to be a whole.

Searching in the cores of my mind,
Unwinding the lies I believed to be true,
Let my soul be free; one of it’s kind,
Undust all the sorrows and make it flee.

The soul will regain it’s purity,
Once the heart is set free,
Our soul resides in our heart,
So let our heart be merrily free.


Tujhko apna banaya tha….


Sapno ko muthi mein bhar ke,
Khabho mein apne sajaya tha.
Jo na chaha tha woh bhi,
Kar kar ke tujhko apna banaya tha.
Fir kyu ye layi,
Tune duriyaan,
Kyu hai judaai,
Apne darmiyaan.

Barso ki baate yaad karke,
Kitna roya kare dil bata.
Kyu tu na samjhe halat meri,
Kaise hua tu mujhse utna khafa.
Fir kyu samayi,
Har taraf tanhayiyaan,
Kyu tu hua hai,
Aise gumshudaa.

Harpal mein tujhko yaad kar ke,
Kyu fisalta nai waqt rait sa,
Tute hue sapno ko jod kar,
Kab tak karu tera intazaar,
Fir kyu rutha hai,
Har taraf ye jahaan,
Mujhko mila de,
Khudse tu ek baar…..