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One picture… thousands of memories.!!!

Within few edited folders,
I found all this pics,
Just a gaze at them,
I remembered each moment spent.
One picture hides,
Plenty of memories within,
It may be empty to see us in,
But the emotions lies deep within.


Isn’t this the place,
We used to sit??
Isn’t this the grassland,
We used to meet??
Sitting ample of times,
Talking endless of talks,
Cuddling like my small baby,
Isn’t this the place,
You used to once love??


Isn’t this the shore,
You holded my hands??
Isn’t this the shore,
You wanted me each time more??
Walking hand in hand,
Splashing the water in fun,
Dreaming and planning the future together,
Isn’t this the shore,
You promised to be with me forever??

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The rewinding travel

When I cross the lanes,
I was once travelling with you,
Your hands in my hand,
In real, only memories left few.
Each street makes me smile,
Thinking of the way we laughed,
Slightly pain wooing in throat,
The tears indicate how much we were in love.
The passionate ride,
The heavy raining nights,
The forever long kisses,
Are all that crossing my sights.
The same cloudy weather,
The same old street,
Making it difficult for me,
To accomplish it walking again.
Let the wind blow harshly,
So you can need me as a blanket,
Let the clouds pour heartedly,
So you can remember my presence again.
The words ends in few lines,
But the emotions within exceed,
Where ever I walk now alone,
Its the rewinding travel that will always precede….!!


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Miles apart from you…


Gazing at the mid night sky,
I wonder if your still awake,
Can you see the stars twinkling?
Do you still remember our first date???
Images of past,
Lightening up my darkened night,
Feeling so stupid that even today am thinking,
May be even your thinking about me…
Miles apart from you,
I left your aura long ago,
Even now I feel so connected to you,
And end up focusing on to let go…
Just smiling,
Feeling peace to have you near,
Let it be distances apart,
Miles apart.., just connected with my soul to you…

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Ocean of clouds…

Ocean of clouds.

Floating in the air,
31000 fts above the ground,
The very first tym experience,
It felt amazing I found.

Dreams to touch the sky,
Feel the fluffy vapour bags,
Everything was breathtaking,
With all around the cloudy sags.

Like a blow on the cotton buds,
Like the snowfalls in cold,
Like the fairytale land of ice cakes,
It spread in all dimensions like an never ending fold.

Somewhere I assume to be in the toon world,
Playing, jumping and lying on the clouds,
It all felt so childish to behave,
But I couldn’t resist my first time ride.

Such a significant aura,
Magnifying my inner soul,
Acquiring the wider bandwidth,
To fly up so high with all around big holes…

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The Nature In Me…

When I try to grow high,

Deep the roots of hope lie.

Each day I bloom,

With rays of the sun,

Let not the darkness,

Crush it with a doom.



When I try to fly high,

Deep down the faith lie.

Each day I invade,

With my tiny little wings,

Let not the shades,

Turn everything so fade.



When I try to creep wide,

Around me the wisdom lie.

Each day I step,

With my small weightless foots,

Let not the thrones,

Block the path I take.